무신사에서 산 겨울 아우터 하울! WINTER JACKET TRY ON HAUL 패션유튜버 은비EUNBI

Hey, guys! What’s up? I'm Styledirector EUNBI This is Outer which I boughtin this winter Haul video.

I have few more but itis still being shipped.

Above all, I show 4 outers.

This is the first one.

This is a brand of PLASMA SPHERE Actually the price is 73$, I bought on sale, so Ibought 18~19$ by cheaply.

When there was event, I wore, I wore this before winter.

The colors are ivory, and blackbut I bought black color one.

In the pocket and collar, white? Pink?Because the color is faded? There are white stitches.

These stitches fitdenim material well, So it has street fashion mood.

When you see in detail, there are special thing.

There is no middle button, Instead, there is a string.

By putting this string to eyelet, after weaveand wear, it is really unusual clothes.

I don’t have street style denim jacket, and Ilike this detail so I bought that clothes.

Because the height isshort, so it is cute, And this is rectangular clothes in astraight line from side line to sleeves.

The weakness of this clothes is, It is denim texture, but there isno lining so it is really thin.

So I wore before winter.

Nowadays I can’t wear almost, If the weather will be warm, it is possibleto wear by layered with other outer.

It’s both merit and weakness… Is there a strap in here? In reality, I try to wear but if I wear by weaving this all and tightening strongly, frankly it’s funny.

It isn’t pretty.

So I wear by closingonly a half.

Wearing by putting string toeyelet is quietly inconvenient.

So I close only 3 parts.

Or I like wearing as openby removing the string.

Unexpectedly it istoo inconvenient.

Because the clothes design is street style sowhen the weather is warm, I wear many times.

This is the second coat.

The brand name is PERSTEP price is 76.

6$ This is the outer Ibought in the last video.

And when you watch my video, you are used to this outer.

This is the clothes before I worehow to wear scarf few days ago.

The color is light khaki green.

When I bought this, I concernedabout the color much.

Like if it is so strongkhaki color, how can I do… I concerned to buy or not, But it isn’t so strongkhaki color which I want! It has washing, so itis light khaki color.

So I like that.

It is lighter than military uniform, andif it is called green, the color is faded.

So unexpectedly it isfit well anywhere.

In the material, the most I like is the lining isFaux Shearing.

Because it is warm, so I like that.

This is the most my favorite clothesamong the clothes today I introduced.

When you see the details, There is a pocketin the chest part.

In this pocket clothes, I put cellphone and so on like fancy goods.

And in this part, there is a pocket.

The merit of this clothes is thatover-fit style is really pretty.

I bought L size.

My height is 5.

5ft, and Ibought deliberately big size, It is the fit I like.

The weakness is that because I bought bigsize so the pockets are located too bottom.

I frequently find the pockets in here, butit turns out, it is located more bottom.

Except that weakness, I likethe fit, and color also, It is the clothes whichfits well anywhere.

l like this! Third! The brand name is TWN I bought L size.

The price is 66$ This is the outer whichI failed to buy.

I’ll explain slowly.

I wore only one time when I tookpictures in home (Refer the instagram).

Later when I found, I wore two times.

The color is ivorymore than white color.

The material is Faux Shearing whichis trendy in Korea.

So I bought.

Actually I don’t buythe trendy clothes.

It’s so trendy, I don’t have thick white outer.

So I bought by treating myself…! Above all, I try to explain.

Thanks to material, it will be warm.

This material mostlydon’t have lining, This has lining separately.

When you see the detail, the collar’s brown color, In the button, browncolor is as point, And there is a zipper in thecoat, so it can be dual warm.

So long time to seethis Duffle Coat.

This is also trendin Korea nowadays.

Because there are alltrend, I bought.

Because there is no cover inpocket, so it isn’t good.

If you put things, it can be fell out.

The merit is thatclothes is cute.

The length is so short.

I feel this short is cute.

The weakness is so bigger!So bigger! When you wear, more thancute, it looks so fatty.

It isn’t matchedwith fit for me.

Deliberately I bought bigsize, it is awkward fit, It isn’t the feel I thought.

And collar iscontinuously like this.

This material is thick socollar can’t be folded, I can’t make shape.

I wear the clothes by opening, If I do, the more thecollar looks funny.

Maybe because material is thick.

So I don’t like.

Frankly I want to refund.

But the term is passedso just I try to wear.


So it is failed clothes.

I’m like now, I looklike really teddy bear.

This is the last coat! It’s the clothes which Ibought the most recently.

The surprising thing is that it’s the same brandwith the clothes I showed rightly before.

price is 67.

7$ Because I bought thisrecently, so I couldn’t wear.

This is the clothes Iwant to wear fast.

The color is the checkpattern I like.

I like funky mood, so thischeck pattern, black, red, I like these funky colors.

About the lining, thereis quilting thin.

Entirely it is little thin.

Like nowadays, in the middle of winter, wearing only this is unreasonable, It is good to wear puffer jacket on this.

Like that, it is thin.

That’s why the fit is pretty.

It is appropriatelyover-fit and, Because of BATWING SLEEVE, so it looks cute.

Now I know, thereare inside pockets.

I like many pockets like this.

Like other clothes, there are pockets, To think about that, maybe I reallylike many pockets and boxy fit.

I bought only those designs.

And there is a pointin the sleeves.

Like this, there is a brandname by English? It is written.

I have many times to notclose the sleeve’s button.

Because of widesleeves, so it is cute, Unexpectedly it is comfortable.

I can wear by rollingsleeves like this, The merit of this clothes isthat I like the color and fit.

I bought by M size, but itisn’t big but appropriate.

The weakness is little thin.

Firstly I wasslightly surprised.

Because the lining is so thin.


But having lining isbetter than nothing.

And there is a point like this.

Because I don’t wear this clothes much, so I don’t know about this clothes.

Next to the clothes, there are vents.

Maybe because it is the checkpattern I like, so that’s I like.

There is no outerof this pattern.

So that’s why I like.

Like this, the clothesreview I bought is finished.

I try to explain only corequickly, did I tell well? I didn’t try to takethis haul too much.

Because I don’t wantto tell what I buy.


Do you know that? The clothes only I want know.

But to think about that, Idon’t need to do like that, Now I try to take what I boughtnowadays like unboxing or haul video.

So I took like this.

Next time, I’ll come back with videolike other haul or various video.

Please subscribe to my channel ! andleave a like! See you next time.

전체적으로 조금 얇아요안감은 얇게 quilting이 들어가있어요이런 펑키한 컬러를 좋아해요제가 펑키한 무드를 좋아해서 이런 체크, 블랙, 레드컬러는 제가 좋아하는 체크에요빨리 입어보고 싶은 옷 이에요놀랄만한건 방금 보여드린 옷과 같은 브랜드에요이러고있으니까 진짜 테디베어같다생각해보니까 저는 이렇게 포켓이많고 박시한 핏에 꽂혔나봐요그래서 실패한 옷 입니다요즘 같이 한겨울에는 이것만 입기에는 무리고이 위에 패딩을 껴입어서 입기좋아요그만큼 얇은편이에요그래서 그런지 핏은 예뻐요적당히 오버핏에다가BATWING SLEEVE 여서 귀여운 느낌이나요이렇게 주머니 많은거 좋아다른 옷처럼 포켓들이 있고주머니는 덮개가 없어서 별로 안좋아요제가 생각했던 느낌이 아니에요구독이랑 좋아요 눌러주시고 다음번에 또 만나요물건 잘못넣으면 빠지거든요장점은 옷이 귀여워요길이가 좀 짧아요이런 짧은 느낌이 귀엽더라고요단점은 굉장히 부해요! 너무 부해요!입으면 귀엽다기보단 뚱뚱해보여요저랑 핏이 안맞아요.


그런데 기한도 지나서 그냥 입어보려고요.


그리고 칼라가 자꾸 이래요여기 소재가 두껍다보니까 칼라가 접히지않고모양이 안잡혀요저는 옷을 오픈해서 입는데그러면 더 더욱 칼라가 웃기게 되더라고요아무래도 소재가 두꺼워서 그런거같아요그래서 마음에 안들어요솔직히 환불하고 싶을정도다음번에는 다른 하울이나 여러가지영상으로 찾아오도록 할게요빠르게 핵심만 설명해드리려고했는데 잘 전달이 됐나요 ?이런 하울은 많이 안찍으려고했어요왜냐면 내가 뭐 샀는지 알리고싶지않아서.


그거 알죠?나만 알고싶은 옷들근데 생각해보니까 굳이 그럴 필요도 없다고 느껴서이제 요즘 뭐 샀는지 언박싱이나 하울영상 찍어보려고해요그래서 이렇게 찍어보았습니다이렇게 구입한 옷 리뷰가 끝났어요아우터 하울 영상은 처음이죠?Is outer haul video first?다음번에는 패딩 관리하는 방법으로 찾아올게요!Next time, I’ll come back howto maintain padding jacket!혹시 원하시는 영상이 있다면 언제든 의견주세요!If you want to some video, give comments anytime!적극 반영하도록 노력하겠습니다!I’ll try to reflect actively!단점은 조금 얇은거그리고 소매에 포인트도있어요이렇게 영어로 브랜드 이름인가? 적혀있네요소매 단추를채우지않고 입을때가 많아요소매가 넓어서 귀엽기도하고의외로 편하더라고요이렇게 소매를 말아서 입을 수 도 있고이 옷의 장점은 컬러랑 핏이 마음에들어요m 사이즈로 샀는데 너무 크지않고 적당해요이런 디자인들만 샀네요처음에 살짝 놀랐어요안감이 너무 얇아서요.


그리고 이런 포인트도있네요이 옷을 많이 안입어서 옷에대해 잘 몰라요옷 옆에 트임도 있어요아무래도 제가 좋아하는 체크 퍁턴이라서 마음에들어요이런 패턴의 아우터는 없어요그래서 마음에 들어요의외로 많이 번거롭더라고요요즘에는 거의 못입고따뜻해지면 다른 아우터랑레이어드해서 입을 수 있는 옷이에요장점이자 단점인데.


여기 스트랩있죠?막상 입으려니까 이걸 전부다 엮어서꽉 조여서 입으면 솔직히 웃겨요그래서 반정도만 채워서 입는데이게 끈을 아일렛에 넣어서 입는게 은근히 번거로워요그래서 저는 세칸정도만 채워요아니면 끈을 빼서 오픈해서 입는 방법을 선호하고있어요그래서 겨울 전에 입었어요디자인이 스트릿한 옷이어서 날씨가따듯해지면 많이 입을꺼같아요그리고 제 영상 보신분들이라면 익숙한 아우터일꺼에요얼마전에 목도리 매는법 영상에서 입었던 옷이에요색상은 light khaki green이에요이거 구입할때 컬러 고민 많이 했어요너무 진한 카키색이면 어떡하지.


하고살까 말까 고민했는데제가 원하던 너무 진하지 않은 카키색이에요!이런 스티치가 데님소재랑 잘 어울려서이번 겨울에 구입한 아우터 하울 영상이에요몇개 더 있지만 아직 배송중이에요우선 4개 아우터 보여드릴게요세일할때 구입해서 $에 저렴하게 샀어요저번에 행사있을때 입기도했고겨울이 되기전에 몇번 입었던 오이에요컬러는 아이보리, 블랙 있는데 저는 블랙컬러로 샀어요포켓과 칼라에 흰색? 핑크색? 이게 물이 빠져서 그런가?워싱이 들어가서 연한 카키색이에요스트릿 패션의 느낌이 나요자세히보면 특이한점이 있어요가운데 단추가 없어요대신에 끈이 있답니다아일렛에 이 끈을 넣어서, 엮어서입는 굉장히 특이한 디테일의 옷이에요옆선부터 소매까지 직선으로 뚝 떨어지는 직각적인 옷이에요이 옷의 단점은데님소재이지만 안감이 없어서 되게 얇아요우선 설명을 이어가볼게요나중에 찾아보니 두번입었네요컬러는 흰색보다는 아이보리 컬러에요소재는 한국에서 유행중인 FS 에요그래서 샀어요원래 유행하는 옷은 잘 안사는데너무 유행이고, 제가 도톰한 흰색 아우터가 없어요그래서 큰맘먹고 샀는데.


!딱 한번 집에서 사진찍을때 입었어요 (인스타그램 참고)소재때문에 따뜻할거같아요이런 소재들은 대부분 안감이없는데이건 따로 안감이 있어요디테일보면 칼라의 브라운 컬러단추에 브라운컬러가 포인트로 있고코트 안에 지퍼가 있어서 이중온이 된답니다오랜만이죠 이런 Duffle Coat이것도 요즘 한국에서 유행이더라고요장점이 오버핏이 굉장히 예쁜 옷이에요그래서 마음에 들어요군복보다는 연하고, 녹색이라기에는 물빠진 느낌그래서 의외로 어디에나 잘 어울려요이게 오늘 소개한 옷 중 제일 마음에 드는 옷이에요디테일을 보면가슴쪽에 포켓이 있어요이런 포켓있는 옷에는 핸드폰등 잡화를 넣어다녀요그리고 이쪽에도 포멧이 있고요유행하는게 다 있어서 샀습니다저는 L사이즈를 샀어요제 키가 168인데 일부러 큰 사이즈로 샀는데딱 마음에드는 핏이에요단점은 큰사이즈로 사서 주머니가 너무 아래있어요매번 주머니를 여기서 찾고있는데알고보니까 더 아래에 있더라고요그런 단점빼고는 핏이 마음에들고, 색도 마음에들고어디에든지 잘 어울리는 옷이에요천천히 설명해드릴게요.