Antthony "Beaumonde" Embellished Denim Jacket

been an incredible visit yes this is it this is it but you know what Anthony you have so continued of yourself year after year after year so the jeans are coming up you have to see the jacket so this is brand-new love this is the Beaumont embellished denim

jacket I have it in the black Anthony has it in the denim because it real quickly girls please do I have matching Gauchos these are the last of the Gauchos get your Gaucho on girls it is the thing to own i am telling you right now you're saying

what Gaucho wait till you see what's happening in fashion in next month you'll see all these celebrities wearing their Gaucho so get your Gauchos now get your Gaucho on get your got yourself oh is it is it what's that 1982 twenty-six dollars and sixty-three cents for the jacket

i have to tell you though we have only 600 for the whole two through 24 and will show this up close you know what i love about the denim if you are if you have chambray you have indigo mid-tone denim this because of the embroidery is it with

everything on everything and you know what I love about this design in Paris and I fell in love with this wonderful saddle stitch that they do a lot of in interiors and I want to bring it to the fashion I did kissing cousin pockets that are invisible so

you can't see them you see the FLIR and movement of the embroidery the saddle stitch embroidery you also have a full functioning zipper in the front it's all stretch black stretch denim techno denim that moves and grooves with your body and then look at the back you have

this beautiful heart our heart shape in the back that's done in this house is very 1970s very very you know Janis Joplin inspired shoulder pads because girls you can't pull off this look without a shoulder pad you can't pull off this height you have a soft shoulder pattern

here you have a nipped waist you have this wonderful easy Basque here you have the pockets we if you get cold you can put your hands in your pockets is that like smart then you have the zipper front with the silver detailing and then you have embroidery all

throughout the collar I didn't skip I gave you a Broadway under the collar when you open up kind of look girls you you cradle your face attitude you got embroidery yes most designers they don't even give you that they just they pull it out here so they don't

have to spend that much money we do it all the way look it and the white shirt you have a white shirt that's just sitting your closet and it just not doing anything for you could underneath this jacket put your favorite leggings on this is fashion 101 and

your black boot and a bunch of Bengals like this in a long tear drop earring and you look fabulous even lip color on your lips with this out there and by the way the jeans will be coming up next don't miss the jeans we have the genes we

have the Gaucho to go right along with it and today 79 dot 92 through it not to that is right three flex pay payments of only 26 dot 63 cents a payment and you know what I love you great not a great variety but we live in our

denim and I tell you can go out and buy a basic old plain denim jacket with jean jacket with absolutely nothing on it no embroidery cost you way more money than 7990 and do these we see the black one up close because the black is all threaded with

your gold and silver thread Anthony it's all black and gold imported thread and what's really nice about yes look it's all gold and even on the sleeve the sleeve is a work of art on the sleeve you have all that embellishment you have all that you know there's

a contrast stitching of the different colors of metal I think goal that a bronze on bread I did all these wonderful colors on the black and then on the blue I did all these wonderful shades of blue and it circles the whole jacket not just a little sliver

I mean it's like on the pizza parlor they give you a little slice of pizza you like what is that that's not it that's not new york-style pan pizza I want a whole slice and the same thing with the jacket you get all this importing you we don't

skimp we just don't do that it's just not the way we operate right and you know what I think I think you have to get it home you know there are some clothes that when you know like I said you get home put it on your lap and

just look at it look at the stitching look at the seams look at the band you look at the finish detailing look at again the hidden on seam pockets I mean all of that the mirror right the mirror pattern I mean it is impeccably impeccably designed and is

the kind of a jacket she said that has a statement piece it could be very casual you can turn around give it what they got to Lagos look this one's a get your Gaucho on girls you put it with a chambre a khaki pant is to be serviced

and you can wear like a gold or silver tank underneath this to totally elevate the look and see is what about this looks great as a suit sometimes I'm not crazy about them together that works so definitely stay with the jacket we are going to keep the jackets

out here with us so that we can kind of show you how they work with the pants as well but here is the thing the outfit that I have my set that was so incredibly incredibly popular