Antthony "Dionne" Embroidered Denim Jacket

the East Coast okay nice i have a friend he was just there and sent pictures of the beach it's like is it like in clue and okay all right to Pettitte I'm looking for my next travel destiny okay so we'll talk after okay this is going to be

a very quick presentation was pre-ordered was very popular is limited quantities it's our Anthony embroidered denim fashions so you see on your screen 3490 and you will see a different HSN price it is 3494 each one of the pieces so you can put the entire ensemble together and

when you do that basically cross up that shipping and handling costs because it is that one other little tiny piece and you'll be at $75 it is embroidered detail it is lightweight stretch denim and it is over fifty-five percent off so you without question without fail are picking

up the entire set for less than the price of the jacket this is really great this is cool and the funny thing is I had not seen this jacket until it was on clearance actually so that some of the you know sometimes you get lucky sometimes you see

it when it is first presented but you might be seeing it for the very first time and now you get the best deal on it the jacket itself it does have a zip up but it does stop before the lapel so it has this really great look along

the neckline you're going to notice the embellishment and this is you know obviously it's a two-sided double facing so you never feel the embellishment next to your skin you've got embroidery you've got studs you've got a little bit of crystal going on and it's going along the neck

going along the lapel it is going along both sleeves do you see that there's the crystals there are the studs and you also have the same embellishment along the sides of the skirt now I want you to see this on I like the idea of getting both of

them so that you have the overall look but you don't have to wear them together I saw just the jacket with just a pair of black jeans and it looked really really good that way now the jacket is 25 and three-quarters inches long the skirt is 24 and

three-quarters inches long so I love it is going to hit you like right around the knee a little bit of a little split in the back of that skirt there is also a zipper in the back that's how you can easily slide in and out of that one

so today you have an opportunity to pick up the jacket is normally 7990 I mean let's just stop there and do some quick math 7990 the jacket today you can get the jacket and the skirt together for under seventy dollars Wow so it's really big why I'm able

to say you know what I can put the full look together I can mix and match with other pieces you know you can also just pick up one if you're loving that jacket the jacket will be the first to sell out for those of you who are choosing

one or the other it's the bigger markdown and you know it is so versatile and goes way back with so many different choices but both scheduled to sell out in this presentation and anthonys designs are so beloved here at HSN and I know you you choose a lot

of his fashions for host picks when we have the opportunity to offer them on clearance it's their sprinkled very very rarely throughout the day because it is always very limited quantity and rare pick up opportunities so there's so many of you out there who are passionate about his

line his Styles I always feel like there is there is a sense of Parisian style to his looks he loves and he has been designing here at HSN I think it's 17 years now I mean II start when he was four he was I know he's that he's

a youngster but he gets better and better and his inspiration comes from his travel speaking of travels and also comes from your feedback and when you think about how many collections he brings to HSN every year and the fact that I think we have seen like two or

three things on clearance that just lets you know they don't usually make it to a clearance show because they sell out so quickly when he's here so the fact that we even have this is unbelievable if you are loving the look of this jacket and you just it

just strikes you it is very striking when you see the embellishment when you see the fit it is a denim jacket too and a lot of times when we think of Jeff denim jackets we just think of like are basically by his denim jacket right but this is

like a stylish woman's denim jacket this is how you would do and it stretch denim too so it is not stiff it is not uncomfortable you can layer underneath it and be warm this season but still showed off you know Tamra I don't know about you but for

me there's some looks or some outfits you look at it and you just you picture there's somebody specific in your life yeah that you can picture so if if you either picture that friend that's your sister your mom whatever you can buy an incredible gift for them but

if you look at it and you see yourself I mean if you're just that person that goes oh so seeing myself rocking that yes days the day yeah this is the moment to do it it is comfortable it is wearable you know whether you want to do right

now which is the jacket you're saving that skirt for the springtime but it is comfortable stretch denim but it is that quintessential look of getting denim and getting embroidery and you know crystal detail there's so much from Anthony in this piece to be able to say denim does

not have to be just basic blue yeah it doesn't and I'm glad that he really kind of stepped out in that way and it gives us something interesting to wear and interesting to look forward to and when you're looking at that close up you can see all the

detail but it is nothing like when you get it home and you run your fingertips over all of this embellishment and all of this embroidery and you think wow somebody had to sit down and do all of this and I have it and I've got it I just

want to give you a quick tip to if you're getting both the jacket and the skirt I think we know this as wearing suited pieces but when you wash them wash them together even if you don't if you're saying why didn't really wear the skirt I don't need

to I just suggest wash them together so that they wear together they always will say the same color you Sondra tip if you're constantly going to the jacket you washing it a lot more than the skirt they'll end up not being overly watching right so just always wash

and that is what this or any of your like if you have two pieces two-piece ensemble don't just take the jacket to the cleaners you know what I mean take the whole suit to the cleaners so that it wears together little tip all right well there you go

and you know today's the day to say you know what I'm getting the whole outfit you can pick up either once a day for 3490 the real deal the biggest markdown is on jacket itself the jacket is normally 7990 so that's over fifty-five percent off the price you

can pick up the entire outfit on flexpay you get flex on both so you're going to spend about thirty 492 get them both home right now and again shipping and handling you've got to get to $75 and all shipping hailing for the day's wiped out so if you

buy this full screen if you buy that the skirt and the jacket and one other piece literally because I don't think we're offering anything for less than five dollars right then you will qualify for free shipping and you won't get any shipping and handling on your denim fashions

from Anthony okay now okay this is a big moment