Captain America: Winter Jacket (Superhero Cops)

G'morning Kurt Sure is, Walt.

Try not to give away our position.

Who we staking out? The captain himself.

Marvel? America? Planet? Hammer? Point taken, my fault.

All these powers and no one ever gets super creativity.

Works in our favor, Walt.

Means they don't know how to hide.

If you're wanted by the government don't wear their flag as your wardrobe.

I just saw Mr.

Patriotic waltz right into this establishment and I'm gonna smoke him out.

What's 'e doing there? Don't know.

Can't find him.

Unless he changed clothes.

But I know he's still there.

I've narrowed it down to three suspects: The woman with the baby, The kid with the gameboy, Or the Aryan fellow with impeccable fitness and a neck spasm.

You got fresh eyes, Walt.

Who's your best guess? Hmm.



eeny meeny miny that guy in the glasses? That was a test Walter.

A test you have failed.

That man is wearing a sweatshirt.

Steve Rogers was trapped in arctic ice for over half a century You think this brisk April afternoon is where he's drawin' the line? Besides, hooded sweatshirt, ball cap, aviators.

That is the most textbook civilian I have ever laid eyes on.

I do think I saw his picture in our textbook back at the Academy.

So now the real question: Is Captain America more likely to disguise himself as a female or as a child? Or as a baby.

Don't be ridiculous Walt you're on duty.

I think it's the kid.

He's got on a t-shirt with a picture of the captain on it.

That's just like these guys, pretending they have secret identities while putting out their face for the whole world to see.

Try and get inside a superhero's head a little Walt.

What thought must constantly define their actions? I sure hope the IRS doesn't take the cost of repairing collateral damage out of my tax refund.

Pretty close.

The correct answer is “I must protect this person from harm”.

Now who among our suspects is the most likely to embody that idea? Do not say the baby Wait a second.

Another guy showed up and he's talking to the first guy.

It kind of looks like Cap's friend, you know, the one with the metal arm.

You must be crazy, Walt.

Like you said Bucky Barnes has a noticeable prosthetic.

This guy looks as average as the first, aside from his attempt to bring back the Jackson glove.

Not sure he's pulling it off.

I don't know, something about him just seems familiar, don't ya think? I think this may have been a mistake of an exercise to run with you in the first place.

Even in his typical hero duds you mistake Captain America for the Human Torch more than half the time.

They've both got a lot of blue and red going on.

So does this new guy.

I suppose he's also the defender of American freedom No, but he does bear a striking resemblance to someone I've seen before.

Maybe we went to high school together? Stay focused Walt.

We only got one chance at this and if we go for the wrong guy the real one's gonna get away.

What did they teach us at the Academy? The mortality rate of an officer responding to a nighttime report is 65% So be sure to invest your first massive bribe from organized criminals into solid life insurance policy Yes, but I meant the thing applicable to this situation.

Anybody wearing a baseball cap, aviator sunglasses and a hooded sweatshirt is unimportant and should be actively ignored.

That's right.

I'm going in.

That baby looked right at me and I'm starting to doubt my initial hunch.

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