Curations Embroidered Denim Jacket

back in stock for you today this the last time curations were what they were here brought this adorable look completely sold out we've got it back thought it'd be fun to have it be a this day only at a full $20 off so what are you looking at you're looking at a classic denim jacket which we say all the time has to be in everybody's wardrobe over a maxi dress over a cute little top pair it back with jeans is a must-have but there is nothing boring about this so whether you choose the white whether you love the Indigo or if you love the black that you see there you're gonna get genuine embroidered detail super fun embellishments fringe detail along the bottom as well all you do is order extra small through 3x on this look that's finally back for you tonight our girlfriend Ellie Rodriguez is joining us to tell us all about what's fashion what's hot in fashion when it comes to especially boho that's it just never cannot even a trend it is a lifestyle so here I am live in my best life right now I was like where am I going maybe a farmers market I don't know I'm not sure but throw a little scarf in my hair I'm wearing our today's special coming up asymmetrical style but right now it's all about this boho jacket yep so fabulous so cool hearing like when you put this on I think the cool factor just goes right up thank you yeah we're talking about a denim jacket how do you wear a denim jacket and in fact let's put our testimonial line up on the screen give us a call because a denim jacket if it is on a hanger in my closet I'd be surprised because I'm always wearing it it goes over the maxi dresses it's that throw on you know such an easy everyday look yes but I love this because it's not a boring about curation so what we do is we take those silhouettes that you love and really elevate them with all of that gorgeous detailing this is the piece that has it all going on it's got the embellishments it's got the little metallic studs it's got the floral embroideries and it's got a little bit of that lived-in look and feel which eyes I think to that cool factor it makes it feel like kind of you know walk and roll a little nod to vintage maybe it reminds me of something you used to wear when you were in high score college but all of our pieces and curations look like they have a story to tell this is one of those like if this could talk where's this jacket been maybe a cool concert you know I don't know I mean it's a very well travel I love a global chic flare Oh totally totally and remember this isn't printed on this is embroidered detail with metal embellishment the fringe detail and we'll show you here in just a moment you've got the fringe detail around the entire bottom of the jacket yeah but then also a slight kind of fray or fringe to the sleeve truly a Couture detail on this the jacket is 100% cotton here it is in the black it's kind of like a faded black look to this there's a big country award show going on tonight yeah and it's been watching yes a little later tonight but I've been watching just all of the news and the stories leading up to it for me this is such a Nashville look this is such a really cool going to a concert throw this on with a pair of jeans fabulous look I love that you just put it right over here try it just drape it over my shoulder this is how I like to wear my denim jackets is I sort of drape it on or sometimes I pop the collar and because this is so soft and it's so comfortable it has that lived-in look and feel that we're gonna be talking a lot about with boho you don't have to break it in a lot of denim jackets they're so stiff you have to wear them you have to wash them Carol go ahead and pop your collar a little bit because I love when we can just pop it like it's hot you got there you go there you go make it a little more chic a little fashion-forward yeah she rolled up the cuff there but again the cool factor is just elevated you put this on has everything going on the curations is about embellishments embroidery pops of color florals and it's that perfect combination of something that's feminine and flirty with the florals but a little bit of edge yep and I like how Carol has it styled out and Kenya does as well with a little bit of a print or a pattern underneath it this is your opportunity if you see all of the mixing of prints and patterns everywhere in all of the magazines and you're like how do I do that pop this on over another floral over stripes whatever fun kind of even the today's special whatever detail you have on your table really kind of step outside of the comfort zone and pop this I'm saying right yeah well we talked about mixing patterns and boho is very much about that it's yeah sure is it's fabrics it's mixing all of that together where you can't get it wrong so all of the pieces I love all of these floral designs a little frayed edge that you have along the bottom here adds to the kind of cool chic factor but all of these pieces and curations are meant to be worn together mix and match so it's about building this wardrobe that has this very cool you know global flair to it and this is one of those pieces that brings that to life boho to life in a jacket that you can wear and again 100% cotton perfect for those cooler summer nights 23 inches in the length you're ordering extra small through 3x Lucian sold out and we actually had this paired in your last visit back with a print a maxi dress that had flowers and Paisley's and print all over it and it just absolutely worked it's finally back for you today unfortunately we just have just north of a thousand of these to go around so it's $20 off which is the lowest price that's ever been you can also get it home for under $15 on your charge card think about the summer nights and how much you're gonna grab this right your sleeveless tops throw this on over a little t-shirt and it's really like you said gonna elevate your style absolutely you can see there that we have it paired on Kenya with our little embroidered tee you know just a little bit of a longer layering piece and I think the way that many of us are gonna wear it right but I love it over that little midi chiffon dress that we have that all those prints and I put it on and I feel like I feel like I could be going to those Country Music Awards that you're talking about Nashville with the girls but again a little bit of that frayed edge you can roll up the sleeve as well and one of the ways we're not showing it like that now but one of the ways that you could even style this if you wanted is you could go ahead and use it all buttoned up and use it as a top we put that the last time that we were here and we took that indigo and what we did is because you have those metal buttons on there you can go ahead and close it up and then you can wear it as a top even with denim do the whole double denim kind of look and they don't have to be matchy matchy you can go ahead and use it as a top as well that would be really cute because the denim is soft enough that you can do that exactly I'm sure you get lost in all of the detail because that's genuine embroidered in a really fun really pretty feminine floral pattern I love the metal embellishments which we're seeing a lot of still in fashion but I also love that it is just so easy to tie that back in with anything that you're wearing yeah we're taking the trends that you're seeing on the runways and seeing on the fashion magazines and translating it into pieces that are actually very wearable yeah we're gonna be talking about embroidery a lot in this hour or no or today's special has embroidery on there we've got a lot of fun stuff that we're gonna be talking about so you're gonna see that pop up a lot and again mix and match have some fun we're gonna make getting dressed but again so the next thing that you walk into your closet and you're like I don't have anything to wear I know we're gonna change the way that story ends for you right now change that moment yes but with everyone on the line I tell you what we are loving this look but we have one for you if you want to jump on hsn.

com the drab boring denim jacket that is so yesterday for so many of us this is one that's embellished yet it's so incredibly wearable it you don't have to dryclean this you can absolutely wash it at home here are your three options this is going to be your black but noticed it's like a distressed look to the black so very wearable these are functioning pockets with the button there as well see you have that little pocket there you can open it up maybe put your phone in there maybe you can put your idea or wherever you're going absolutely there we go so that's the black we do still have the Indigo available and then let's have a moment for the white let's bring her to the phone I mean it's just so crisp and it's summer and fun I have a million maxi dresses in my closet that I need something light to throw on over that's perfect this is perfect for that I'm wearing our free stretch skinny cropped Jean in that light wash look how pretty that looks together if you wanted to use this as a top right maybe you want to go ahead and use this and button it up as a top with any of our denim you can go ahead and mix and match little frayed edge on there pop that collar pop it like it's hot I love that it's that cool factor yo there yeah it really is so fantastic very fashion forward really a great look back for you tonight so order extra small through 3x on this super fun jacket under $15 on any major charge card and if you're shopping with your HSN card you can get it home for under $12 so that's the white that's the indigo and that n by the way when we turn it around you have a little peek of those florals on the shoulder as well something when you're walking away to say oh by the way I was here I was here well something is you're walking away for everybody to remember by minute feminine details cuz a lot of times the denim jacket can be kind of boring and even masculine if you will I love the little shearing detail right here it's a shoulder a little ruching so it just gives it that little pop of something extra that just gives it a very designer Couture look so this is an HSN exclusive you will not find this look in any of the department stores five 911 565 is your item number if you want to grab yours and extra small through 3x tonight loving this one and a lot of you are shopping and loving this as well there you go popping it like a tonic Carol pop it Carol Mackenzie's feeling it – I saw you you're killing yourself right there where you going maybe a music festival an outdoor concert yeah just hop in a plane we're coming with you super cute okay we're gonna keep you posted on that jacket don't go anywhere.