Curations Embroidered Denim Jacket

relaxin it's comfy and it's easy I love that yeah effortless easy we're all about helping you get up and get dressed in the morning and feeling fantastic now I wore this embroidered denim jacket on the list like a week ago a week or two weeks if I can

t remember I mean everybody was going bananas down the hallways they were stopping me let me see your jacket this is from curations and today we have it for less than $20 Andre is wearing it with the tonal white pink the pager tank we just saw he's got

the embroidered jeans that you're gonna see and I love that we're mixing matching colors and techniques and textures and yet somehow it all works together that's the idea in curations we really have curated a wardrobe of pieces that are designed to be worn together so you can't get

it wrong you really can mix and match and again this jacket embodies the brand I think I think it's bringing to life everything that we talked about with all of those gorgeous details you have the embellishments you have the embroidery you have the florals a little bit of

Fringe here at the at the edges so it gives it kind of a lived-in look which I just think adds a cool factor yeah let me go over the corners for you wanna play li so white here is in the front and we have beautiful shades of gold

and mobs and almost like a rest tone little accents of silvertone beads right here do you see how the supporter details absolutely stunning and it is a true working jacket so you've got great buttons down the front you've got let's see beautiful florals I'm gonna spin this around

because a little bit of embroidery on the back there is a methyl s I love that but classic and simple in the back it is perfectly placed every single time this one is going to be the one that we're calling our indigo so this is that dark denim

tone you can see how rich and how this just pops it's a great look denim quarter yeah a very traditional sort of denim color looks handmade it looks like you found it again a little boutique and there was two right well that or that you know someone passed

it down to you or that it was the sort of thing that reminds you of something that maybe your favorite singer wore or that you were back in you know high school or your college years and that you kept all these years it's got that little bit of

a lived-in look and feel to it love that straight hem with a little bit of that frayed and yeah well I do want to point out there are no side pockets and so that's where you see all this embroidery is where you would get that sort of the

lines to bring in the waste it gives this illusion that you have a tinier waste real working bye to you right right okay and then Elly's wearing a pop to the collar on there i just did i kind of popped it like it's hot here i just stopped

being a cop they're gonna drop it like a top but we're gonna power it able to drop it and pop okay so changeable with the team I did a little I rolled up the sleeves cuz I think adds a little bit of an edge and then I popped

the collar but what I love about something like this jacket is that you put it on and it kind of elevates your mood it's like my cool factor just went up slightly don't you think I know how you could get any color but and I wanna get went

up a little bit though again like all she did to change her entire outfit was throw on a jacket that's it ladies how many times have you wanted to have a statement piece that just makes you feel like you're on trend you're in style like you opening up

the magazines and write very floral to everywhere everywhere we're seeing it on sneakers we're seeing it on handbags and so what we've done is we've translated that into a piece that's extremely unique there it is you see it in the jeans there is a jacket which is really

expensive compared to our jacket of course and then you can see the embroidery details that you know we're seeing on all of the fashion magazines and so we've brought it to life in this piece that I think just adds this really unique flair to it you know you

talk about finding those pieces that speak to you this one spoke to me it said le I am your spirit animal I love that Nikita has it all buttoned up you know a little bit more conservative still super cool and relaxed you know they're both wearing it with

denim feel free ladies to mix and match the colors of your denim let me give you some business on this because it is 23 inches in the length it's 100% cotton which I want to make sure that we speak to because there is such softness in the hand

of this denim it's wearable its movable and it's gonna come an extra small through 3x and yes all of those beautiful embroidered and heatset beads are on there but you can hand wash this at home and leave it flat to dry so really easy care we're putting up

sizes because we want you to help you kind of guide you thank you do you feel like this is pretty like true to size and it is true size so I'm traditionally about a to 4 and I'm wearing the small which I like but what I like about

this jacket in particular is that when you put it on it doesn't add any bulk or any weight so it's not heavy a lot denim jackets they tend to be a little stiff and they can be really bulky and kind of heavy so this is great for layering

if you want to you know I love how she buttoned it up and she doesn't even have to worry about putting on anything underneath and now it's a talk I mean now that's a statement top and she mixed it with her denim so again you don't have to

worry about it matching you can mix and match the colors in the texture on the runway because you represent the third one she doesn't know she's a model today but she's going to be in your presence I'm here I'm ready to see the three of you you're wearing

it completely different mixing and matching your tops underneath but how cute do you all look so individual and so expressive of your individual own idols I feel like we're all like you know just sort of right now like our very own little Charlie's Angels if you will you

know what I mean but we all have a different vibe going on but it's the one piece that kind of ties the whole look together so when you're getting dressed in the morning look even with the little Paisley embroidered tank and these embroidered jeans sometimes you know if

you go ahead and take the Jean off through the jacket off go ahead and take it off look at what her outfit is like before the jacket super cute super effortless certainly something that she can wear anywhere and shoulder she's living her best life right now but you

can see it's a really cute outfit to begin with but when you put the jacket on something happens it's that third piece that sort of ties the entire look together it really brings it to life it's like magic right it's like that one little thing that you were

like okay this is the accessory that I need it and that's what this piece is it's like that perfect pair of shoes or like that perfect handbag that when you put it on really just completes the look well and I love now you're ready I love that there's

so many colors in the jacket so yeah you guys are all wearing it like very basic and simple like Ellie's got it with the black and the white Andres got it with white and denim Nikita's got all denim but ladies look at the colors you've got blues and

golds and silver and you've got rust and lilac and taupe I mean honestly you could wear this with anything you can wear with anything because you have all these colors to play with and even if you don't want to go ahead and just be matching matching about it

which is why I love we sell the Indigo with again this lighter is that you can see that you can work first of all as a top I love it all buttoned up with a statement earring look at everything that she's got going on here and again that's

what really boho is about is that it's textures it's layers it's fabrics you can mix and match and it's really expressive so this is a fantastic piece that when you put it on it just kind of makes everything else pop don't you think I mean you feel like

you have a little extra pep in your step and you know if you're gonna gravitate towards a jacket you can grab one that you already have or you can go ahead and upgrade it or elevate that little basic denim jacket with those extra details that just make it

so special and so different like the embellishments I love it I love it and it's less than $20 to get this home you have the three different color choices and this jacket easily would look like you know a couple hundred dollar a jacket so get it home today

and you all look fantastic it's beautiful on each one each and every one of you all right well we are talking about perfect toppers and yes denim and a jean jacket