Curations Embroidered Denim Jacket

okay I will tell you this is my second favorite piece in this whole collection today I am with you grab the white one and here again you know we were talking a little bit about you know when it comes to doing your comparison shopping are all embroideries created

the same and the answer is absolutely not you're looking at a jacket today and we do have it in all three colors but when you look at the extensive embroidery and stud detailing around the yoke on the bottom of the front I love the fringed hem to this

and look at even when you look at the back that we've continued to wrap the embroidery from the back to the front available of course this is the white we have it in the Indigo we have it also available in the black it's about 23 inches in your

medium 26 and a 3x 100% cotton you can hand wash it this is a winner at $79 today and then how many fellow 4 flex pay so this is 1998 on any credit card debit card PayPal this is the essence of the brand this is curations it's a

pricier yes you've got it all going on it's all about that global inspired look those beautiful details embroideries florals pops of color embellishment live didn't look that little frayed edge on the bottom it's all here in one amazing jacket I've been waiting to put this on I'm gonna

go ahead and put it on right now in the black yeah because it layers so beautifully over our today's special or boho chiffon MIDI dress so what I love about this as well is that it's cotton so it's soft a lot of dinner jackets I want to make

sure my mic is good there there we go a lot of denim jackets are stiff yes they're stiff and you can't move in them so again it's about Comfort that's really what this boho style is about something that's relaxed and that's making a statement and that you're comfortable

in and we've taken that trend that we're seeing everywhere in the fashion magazines and we've taken the cues and we've put it into a great jacket I love to pop the collar I tell all my girls pop your collar there you go add a little bit of that

chic sort of edge to it and then I love that it kind of plays up with the femininity of the dresses or any of the other pieces it's a little bit of like that Rockstar kind of cool vibe you know I feel like I should be backstage at

like a great rock concert or heading to one for sure a little bit of edge with that balance of something flirty and I want you to go ahead and try that when you get it at home and play with those textures and layer it you know this is

a great piece that you can wear with a sweater we have that open weave sweater as well if it's cooler right now you can pair it with that and then in the summer you can go ahead and wear it with one of the t-shirts and there's just a

great amount of versatility and movement with it because it's soft and it's got all of the embroidery look at the embroidery and the details the pops of color with the flowers and the little frayed edges along the bottom that give it that really cool eclectic look definitely and

the seaming detail oh yeah I want to turn it around to the back so you can even see your back yoke but you even have like your seaming details so it's going to give you even a little more shape to the jacket this is a great gift you

know Mother's Day is right around the corner so what a fun gift and I also think that this is a jacket that is very very very ageless so yeah you're gonna wear it your daughter's going to wear it you know my mom who's 90 would wear this hi

mom if you're watching so I mean it's definitely the kind of a jacket as I said that's a great addition to your wardrobe how do you wear it to me I'm telling you one of my favorite ways to wear it is over a dress over a tank dress

or if you bought the today's special or you have on any other short dresses in your wardrobe you know with a tank a cute little skirt a long maxi skirt obviously we've been showing it to you with the jeans so it works that way as well and don't

forget that we even have it in the Navy so we have at this point as I said all of the different colors it doesn't matter like what you're going to wear it with because again you're getting not just the embroidered jacket but you're getting an embroidered jacket that

is very fresh and very different and very new in comparison to like just a plain jacket retail market right you're gonna spend $79 for basic jean jacket with nothing on it it's very similar to what we did with that embroidered denim we took something that's basic and totally

up the engineer a look again with these gorgeous details it looks like it's got a story to tell a great piece that you can go ahead and add into your wardrobe and pare with anything you already have because it has colors definite you have all these different colors

to play with and I encourage you to try pairing it with different prints as well which i think is a lot of fun I'm loving this white with your econ sorry there's a bug for the my god I think I think I got the bug but after the

jacket exactly was going back to eat and I love the cross stitching on this also but yeah the white I mean again I could throw this on I have on here I'll slip it on also you can see how you can go ahead and as well you know

I get I'm a Miami girl so I always want to wear a light jacket that doesn't feel too heavy and that I can actually layer if I need to for a little more coverage with a sweater so this gives you that because it's cotton and I love to

drape it yeah about the gel bag I love the white over this yes and what is your salad I like it right I've got black on here and look at it with the black and white medallion to concurrently different patterns and it works it absolutely works so this

is one of the things that I always say if you're a little apprehensive about mixing your patterns start by sticking to the same color scheme mm-hmm then build frankly a great way to start it's a really great way to start and say get adventures and it's a safe

way to start so again a black and white dress I chose the black you've got a little bit of that white and a little bit of that ivory in there and you've got the white so it's a great way to kind of play it up alright so don't

go anywhere there 591 five