DG2 by Diane Gilman Anniversary Printed Denim Jacket

like the top in the coral is limited I am having a drop the mic moment I am so obsessed with this I have to say I'm you know the problem I want to buy them in every single color that's not a problem I really did a great idea

I mean really so are we cool this is not happening again okay in 25 years maybe this is a 25th anniversary edition oh I didn't know this is capsule it is so that is the mid-tone that you have this is oh wait no this is the Indigo that's

the indigo which is light indigo okay Midtown gotcha and then let me just show you so you can see based on your color choice than the artwork also changes right right so that's what it looks like on the mid-tone that's what that looks like on the indigo and

let me show you the white you see what I mean it is so hard how can you choose one pretty isn't that white gorgeous and there's Diane's sing right there Regina Gilman right love it so really a limited thank you for showing that so so terrific almost cob

but personality plus right you're showing up at that reunion they're like oh she was great then she's great now you know war wow I'm a late bloomer Living Well is the best revenge however you want to play that that's totally up to you ladies but you've got the

clothes rocket you've got that comfort and the confidence the coverage all of those great things that give you look at that stripes and the florals so on the back here you have on Veronica Victoria pardon me I knew that I know who you are you've got all of

these pansies all these variegated leaves they're just super natural and the way this has been done is to make your shoulders look light and strong yeah look you look gorgeous and then all the seaming details are what you love indeed you too denim jacket yeah which I think

that's an excellent point because I you know how not like a denim jacket has ever had a moment because I mean let's be on their fashion perennial right normally I feel like a denim jacket just looks too boxy it's just stuff sure no I know what you're saying

give you the kind of fit that you want this thing looks like it has those dressmaker details to the size and the placement even of the pockets on the band you bet boy oh boy so you you look some fashion forward with that one-of-a-kind capsule collection artwork on

the back but then Oh girls mm-hmm these are the curves I want to have right right streamline and swing and then wearable art if you are not in the mood to meet perfect strangers do not wear this out a good point okay they're gonna be like where did

what did you do that where did you get that oh my gosh Dino she is this is gonna be stopped in the step there's no doubt these are traffic Stoppers for sure but they are so Ober figure and fashion friendly with just the right amount of stretch like

you said because whether it's here in Florida and we feel like we live on the surface of the Sun most months out of the year this whether you're wearing it with a little tank whether you're wearing it with a full sleeve shirt a cap sleeve you name it

it's gonna move with you there is nothing worse than I have very broad shoulders and especially denim jackets you don't normally expect any movement or gears not you expect resistance you expect resistance I have had so many moments where you know you're putting your hands forward on the

steering wheel and you just feel like you're wearing some kind of straightjacket this is a favorite love love love I can't believe I suppose I mean when they're gone they are gone that right big time this is a this is the line has been drawn in the sand

okay and so if you've ever stopped for anything from dg2 or if you're like I don't know I've heard about it I don't know this could be as good as they're saying oh yeah oh yes right so indigo I'm sorry mid-tone indigo or the white and the white

last last call on that white okay I know I already played favorites and it's not that I do have lots of the the bootcut from dying