DG2 by Diane Gilman Anniversary Printed Denim Jacket

we yeah what's the left not many so this is the one that I've been wearing and it's beautiful I mean look at it looks this looks hand-painted originalism wait for oil paints right and then I signed it so it's an anniversary special it's an anniversary limited edition we

like to see ourselves as the Tiffany glass of the denim community which means limited amount and we break the mold afterwards it'll never come back again for those of you who bought the jeans to match here's the jacket but I love artistry and not all the time do

I want it in your face in the front I just love the fact that it's one-off and it's in the bath and I hope you don't mind that I signed it for you but 25th anniversary I wanted to do something really special it's beautiful I love the artwork

here we have two choices include limited edition it's only for the anniversary it's signed by Diane her signature is there the colors are amazing I do like that it's very clean on the front the artwork is on the back right I love that it makes it just so

versatile and when you wear this people are going to ask you I mean here did you find that beautiful jacket would be easy to have some color and she shot how beautiful is that this tank is great by the way if you don't have one ever easy tank

yet it's a double layer tank and so it's very flattering through the mid-size back isn't it with 8% spandex so you will never have any pull across the bust hides everything through the midriff see dg2 is all about bottoms but when we do our tops and our jackets

we have the same philosophy as we do with our jeans are shorts it's all about taking what aging has maybe given you that you're not a big fan of and kind of making it disappear yeah this is the medium I'm just showing you that it fits great it

is stretchy so you can you know get it buttoned my pet peeve is a jacket yeah can't button now 99% of the time you're not gonna button this you turn around I knew your and flip yeah here listen yes pop over here are you in the beauty set

I think you almost could have worn a small on this I think you should have worn a small but you know why because you know it's funny my Nana I'm in the medium you know we have a small on the hang room there I was going to get

it because it really is too big for you because this is how it's supposed to fit I'm medium I'm bigger than you are so let's just show this is medium and she should be a small you look so cute we're all loving this little stripe T by the

way that many of you are still ordering you're in your large right so this is true to size it and that has on works perfectly with the today's special by the way so do note that and here is that the small yeah perfect so girls this is your

chance to get a beautiful limited-edition hand-painted jacket at a mere fraction dresser on PC I love the pink if you'll flip around to get in it watch with the pink I'm get you great I never loved pink before but I'm obsessed with pink and you know what would

look beautiful with the white short totally wouldn't it in a heartbeat but C it's a beautifully nice that looks really so much better gorgeous it's not boxy it does it's very like slimming in through here some jean jackets do us no favors you know I mean it's really

true you gotta have to get the right cut and the right fit snipping your waist yeah I like the side entry pocket yeah which gives you a whole other look of the ease as well so what we did because we know so many women gained weight through the

chest area I've got a million I've got a million stories to tell about aging ladies we took the pocket bag out of the top so you don't need all that extra bulk and we gave you a and we tack it closed so this one is closed we and

you'll open it up when you get it home we gave you a side entry pocket which is so much better I love it okay if you'd like to order it is the anniversary the 25 year anniversary jacket you can see how lovely it is and really it is

a true to size I wouldn't go up or down on this one stay true and I think you'll find the fit is going to be great and it does look marvelous with the easy tanks and these tanks there who fetch they're knit on the back and then there's

here's what I do at home I