DG2 by Diane Gilman Anniversary Printed Denim Jacket

any different ways to change up our look you just throw on a denim jacket but this is what I love about this ring you see it from the front and you're just like yeah it's perfect it's classic and then you have that big finish because nobody's gonna forget

it when you turn around and they see that incredible beautiful print that is on the back of these and I'm just gonna go ahead and show you this now yeah because we do have the Jean that matches back as well in fact it will give you that item

number so if you want to get the entire look look how that's gonna look fabulous look it even crosses across this to the the side that's over the side same yeah on that particular one very nice okay again with your not only featured price on this but also

six flex payments $10 68 cents like I said it feels like it's already broken in like it's already washed it feels so good when you wear these but this is also gonna have that great stretch because this is virtual stretch so here's where you want to stay with

your true size in virtual stretch on your jacket this is Diane's 25th anniversary here at HSN and this is all artwork that she created and then it was reproduced onto these jackets and jeans for you to celebrate so it's one of those moments in time it's just that

capsule collection to celebrate a commemorative moment and this is the butterfly and it's in on the white jean here jean jacket and I was like one stop me in action here because the white is so limited I have four dozen left if you want the white and we

have what sizes okay extra small small medium and large we have available but a handful you see it now you don't yeah okay it's gonna go very quickly in the jacket but we have it in again indigo and this is how it looks if you want it in

the chambray as well look I like that the that the pattern the prints are all different this is the indigo and that's the mid-tone actually even though it is a lighter a lighter blue but remember the jeans come in that same style of the art and so in

the one that you have Alice they're these big beanies and blackberries and this gorgeous sort of wildflower effect in the front like you said classic beautiful lines of a dg2 denim jacket with the seams in the front to really give it a good feminine shape even though it's

inspired by a man's jacket and then look at these flowers on the back and on the jeans here when you see the artistry this is where you can tell Diane Gilman's not just a fashion designer she is an artist truly and there's aspects Imlay of her signature right

here and then really nice big and bold right there all part of the design and here are like pansies with variegated green leaves and the pinks and the lilac and the ivory and it's a very special kind of process that means that this design is not going to

bubble it's not gonna chip it's not gonna fade it's going to stay wash after wash machine wash this hang it up to dry and you are good to go extra small through extra-large 1x through 3x and Lisa was saying that on line that purple in Baltimore Baltimore it's

a tradition that they wear purple every single Friday I think that's so cool so I think she was picking up the the purple jeans yeah perfect you know what have some fun with your fashion everybody looks great in color I think in the past we we didn't even

have an option to wear color I think in the past I think about sheets on your bed right they were white or they were white or or they might have been white yeah now look at all the fun you can have dressing your bed well when you dress

your body with a amazing style and that coral gene is the gene that I have on again that is going to be your cropped Jean that is $32 and some change it is a fabulous buy it will look so great with all of the jackets that you are

looking at so the white again last last last call on the white that's going to sell out and we also have it in the indigo and the chambray as well and I want to remind you about the Jean that I have on as a matter of fact but

first we're going to show you that matching jean that we have available for our anniversary jackets which is what we were giving you a little peek at a minute ago okay