DG2 by Diane Gilman Floral Embroidered Denim Jacket

thing you just stay right there we're gonna move right into our embroidered denim jacket is this oh my god I mean this is gorgeous and the really gorgeous part of it to me well first of all I want to say just as a little fashion prediction that I believe you're gonna start seeing denim jackets that are off the rails I think that the world because everybody is talking about wearing denim on denim I think denim on denim if it's too plain denim jacket and Jean is a little bit boring but let us show you something that's not boring look at the amount of embroidery on that sleeve is right at gorgeous front to back and this creates a dimensionality of high to low in shades of blues going into roses and then again the entire yoke is a celebration of roses as well so what you're gonna see from me because I really believe in it starting next year is a lot of beautifully embellished denim jackets they really create a statement and our denim jackets are done with tons of stretch great generosity through the waist ease of where they come in and they bail out at the hip so you look like you have an hourglass figure how gorgeous are these and look what you look I you know I want to just get up close if we can on both of these this is all embroidery this is all satin stitch look at the dimensionality I mean I will tell you that I think there's about 40, 000 50, 000 stitches in each one of these jackets look at how we created what looked like antique tea roses and they look like they have dimension there's one two three four colors of rose just in here to make it pop and look like it's living and breathing I mean these whoa are beautiful that's a cool piece is it and I'll tell you what there is this is going to become very very important and in high fashion you're gonna see more and more pieces like this where they're over the top in terms of embellishment and the prices are ridiculous too but you say to yourself oh gotta happen I mean Gucci did a series of these and they were three and four thousand dollars and you were dying I was coming down an escalator in New York I can't remember where was and some girl was going up and I was screaming at her Gucci and I was like yeah and I know that jacket is $3, 300 so if you love the idea of a jean jacket and you haven't tried ours yet we fit much more generously we have tons of stretch okay guys can you just take the front of it and stretch it like side seam to side seam yeah so you've got a lot going here in virtual stretch then you've got all of this intense embroidery so next year including this here are going to be the year of the jacket and definitely jean jackets look at that I mean that looks like just antique stitchery that isn't even something possible in this day and age any more of mass production you know it's so true so your choices the chambray 25 inches and the length extra small through 3x we've got it on 4 flexpays I think that's the most generous flex I do to pad in the show it is the entire day beautiful and the way that you've done this stitching on the is so rich it almost feels like a tapestry because the the embellishment the embroidery the satin stitch is so enriched and it's as dimensionals flowers so how about it some really good stuff is this or what yeah if you missed any moment of our gene fest go onto our website at hsn.

com type in dg2 and we'll take you to the entire department store fan thank you what a blast and thank you all for your phone calls them for being social with us on Facebook I know that Diane love hearing from all of you loved so we are just minutes away from starting a brand-new day and I will see you tomorrow at 3 p.


yes of course I have to be here to celebrate International Women's Day I don't know we're gonna kick off International Women's Day with Rhonda Shear right on the other side it's good one of my favorite bras ever I can't wait let's.