DG2 by Diane Gilman Snow Wash Boxy Jean Jacket

saij is out front so the sage is beautiful so heeda has on the sage and bow I believe has on the Indigo so Val is in the back with the cute little sneaker and then Gabby is out front she has on the salmon so if you need a customer pick high in snow wash jacket that really gives you Flair gives you that vintage feel it's just an aged look you know aged wine aged cheese you know it all goes together the its high-end leaves its luxurious right $19.

90 to get this home on five monthly payments love it I like to say ageless ageless right just right just right that's cute thank you so much that's adorable so chef Adam just put on the salmon look how adorable that is over the cute luxe sweater or the boyfriend sweater this is a bit of a boxy shape than the other dg2 denim jackets on purpose so you could wear that sweater underneath it if you want best work and it just gives you very much an on purpose shape so if you wanted to get this whole look into your point you're gonna wear it together you're gonna wear this with your indigo jeans you're gonna wear it with your black jeans your velvet but my mom always used to say Shani get both but you'll be glad you have them because there's gonna come a time when you'll wish you had it oh that's true I hear her voice these retail for 96 bucks these are basically $100 jacket easily when you talk about the process that goes into this of making it have this snow watch look it's proprietary so great oh no this is again you know I love that she gives us pieces that are so unique that it doesn't really look as if you went to a boutique and you you maybe traveled somewhere and said I've got to get this jacket home because you're not going to see another one like it so just pick your color 13 dollars and some change to get home basically $100 jacket and easily in boutiques they always they jack up the price let's just be honest you're doing you know several hundred dollars in a boutique and they don't have your size good point when I can't boutique shop because they don't like plus-size girls I'm just saying if you go in there and they stop it like size 10 and I'm like 10 is a plus size okay where are your 14 to 16 there's 18 and 20 you're not gonna find that ed boutiques so you want to shop here because this is extra small to 3x we're going to have your size I don't know how long we'll have your color though so jump right in go to hsn.

com write down the item number it's six six eight one four eight and get yours home and just remember you have until January the 30th for extended returns so we want you to wear it put it together and you're gonna get tons of compliments but if for some reason you do need to send it back you do have until January the 30th easy returns and then you know I would encourage you to get your HSN credit card because this is so great all day that you get five flex pays five monthly payments get your outfits together and what I think she's offering us our essentials the jean jacket is an essential but this has a little flair and a little twist the Foote Jean you need a bootcut Jean you know what I mean she's offering you your basics with so much style and possess never be boring never so you're not boring as a person but you don't want to have clothes that you know don't do you justice please absolutely elevate you to the the status that you so richly deserves I'm just telling you you're you know you can't always walk into the room and say hi I'm Siobhan I'm fabulous and that's where the clothes do the work for you right this will speak volumes clothes do what I do revealing your inner voice your personality and of course first and foremost also my mother's advice dress for yourself absolutely like be happy and your skin feel great about who you are and then when you find a fashion designer when you find a collection like dg2 that reflects that it's such a win because you're like yes it's like hearing that new song and you're like oh that voice you know though I love that song did she did she or he like know my inner life when you hear the lyrics that's as close like it's quite intimate actually designer who gets you absolutely and this snow wash just remember when you get this home you can put this with a regular sham Beit chambray Jean if you want you can if you already have jeans at home and you love Diane Gilman get the jacket just because it's offering like a different look a different texture more of a lived-in look and you can put it back with your Burgundy's this salmon would go perfect with anything in the Burgundy family anything in the chambray family if you get the chambray the sage goes with anything olive green you know if you're wearing that camouflage you could pop that on and then the Indigo it's going to go back with any of your regular jeans as well I love it together as a set but if you want to break it up I think you have a new jean jacket $100 jacket basically that we have for you at 6950 wonderful steel is a huge customer pick read the reviews everyone loves the stretch how comfortable it is and it's just cozy and everybody needs a jean jacket so why not get one that's unique and later on in the year when you're wearing a maxi or a sundress yes they're year-round they're year-round you pop it over that and you have that very hip layering piece and you can pop it over a sweater the boxy because of the shape of it and then also here's another tip if you want to look more slender not saying skinnies the end-all-be-all I'm just saying if you want to work with that silhouette idea a hug wear something darker underneath just like I have on so it gives you that contour and contrast absolutely so that's just a little visual trick and then the sage is a darker one so if you like I have the pink look at the contrast with the pink with the darker one so always think contrast it's also very slimming remember $13.

90 on five monthly payments we're gonna deliver this to your door you're not gonna have to go to the malls and get mad that you can find a parking space and somebody cut you off and oh they got to the jacket before you did place your order here it's simple and you have until January the 30th for easy holiday extended returns so I do hope you get on the phone and call us let us send this to you or go to hsn.

com or use your mobile app that's also a quick way to order so very very nice but I think that if you're thinking about a gift definitely just know this eyes and know that it's true to size when it comes to classic stretch right to sign it on you got it okay all right so on the move thinking about stretch that's why I love this because you.