DG2 by Diane Gilman Snow Wash Boxy Jean Jacket

finally get to do this together and you're right Diane we've never done this with any of our other celebrities here at HSN so we're glad running hard-working fashion without a doubt so let's talk about this next jacket it is a customer pick at hsn.

com I've been wearing it in this fabulous salmon color but it's a very different style and it's interesting because I've had a lot of comments already on my facebook page I'm like what is this boxy style we're gonna walk you through the difference because it's an unlike anything you've ever seen before let me quickly give you the color choices chambray this here it is in the indigo we have it in sage and we also have it available in salmon so those are the color choices don't you love the way the texture works on this and there is matching Jean to it although I love wearing it really over a solid but it's all about frankly warmer winters you still want to get that texture in to where what they had their sweater I want to show you how we craft this this actually starts out as indigo we start watching it washing it down with enzymes so you see that even in here not quite as much wash as on the surface you see it under there ladies each and every one of these is hand dipped in enzymes until we achieve the color the softness of this the richness of it is just not to be believed and if you love that whole retro feel back to the 80s and the 70s that's what this is all guys like the drops like a commode kind of our square you know what what's great about it it's good for now looks great with the scarf looked in like I have I'm gonna put this on in a second but it also looks fantastic with the turtleneck I plain t-shirt but with chunky sweaters in the wintertime and here's your colors the chambray Loden thank you that's and then the salmon is the one I'm wearing a lot of calls is like a beautiful isn't it auntie shabby chic color this love it and the Salmons been on fire by the way and it's a top seller right now and I'm not sure how many we have in the salmon we also have it available 200 so – only 200 lucky people can get in the salmon extra small through three and a submission and then we also have it available in the indigo 69 250 and then oh this is one five flex pay so you get this home for $13.

90 and what flex pay is if you knew that's any credit card debit card PayPal there's no interest but it is I'm gonna tell you I think it is not only a first it's so different even look at the size slit is something we've never done before no stress the most comfortable jean jacket diane i have ever had on my body without a doubt and what do you think of this ends I wash I mean I don't think you could get stretchier in denim than this I don't think you can it it is so much for it this is not amazing I mean look at the look at the stretch for this so just putting this on scarf you like it yes I own that what you gave me Diane came in in this one this morning and you know what I love it because if here's somebody that has a busy day hmm oh you're somebody like me who loves bigger on top later on the bottom because all my weight is from here to here this jacket is for you those side slits as well they're a fashion feature but they're also there because if you do want we're bulky underneath it in the wintertime you've got plenty of room here and the big fashion must-have is if you do want to look skinnier and taller I that that proportion a bigger to leaner is absolutely failsafe yes for looking back without it and the sleeve is a little different also isn't it well as a drop sleeve and then of course we put so much stress on to the finish itself which is snow wash you've got a side entry pocket you can have that leaner look through the forearm and guess what it just makes you look leaner you're not oversized all over no and you know it's funny jr.

but what I looked at I thought oh I don't know if this is gonna look too big but I love the whole trend right but I found in buying samples and I bought them for with denim Blazers – what are they making this stuff for I mean it was made for someone 7 feet tall like a supermodel and it's so huge see how this has shaped to it yeah and it has gravitas like it has dashes truthfulness to it because you look at it you see the lameness here you see the easy-fit here you're fascinated by the finish of the fabric and I'm gonna do this I hope I don't destroy my microphone yeah thank you Mary Beth I know yeah the stretch when we do this no wash finish is crazytown so and very popular oh my gosh the left side of screen six seven one nine one five that's the number we started the hour with his top at only $33 it's brand new so I think a lot of people may have missed it Diane's now wearing it in the gray I just what you are I am oh I thought that was I am no and by the way the salmon I know is on fire so if you're thinking about the salmon the sage also we have available so we have we have all the size and I love the indigo except that is so medium up in the salmon only we lost the small and we lost the extra small available in the salmon and go with your accurate size on this this is such a great buy for this and you can go to our web and read the reviews as well the review customers love customer pick they sure do and and the fact that we've never done anything quite like it and we are gonna allow you a couple more couple more opportunities a couple more minutes because we have so many people that are calling through we have Deborah on Facebook Tom at how many pairs of jeans skinny bootcut you name it loves it Sandra I love my dg2 jeans especially the Schafer's skinny Deborah loves all the tops so listen just treat yourself and I know we can't we say that and we cannot say that enough you want to get the fashions home you know what this is if you are the same old tired jean jacket that you have in your wardrobe number one I know what it is inches long if you're lucky not a lot of stretch maybe know that really fitted I mean this is the jackets going to give you all that same feel and style yes this has really solid to it and out of everything in my wardrobe this is a jean jacket I go to all the time this is the Indigo I'm always fascinated by the areas that don't get quite the wash the outside does so you have what I call hand made authenticity every if you buy this for your daughter your sister and yourself every single one of these Indigo's aren't gonna be different handling because they're all done by hand it's the last time you heard that you can't get something like this in a category killer store and if you could it wouldn't be sized for us girls this to me is I don't know this just calls back to honestly a time to bring when people actually used to do one-of-a-kind clothes yes right right and by the way I know we're about ready to move on we are almost completely sold out of the salmon color we have fewer than 100 left in salmon only medium up in the sizes they're all done in the snow wash and I because we said a big customer pick at hsn.

comm but write the number down six six eight one four eight are you ready so we promised you in this Thursday show you're going to see things you're not seeing in.