DG2 by Diane Gilman Stretch Twill Knit Denim Jacket with…

all studded jeans you're loving those we've got some patchwork and embroidered jeans coming up but let's get everybody and a great hoodie it's on clearance so that means you're saving more than your spending now it's $24 and 49 cents for a great little hoodie it's now 65% off

our regular price if you're just tuning in yeah we're gonna do this all day long 24 hours of fashion and clearance shopping everything is on 5 flex pay for a big Labor Day weekend and you could also save on shipping and handling if you spend $75 or more

in clearance items put them in your cart you won't pay a cent for shipping and handling so another great way to save tonight okay let's talk about the hoodie this is cool it is it's so cool so what you have here is I think that's the mid-tone we

also have it an indigo back there for the blues that's the gray that we've been showing you here it is in the magenta this is tawny and that is black so this is the stretch twill that is it's a mixed-media its stretch twill and then a stretch waffle

knit and it has a fabulous shape to it that is definitely great on the body so on the hanger it I was like when I first saw it I was like that's not gonna do for my hips put it on I was like I love what it does

for my hips it just gives you a really beautiful shape it's got a soft you know sometimes a shark's bite or a handkerchief hem can be almost too much fabric this is just perfect you know look when you're wanting to be casual and comfy you don't necessarily want

to be schlumpy and so this helps you to have a fabulous elevated cardigan look but it's also the hoodie it's a great hybrid it's kind of a genius aim time it's kind of something you don't have right now once you put it on you're like oh this is

exactly what I've been looking for and I'll tell you what I love about it I love the length that's about a 28 inch center back length but see how it gives you extra length I mean most hoodies are not gonna give you this type of length there's also

a nice little slit on the sides there's even more movement more great drape so when you're sitting down it just feels really comfortable it doesn't have that banded bottom I don't even want to call it a hoodie right it happens to be a great jacket or there's a

hood the hood like they're kind of that more yeah they were guys sweatshirt yeah for you know the basketball gym right yeah we have this incredible fabric that's stretch twill which has this dry hand to it's super smooth super stretchy and then in the back is all of

that fantastic waffle knit giving it just a really nice casual vibe hmm but also super cozy you may or may not choose to do the hood that doesn't matter but I also find that women with fuller busts do really well with a hood kind of live it down

here it just kind of balances out in the line there's a little side observation there I like that but the black oh my gosh you're gonna wear this so much and also how hard is it find a great jacket without being a full-tilt blazer or jean jacket but

to wear with your jeans so it's sort of like in between those two things yeah and if you were to go to one of those like athleisure stores and look for a zip up hoodie of any kind they're like a hundred dollars so wrong it's just you're gonna

like maybe roll around on the floor to yoga studio and that $100 hoodie why are they so expensive you know what come to us come to us at HSN we'll get you decked out we'll give you incredible values and again that the hoodie is kind of fun because

it does give you that kind of sporty vibe but if you do need to pull up the hood sometimes you know you run into a little inclement weather you know sometimes you just want to hide from the Sun or maybe you see your ex-boyfriend in the produce aisle

you never know who you're gonna see so that's kind of fun and then I and it zips up cuz it kind of gives it that little bit more finished look you don't have to worry about buttons or you can just wear it open but last time I looked

I've never seen a hoodie that has this much extra room and stretch and give so you'll feel really comfortable in that so pick your color and again sizes extra small through 3x 95 5 poly rayon spandex blend and I'm wearing the you have mid-tone yeah you've got the

lighter of the blue so here's young mid-tone intim this is indigo this is gray and then our limited colors magenta and then there's just a few left and tawny which is kind of this beautiful kind of neutral and now black starting to get limited because you can't go

wrong with one little great black topper you don't have to spend any more than $25 tonight to get a really great topper and then one thing I mean you could wear this to a workout you could wear this to get coffee you could wear this to hang out

with the kids you could wear this to get your groceries done and you'll feel covered you'll feel cozy and you'll feel really confident in this one definitely great length if you do want to wear with a pair of leggings it works because of the length – all right

let's remind you about the star of the show it's all about these studded striped skinny jeans