DG2 by Diane Gilman SuperStretch FoilPainted Denim Jacket

hey they go hey I don't even say they go back to the gene I think the jacket stable it's a statement piece all in itself and I would love to show it to you it this one I really would like to get up close because here I really and truly believe and I'll just bring it down to that level look at how that's hand-painted and so you get it on the sleeve you get it again on the jacket we like to leave the back very plain so you can see that gorgeous gray super suede and well ladies is out really wait a second 89 does actually true Wow not only eighty nine dollars but there's only 180 that's it because you have been out grabbing these on hsn.

com no don't want to say that started huh you got started in paint at Jeanne's I did and hand painting for rock and roll stars and if this was my size that I'm gonna as soon as the camera goes off of me i'm actually going to try and put it on so I say let's go over to these lovely ladies and let me see if I can get this on I love again the fact that each one of these is individual unique hand done so if you've ever and I'm living in a new apartment now so as you always see a plan well I got in but yeah I get into an apartment sixty percent and I'm kind of living in a war zone but if you've ever enjoyed painting a wall and taking a huge paintbrush is only going for it that's how I feel about these jackets and you will see each and every one of them is absolutely unique and different I find that so fascinating so you know something jean jackets could not be hotter could not be more important could not be more topical today and i'm just going to go over my black outfit thank you look amazing I'd say is the camera didn't come to me but I have a great faith that a jean jacket is going to look now look how perfect very cool I don't need much more than that maybe just a little bit of silver jewelry and it looks fabulous and you know here's the other beauty of this because it's super stretch it doesn't and because we don't foil and paint the back of it you've got still all the stretch in the world but if you're one of those women like me that just loves jean jackets and loves one-off pieces that look like they're from a boutique but you cannot really find it in your town you can barely find it in New York and it would be a fortune this is such a great piece just that little touch just that little authenticity of something that looks so so real and you know what these are so easy to wear you don't need a ton of fuss and what you're putting on underneath you I put one of our quad blend turtlenecks you what might put one of our heather gray sweaters you might put that sweater than the v-neck with the silver sequins and you're set to go and you've got a piece that is like a heritage piece nobody else has it it's going to last forever pieces like this that are hand done I used to paint and paint denim for rock and roll stars in the 60s and the 70s pieces like this are so precious so different so freestanding they never go out of style so definitely enjoy this ladies it's another way to go for the holidays and it's a way to go for women who like a little bit of attention because there isn't anybody who isn't going to come up to you and say how did you get this who made this did you hand paint that yourself I think wow what a statement and you will see on every single magazine will be like a tutorial for you there will be all of these issues that are talking about wearing metallics for the season well wearing metallic head-to-toe can be very difficult because once you get it on your bottom or if it is in a long tight dress everything gets rounded and shows but when you wear it in a piece like this and you see how the brushstrokes just kind of evoke that hand-done quality I think you're going to absolutely love it it's just a little rock and roll just perfect Diane perfect listen we've got more to get to don't forget about the velvet jeans and the sweater that i have on and that moto.