DG2 by Diane Gilman SuperStretch FoilPainted Denim Jacket

that you can join me i'm shannon fox for our fashion clearance event if you're just joining us i am wearing our today's special from anthony he just scooted out of here but we have got some great items from Anthony and of course from all of our favorite designers

today now when you are shopping with us today remember view shop for $75 or more on clearance that is clearance all across HSN everything is going to shift to you for free so that is just your license to shop right there license to shop $75 or more everything

shifts to you for free this is from dg2 her super-stretch jacket this is a foil painted denim jacket this is a style that is so hot right now and I'm telling you coming from LA shopping on Melrose shopping on robertson boulevard you can go to the little boutiques

and you can get you can get denim jackets that look similar to this but i will get i guarantee they are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hundreds and hundreds of dollars this is the same exact look but a better fit because it is diane gilman's

superstretch and it's oil painted such a cute updated look it is everything you love about your denim jacket but a really great updated look so that is foil painted all the way up the sleeve solid in the back we have two colors available for you this is the

gray we also have it available in the black look at how striking that is with the black and that gorgeous oil painted silver they are available in in which size do we have left extra small through 3x 16 dot 65 cents gets at home on any major credit

card look at how it just change the outfit wearing it with a beautiful sweater dress and it is just that sort of chic like a rocker chic look but still elegant enough for any age 16 dot 65 cents to get home now the retail value on this is

$119 although I'm telling you if you were shopping at the little boutiques you cannot find anything like this at that price point it is item number 5 10 4 99 and what you're getting here is diane gilman's superstretch which is really a technological advance where you get incredible

stretch and recover so if you want to be able to wear this maybe right now you are wearing it over a sweater you're wearing it on you know and some of your thicker heavier clothes is one of your layering pieces but later you want to be able to

wear it when just when it gets chilly and it is the spring and there's still a little bit of a chill in the air it is stretch and recovery so you get all of that amazing fit whether you're wearing something bulky underneath or not so you get that

true Jean styling that denim look genuine pockets here it's got the dg2 buttons in that beautiful platinum color all the way you can but it all the way up all the way down it has a nice banding around the bottom and then that that foil is not coming

off you can wash this at home it is actually nice and soft as well it sort of has the look of maybe an artist that you found this artist in the heart of LA and they hand painted your jacket just for you that is the look that you're

getting here it is woven oil painted super-stretch denim so we love a denim jacket but this is that updated elevated sort of celebrity chic look look at the sleeves of course you can roll them up just like any denim jacket it's got the buttons at the sleeve it

has that true true caller all the way in the back that has the great the seams that go down and give you that slimming look you can see how it goes in at the waist so it is it is a full fit but it gives you a little

bit of shape as well so it is fifty percent off today and today only as long as our quantities last in gray or