DG2 by Diane Gilman Virtual Stretch Classic Denim Jacket

but since you are here with us and since we are talking about stretch and Deneb should we talk about virtual stretch your always stretch and then the unbelievable price that we have on this customer pick of your classic and I tell you I I couldn't find my right size this morning in the jacket so what did I do it's because I took the right size all the way to me the last time I can't live without I call these I call these can't live without peace ants like the bootcut Jean like the jean jacket so virtual stretch where you are gonna feel a silkiness in your Jean you're going to feel a rich suede effect in the jacket which means it's wearable so much longer into the season I want you to watch me do one thing yeah this is the best I can't stretch it side seam decide I could take a size down in these because I like that out look at the hourglass shape I like a very trim jacket then we've got someone to cute peplum t-shirts coming up I'm wearing one of them but this becomes your go-to well I was either sitting in an airport yesterday as usual waiting for a plane that never shows up on time I'm just checking out what are the major items that females are wearing in that airport first thing I see patio dresses flirty little summer dresses Bermuda shorts short shorts jeans everyone's got on a jean jacket they're wearing it with all those different looks maxi skirts and a simple t-shirt and a jean jacket why not get a jean jacket that's truly crafted for you ladies a jean jacket it's not only gonna look great with that bootcut Jean that we're showing you who we do full-length shots guys so we can see the whole outfit thank you but a jean jacket that honestly is gonna sir miss you as classically as I would say non age oriented as a jean jacket does and yet it brings you right back into that kind of lifestyle dressing that says well age age is dismembered that's stupid I'm just a cool girl and you know something cool there would have been a time when I would have said I got to wear a jean jacket I've gone into million stores and tried them on there to crop aha they're too tight they're too rigid bulky well look what this does we put in an hourglass shape to give you a curvy shape we make it in a stretch fabric virtual stretch that has literally become your favorite fabric over 1500 perfect five star reviews on virtual stretch and we give it to you at a price that honestly I believe was below the TS price stock up the white is a great transition for you to be wearing with your boot cuts in indigo or black or even the khaki the black is a must-have for fall/winter as is the indigo and then I just wanted to wardrobe this for you shaving together and this is what you'll see with a million animal prints come fall so the green is going to be that really pervasive shade of green and fashion for the next few seasons and you say well you know fashion smashion that doesn't really matter to me it only matters to you because you're gonna see everything revolving around it handbags shoes animal prints jewelry gold jewelry in this case so for a very small investment you start to get a super maximum benefit absolutely from buying and imagine you can buy both pizza dough is just thank you for less than $20 yeah unbelievable each one is on flex they're each $9.

99 so you're getting the entire outfit for less than $20 a pair of jeans is gonna last you a lifetime a jacket you will live in in the colors that are perfect right now tomorrow in the future next year and the stretch on this is the softest hand I love the feminine feel extra small through 3x and I love the length it's 23 inches it's perfectly really covering the tummy area coming in right about here perfect to wear a peplum tear is slightly longer t underneath a perfect balance board the bootcut jeans well it's been a perfect balance to balance out our 10 faves having Diane Gilman thank you so much for joining.