DG2 by Diane Gilman Virtual Stretch Classic Denim Jacket

where we're going should we change because Diane is wearing the Bermuda short of course that's coming up with a man wearing but it looks great I got to tell you and be honest with you and I know you all have kids out there and there's probably one kid that just excelled in sports or excels in academics always is good eats all his vegetables Kylie your favorite while this jean jacket is maybe my favorite and I have to in y2 and y2 white enough to an indigo not enough one in black I wore down on the plane time now I'm going home with the chambray this is virtual stretch I'm a cheat I like to go a size down in the jackets but I want you to see how curvy it is still the armhole goes out oh my gosh you know what I'm going to show you and how away fabulous we have this crazy nice today for 59.

9 to 4790 remember everything in this hour the next under $50 and then the 5 flexpay 6 on the HSN card 121 perfect five star would be let me show you if we could come back to me for one minute okay ready oh my and what size is that small notice a medium may I take a medium now look at that that is how much it stretches and and then the memory adds to curb and look at the memory and look at the stretch so if you think about a jean jacket it's funny I pulled one out of my closet I thought it was mine and I was going to wear it down on the plane was very expensive it's actually what we where we took the cut of it $300 for this jean jacket had no spandex I thought was it short it was unbelievably short I just like the way it indented in the way 300 bucks go stretch and the first thing I said to myself was I am NOT going to torture myself on an airplane and an airport wearing this so these are my little workhorses they work with the full-length Jean they work with cropped jeans we're going to show you tomorrow they work with the lux port gene they work beautifully I mean how cute is that out that was a renewed outfit right there yeah I think I'm going to wear this tonight for the TS launch you know it makes me sad I might sit go to my own all weekend and be drinking Corona beers with lime this is for fun but I thought flat five flex will go awakened here we are today and we're going to remind you about that again and hence why we saw thousands of people yelling grabbing the TS because the five flex is only today we hit the jackpot with Cinco de Maya this is like the best of unity our pool I love tell you what I love this jacket and I wear my jean jacket way more than anything else because here's the thing in this day and age it suffice us for the Blazer you can wear it over short dress long dress skirt the Bermuda shorts you can wear it over anything long I love the proportion I like Carol underneath man short we also I'm just gonna layer it under I give me the white one was oh gosh I love this white and you know what I've watched I've washed this white so many times and it comes out white every time it's not the best in the machines still they're getting and the softness is still there you know the jean jacket is has almost become like the Chanel jacket of this decade tonic abs and the problem for us girls and look at it I would the t-shirt I have underneath so I've got the acid wash t-shirt underneath 2995 then think about the white jean jacket and then I'm just going to take another another and then think about how I mean seriously could you get any cuter and we've got an Americana scarf it could all go together so here's 2995 are acid-wash t29 95/60 47 for little shave over a hundred bucks you are getting three fabulous hilla terian pieces they're going to last forever and you will live is a Cayenne all season well the the jean jacket is literally all seasonal so you know what ladies what I love to do is walk into a season offering you the greatest classic basics that are going to not only service you but refresh tired old tees and better tune your wardrobe that may really change your attitude that what you need that's how we get mileage out of our wardrobe yeah well we're going to Oklahoma hi Denise so nice to have you with us and you're with Diane on her 23rd anniversary hi Denise hi Diane hi I wanted to call in and show you all that I grew up in budding a horse and wearing men's jeans all my life and I finally found a pair of jeans oh I ordered the bootcut pair and I'm ordered another pair since then and I absolutely love them they are my new Jean Oh fantastic you know I lived in a part of Southern California we'll get the camera to come back to us so I can really talk to you where we were allowed to ride our horses to school and actually yeah oh I actually just tethered the horses at the base of the parking lot and walking to school so I'm right there with you I used to take those jeans and put them in the bathtub with a ton of bleach and then I would literally stand them up by themselves in the in the Desert Sun in California to dry so anyway other jeans are so uncomfortable and I'm at the age where you know I can't hardly stand to have that much yeah you thought you know exactly but I found these jeans and I absolutely love them fantastic Inez thank you you might want to think about our Bermuda because it is so fabulous and on Connors the knee and damn on those hot days I'll tell you what for under 30 bucks it is truly the buy a bead at least we wanna just also say before we say goodbye is it's a customer appreciation month that we love you I guess what I'm going to win you right you are the winner of this beautiful scarf one of our dg2 this scarf so much yeah you got a collation love this it is gorgeous so Steve who you are and we'll make sure to get in congratulations thank you so much you ladies have a great you – pleasure pleasure all right so we don't forget that we want you to brag about your buy 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com go to our website and all you do right on the homepage you can see it's like brag about your buy all you do just kind of click on that you can upload a picture and then you can just tell us all about it you know we want to know what you love about it share it and then you also could be winner I love that is this a fun part about being part of our family and we're doing so much of course again for a customer appreciation month okay do not hang up you can definitely stay right where you are but we have to move on and I hope you are ready because we are now going to move into the monster huge customer pick of the lux port luxe denim skinny jegging and as we do I will share with you customer pick with 757 reviews for.