DG2 by Diane Gilman Virtual Stretch Classic Denim Jacket

$10 off 3495 3495 so if you want to get jacket are you every additional jacket yes you get you get $10 all you got to have it in your wardrobe this is out of the denim we call virtual stretch that is virtually my favorite new eco involved because it's predominantly cotton fantastically evolved because it is so stretchy denim so here's the deal orgeous denim i love a jean jacket i'm an old girl in a young girl's world i never get a jacket that can truly fit why because they're made for younger girls the bus point is in way up high they're so cropped they're not stretchy you can't get into them and move well virtual sellers could not be once all of Moore's waited more perfect all year round and more stretchy you will be able to move flow layer and you know I did some cute layering so if you guys are like me in New York yesterday was 72° tomorrow in New York when I returned 31 degrees look up with winter sweater underneath it how cute in the first 60 seconds almost 400 have been spoken for this is a pre-sale it does not actually officially launch till next Tuesday so what we say is get yours now I'm wearing the medium it's definitely true to size so that's one key element it fits like a dream look it on I mean you can see on Sonya this new olive color in fact in a minute I want you guys to put up the graphic that actually breaks down the colors real quickly black chambray coral indigo olive Rose which is that bright pink or white are the colors and by the way the little pins that were wearing Diane also have designed for us we get to info on the little pins but here are the colors that beautiful coral that gorgeous rose I love the all of that's new that color if that is really a year-round olive then the weight is year-round that's it Wow you get a vintage look to the chambray and the Indigo a pure black the white is gorgeous illuminating white and look at the movement so here's the deal I feel when you're wearing a bottom if your legs look slim down to the knee your whole body reshapes itself well the same is true for a jacket if you get a jean jacket with enough stretch in it so you can have the sleeves slightly fitted your entire torso and your hip area look so much leaner now I love a really fitted sleeve so if I'm not wearing a bulky sweater underneath my jean jackets I'll even go down to a small I'm always a classic medium these wash like a dream that's weighted you can't even believe the quality this denim it is just dream is there so they don't fit right they're not flattering they're crunchy right you can't there restore the way the really expensive ones own ever made with spandex interesting and so we soften this dance a song feels like a dream it is ten and a half ounces year-round weight and they look gorgeous layered under a trenchcoat I like to wear a little puffer vest over mine on a cooler day cute why not wear a chunky sweater underneath like you saw I'll show you another way we took a dg2 really classic v-neck sweater and layered it to punch some color underneath look at how cute just a little striped blouse underneath it guys use Express ordering we're busy you're the first audience to see this 550 out the door already so don't miss your size or color this is a chance for you to be get first dibs and remember if you order more than one every additional jacket is not 44 it's $34.

95 so the flex pay goes down what would the flex pay be on that Rocky pace is that $8 flexpays on any additional jacket so get a couple get white or get a color and they get one of the denims or I love going left well I would say anchor yourself in black or the indigo and then say okay for 3490 which is $25 off the regular HSN price of 64 a fashion color and and I consider the olive gorgeous or means something you can wear with light mochas and beiges right now animal prints are gonna look great with her very good transitional color but you know what I'll show you how I collected this and they actually had to take it away from me because I was wearing them every day and they said you got to wear them for the show so they took them away and sent him them I'm in love with the indigo the chambray is the most gorgeous it is it's perfect yeah the black and I've got to have the white building has that is an ultimate match every girl needs a white jean jacket this right is made beautifully this is absolutely premium you've got logo buttons on it but nothing overwhelming and the softness of it is incredible now what if you are a lady like me who loves that look and says you know what I haven't had luck with jean jackets they look dirty they're just too young for me it's not that a jean jacket is too young it's that the cuts are so unforgiving your real woman's body right of course we give you a bus point that's lower than a junior cut of course we give you a shapely waist without stressing you out and the stretch and softness to this which I have never experienced in a jean jacket is phenomenal it is you girls with the minute you get home you're going to wish you ordered more than one remember the second it what's fun about a jean jacket it's the easiest transition jacket it goes you're seeing it over dresses son dresses I love a jean jacket over a maxi looks fantastic you can take a summer maxi put a jean jacket over it for spring it looks perfect yeah I mean anything tanks as you said now you'll wear with sweaters and turtlenecks so it's so versatile kind of summer dress right show anything Bermuda's yeah a pajama pant sure wear it with a pump the way I have it but really in real life I would be wearing them with an espadrille or I rarely walked into the studio tonight with it a tennis shoe here is way to take what is going to become your favorite new denim virtual stretch to be able to take a classic that will be in your closet for years to come it's cut just right for you to cover all the lumps and bumps we don't love in our tummy in our midriff area it curves in and out to give you a waist without stressing you out to really have one and yes what it washes and dries like a dream oh that's the that's the beauty of where we love your denim so much yeah I mean that's why you are the Jean queen and this is the first time ever that Diane has done a jean jacket today's special she has never done a jean jacket as a today's special first time greatest value of all time at 4495 3495 if you order a second one or third one or fourth one so whatever you want flex and four flex pays and that is as good as and reduced shipping and handling and then your second jacket that's the shipping is a dollar 50 yea stretch to this let me just show you here it's sitting on me right yep you're right that's how much it stretches good point just comes back so what I love about it is now us gals get to go into that younger girls world grab something that they take for granted as a utilitarian item make it our own do it in the softest most luxurious denim and have an absolute blast with it taking all these simple summer items you've got in your closet and making them look new refreshed casual useful it's got it all okay I do have.