DG2 by Diane Gilman Virtual Stretch Classic Denim Jacket

[Music] well thank you so much for watching 10 faves I'm your host Helen Keaney and I'm gonna tell you the 10 hottest favorite items of the day and this jacket is one of them it is over 30% off the regular price from Diane Gilman it is the perfect jean jacket this is actually the one I'm wearing is my own personal jacket I own two of them I own it in this color and I own it in the indigo and you've seen me wear it on there I own both of these it I I'm somebody that been wearing jean jackets since the 80s I love a great denim jacket this is without a doubt the best jacket I've ever owned I love the stretch I love the comfort sizes are extra small through extra-large 1x 2x and 3x and I want to show you just how how much stretch you have I mean you don't think about a jean jacket is having stretch and comfort you can you know when you roll the sleeves up you've got all that stretch in the sleeves so we've got great colors for you this is black I have it available and by the way black and indigo are your best bet for sizes I have all sizes in the black and the indigo in the white I have large extra-large 1x through 3x in the olive I have extra-large 1x and 3x in indigo I've got all the sizes and the one that I'm wearing in the coral is limited but I do have it available in 2x and 3x it's still available we still have a few left so I just wanted to show you that we have a few left we have all sizes in this one how many do we have in this one we have 5 of these what sizes are they okay so this is the Broz color 1 X and 3x okay I actually said to my producer a so they love the pink can't we show that he's like there's only a couple left okay so there you go I'm just a mopping mean I just there's a couple left I listen when sometimes when they say sold out on TV I'll go to hsn.

com and there's like one left and I'll still be able to get it so there that's the kind of shopper I am so here's that olive these these of course are great winter spring summer fall this is just the most comfy jean jacket and the price is crazy so if you have an HSN card $7.

99 7.

99 to treat yourself this soft brushed denim the hand to this is amazing this is a woven virtual stretch denim a customer pick with 363 reviews on hsn.

com it's 70% cotton so you've got that like microfiber spandex blend rounding out the rest of the weave on this it's 23 inches in the length and I also think the length is perfect so and I wore it because I wanted you to see C it on me because I have it like I said I've got two of them and you know what I'm gonna put my card here for a second so I can show it to you on me for a second I'm just trying to do this delicately and I didn't do it well alright anyway so here here the jacket is I mean it's got all this stretch so I can easily button it you've got lots of you know lots of straight you know I can wrap it around here so it buttons really easily if you want to wear it buttoned up because you've got so much stretch and it's very well cut it's it's not like this is the medium and I've got a microphone on so I'm not I'm not gonna but you've got lots of room to button it you know some jackets it's like you can but look at this I could like double it over it's so incredibly comfortable and it's like the perfect length there's so many ways to wear this I'm wearing it with my own Diane Gilman jeans that I have an atop from Melissa McCarthy this I everything that I'm wearing is from my own personal wardrobe here's some ideas I love it with like that long shirt that the way I have it on and then like you know your skinny jeans and then just like this cute great jacket I mean it's you can do you can do any kind of I love actually where you've got the the jeans with embroidery that Diane Gilman has this it's a really great way to kind of round that outfit out and you can wear it so many different ways I've got a printed dress a blue dress that I wore that I wore this jacket over it these are really cute to put over dresses if you've got a sleeveless dress and you want to take that dress into fall or you know indoors for me you know in the TV studios it's like 60 degrees and needs it you know or air-conditioning this is like a jean jacket and I also think there's something very youthful about a jean jacket and I like the way Diane cuts her clothes for everybody's figure it's extra small through extra-large 1x 2x and 3x I man ten-eye were the medium it's a generous medium it is not like Oh a medium like you would go to like a junior store it's a grown-up miss missus size medium and it fits you know fantastic it's one of my it's I'm gonna tell you I've had I can't remember how many jean jackets I've had in my lifetime this is unquestionably my favorite and this I own it in this of course this is a no-brainer but maybe you bought it with first time it came out maybe you're some of the people the hundreds and hundreds of people that made this a customer pick it is now at birthday clearance at 3995 the lowest price ever so really great value.