DG2 by Diane Gilman Virtual Stretch Classic Denim Jacket

biggest sale right now for sale of the year for 2018 welcome into HSN I'm starting my second hour with you thank you for joining me my name is Lesley for flex or more on everything you'll be seeing today so you really want to stay with us as long as you possibly can if you spend $99 or more free shipping and handling so $99 or more on your fashion accessories you will not pay a penny on shipping so think about that as we move into our jean jacket this is a denim jacket that I'm wearing and I love it and you know normally and my stylist will vouch for me every time I walk into the fashion room they're like can you you want to wear a jacket I a lot of times shy away from jackets on air because we got tons of studio lights it's so hot and then because I'm busty what happens my jacket opens up like this and I feel I look bigger so this is a little backstory that you don't really need to know what you need to know is that this jacket has so much wonderful stretch that I put it on I didn't feel the tug back here I didn't feel that it was tight in the arms it was a dream and so I really believe that everyone especially in America right because denim is so American every woman should have a denim jacket but they're mostly uncomfortable this one is a dream I've got it in different colors for you so this guy here we're calling olive and it's it's it's kind of like a combination like an olive medic khaki and they have a beautiful relationship and got married and had a baby so that's olive we also have it available for you in the black take a look at your classic white and you want this for spring and summer you guys so pick it up today at 2995 and then we also have it available for you in the classic indigo this is the color I chose I love it it's 70% cotton so you can already imagine what it feels like very soft very silky and then you've got just the right amount of stretch so 2% spandex and there to give you that comfort it's not only me gushing about this jacket or gushing about this jacket you decided that this is a customer pick in fact 472 reviews customer pick it's her virtual stretch collection so by virtual stretch you know that this is all day a comfort 23 inches in the length you do have princess seams on this so where other let a jean jackets may look a little masculine or may make you look a little boxy this one actually gives you some shape and so I love that if you're noticing on the girls right ladies the minute you popped it on didn't it feel different I know Carol and hope are wearing it but you felt a stretch right in the back in the arm area because that's where they feel uncomfortable and it almost feels like it's scratchy on the skin when you wear you know anybody else's denim Diane Gilman there's nobody that does denim like Diane you can pick this up today for $7.

49 when you flip through any fashion magazine pay attention to when the stylist the being stylist right there is what they do for a living when they come out with their top ten lists of items that you should have in your wardrobe they usually say a pencil skirt they usually say a legging they usually say a poplin or a button-down shirt they will always say a third piece so whether it's a little moto jacket or a jean jacket you should own this this looks great with denim the way I'm wearing it and my great little fit flop sneakers it looks great over a maxi dress in the summer you will wear this with a turtleneck in the winter and maybe a tall boot and some jeans you need a jean jacket don't pay full price for it this is $29.

95 this is seven bucks on any debit card or credit card if you're new to HSN we welcome you welcome into HSN everybody gets to use flex pay so that means you have a debit card you have a credit card you have a PayPal account we will ship this out to you for that flexpay of $7.

50 and then you pay overtime so I would pick this up today you know I I know it's gonna sound crazy I have one jean jacket in my closet that doesn't fit me anymore because it has no stretch it was this great little jacket that actually was very almost like a little bohemian like very it had a little pleated sleeve you know and it just tapered in with a curved hemline it doesn't fit me anymore it doesn't have the stretch and so it's uncomfortable I wear it but I wear it open and then it does that thing because it doesn't hug my curves this one's got all the stretch so it stays and place even look at the hemline look at all of the amount of stretch that I'm getting down here so how long has it been since you've been able to button the jean jacket if you're like me I haven't buttoned my jean jackets in years is that should I be ashamed of that I don't think so but look I could I could button this down if I wanted to I you know because you get all of that give that's what makes this one special from all the jean jackets you see out there and at 2995 we'll never see a jean jacket for 2995 what a steal of a deal five three zero four two three is your item number I've got 500 of you in the ordering process and only 1800 of these so you know when these are gone they're gone at this price I am sure Diane Gilman will bring back more jean jackets those they're they're not gonna be 29.

95 this is a virtual stretch collection so it's cut enriched it's 70% cotton you know you don't want a jean jacket that feels scratchy on the skin that feels stiff you know you want a jean jacket that that you forget you're wearing right I mean that we want to be comfortable that's like that's why we're living in leggings that's why we love this new athleisure trend this jean jackets not gonna pull ever on your arms it's not gonna pull in the back area where it starts to get you know tight and constricting and and you can see your bra bulge and all that thing that we got going on it's so wonderful the way it drapes extra small through 3x available on this one it's 23 inches in the length you got great princess seams so it's not like a guy's jacket it's a jacket made for you this one's a proven favorite a customer pick and it's a key piece that you should own we have a little bit of a hold going on it is very popular right now if you want it please give us a call I invite you to jump in quickly of course you can always shop quickest and make sure you get your size in your color by visiting hsn.

com or shopping on our free mobile app that you can download for free and you can shop with us wherever you want whenever you want we've got the olive on carol hope is wearing the classic black so cool so rock and roll get the white one you guys if you don't know which one to choose pick the white up you know you're gonna use that in spring and summer with your beautiful Jay King turquoise jewelry and then you also have it in the indigo color if you want to go the classic Safeway the way I did.