DG2 by Diane Gilman Virtual Stretch Embroidered Denim Ja…

that in my Diane Gilman jeans anyways okay I love the next item I don't know if I love which I what I love more do I love the style and the embroidery or do I love the price and I don't know it's kind of a toss-up as we

go into our final hour together of clearance frenzy it's all about fashions that are absolutely the lowest value we've ever done on our best designers on our best silhouettes I'm doing six flexible payments on all of our clearance so you can fill your cart and have some fun

get things home that you're gonna wear now and wear later just like this embroidered denim jacket that's in virtual stretch Diane's number one fabric Asian that she brings to us here at HSN is in a denim jacket I love to rock a denim jacket but I hate typically

in a denim jacket the restriction right kind of the uncomfortability I don't know did they bring out my can I grab my it's not it hanging no it's actually on the on the stool is the jacket for me too I was gonna put this jacket on alright let's

go over the colors real quick and then I'll slip that on so in front of me we've got it in the gray and it's a beautiful soft gray with some lavender and broidery which is really pretty so that's the accent lots of embroidery not just a little bit

but a lot and then I'm going to swing the black through the front to show you that the black doesn't have any embroider in the front but are you're ready for this Wow back of this jacket ningke's purpose this is a fresh bloom of flowers grays and whites

really pretty and then in front of Sara we've got the indigo which again is plain on the front but then if you turn that around my love party on the back that's right look at that I don't know if it's an osprey but it's a bird this beautiful

cherry cream with cherry blossom yeah gorgeous ones indigo and then finally we have it in the ivory and that has blooms of blue flowers and Indigo's and chambray is that just on the front so we have to install the fern okay perfect 24 inches in length extra small

through 3x I'll grab the jacket I'll come get it okay good love these and these are the Diane Gilman virtual stretch so it does give you a super buttery soft feel you're getting a lot of stretch and I would say ordered true to size on this however I

do have a story my mom ordered the gray with the cute lavender flowers and she ordered it in 2x and it looked really big on her so we could said mom you it might as well send it back at the 1x because there's it's so comfortable and you

mentioned how sometimes denim jackets can feel a little restrictive these one no no I mean this stretches for days and it moves with your body it's so comfortable you will not want to take this off no you won't you'll be able to drive in this you'll be able

to you know pick up the grandkids game night take it to church it's the always stretch that we love so that means it doesn't just stretch vertically and horizontally and then diagonally it stretches in all directions it is cotton rich in its blend it is super soft very

flexible the the stretch and recovery is absolutely cut undeniably amazing it's great for layering and the price on this is huge we've taken about $100 off of retail think about that $100 off it's a third piece it's got stunning detail and the embroidery it's got color it's got

style vonda's wearing it with the slub neat slub knit tee that we have coming up shortly and the dad the Diane Gilman jeans we have so those are items you can pair back maybe with something in your closet or if you're gonna shop with us more which I

hope you're doing this jacket though get this it's a customer pick when it was $100 with 261 reviews that's how many of you got this home and raved about it voluntarily wrote in and said I love it I love the softness I love the hand I love the

uniqueness and the specialty aspect of the embroidery the Indigo that Vonda is wearing is the same one that's I'm wearing should I walk onto the runway with okay Vonda come on back girlfriend it's okay I don't listen to them just listen to me just kidding I'm just kidding

I think I'm just kidding it's my first day I want to get fired okay I just wanted to point out that Vonda and I I want you to think about we're different ages we are different heights or different body types wearing the same exact jacket just in a

little bit of this different style so in the front it's all solid indigo shall we turn around my love and show the back seat Vonda has short hair and I have long hair but if I had my hair up in a ponytail or even if I wanted to

let my hair go down you're still gonna see a little bit of that embroidery which I love it's just fun it's flirty and then let's showcase the stretch shall we I'm gonna go this way look at that I mean what Diane's and we're just we're completely delirious now

we've lost our marbles I'm gonna warn the sound because I'm gonna cover my mic because I want you to see how this wraps around my body can we do it all together undo it [Music] I see you see them all okay you do so let's point out the

indigo and the black have no embroider in the front only embroidery on the back the ivory has the embroider in the front no embroidery on the back so you see you can play with this which means you can get more than one not at this price it is

such an unbelievable deal so let's look at Brooke Brooke has in the ivory all the chambray and indigo and denim tones in these blooms that are on the front that are so stunning she's paired it back with a simple blue tea simple chambray jeans some great little athletic

sneakers she looks amazing you could go anywhere and for many of us you can wear jean jean jackets to work you can wear parties I'm not going to go let's look at Sarah's necklace because you put it on over slinky you've got a slinky chiffon top and this

is like you cancel yes you so slinky meets denim embroidery here it is so many different things you can do with this jacket right yeah and even over like a little black dress a little cold outside and the full time this is so perfect that black chic look

everywhere yeah and all the pocketing I just had a squirrel moment you know when you have those moments like you think you're on that right train thought and then have something that like derails you yep that's just happening with pockets because I love they're not gonna let me

come back to her it's okay it's my day off I have real pockets in here which I love so you put your lipstick cookies your phone I've kind of rolled up the sleeves but you can easily roll these down if you want to cuff them they have a

real button down here that you could just put in it's a real button with a real little button loop but otherwise it's got a nice kind of nice opening even the arm stretches right ladies like what if you were wearing kind of a thicker sweater underneath three tank

top or light Whitten a light knit weight or a sweater you'll be able to do this Amanda I'm gonna get this right Ashley and Amanda amanda has it in the gray and here's what I didn't realize I'm gonna switch with you vonda the gray has the embroidery in

the front front in the lavender but then if you turn around to that shoulder there is right here over the left shoulder it's like a dusting of the embroider that just goes over the top I didn't notice that so huge yep so that's the only one that has

that wraparound embroidery design whereas the other ones this need to clean on the front party on the back or you got all the party on the front clean on the back but I know I love I love that lavender that grants wonderfully cute that's what my mom got

she's enjoying it very much she's never had a denim jacket before so she's like I'll hip now oh wait hold on why do you think your mom never had a denim jacket well honestly it's because of the reason you just said because of how restrictive they are and

she just didn't really find one that flattered her body sometimes they have a little bit too much bulk to them but this being in that virtual stretch fabric that we all love so much by Diane Gilman gives you all that great stretch and it's so flattering I think

it hits at the perfect place and it holds you in gives you a little bit of shape and let me ask you this would you wear this jacket oh absolutely absolutely I mean your mom already owns this jacket right so again all ages all sizes all walks of

life everybody that's what Diane does with her denim that's why she's the queen of jeans is because she makes every single woman feel fantastic in their denim so if you think about the last time you wore a denim jacket and you're like this okay I got that that

is not gonna happen because of the stretch because of the mobility because of the flexibility because of the recovery because of the fact you can actually feel like you're wearing a topper that isn't restricting this is just so yummy and soft it's virtual stretch which is that always

stretch the length on this is perfect so it's gonna hit you depending on how tall you are just about at the hips for me I'm a little shorter so it hits me a little lower Sarah and I are gonna leave the models to do what they do best

to let the model your girls take it I'm not a model it's okay I only played one on television one time this is a huge customer pick the retail value would be $100 more just kind of that soak in I know it's early $100 more for premium denim

that is today on flex pay six dollars and 66 cents and listen to this so right now you're gonna get this home you're gonna wear it right now and then even in the winter months this you'll put your your normal coat over top of this yeah and this

is your outfit then you'll wear it in the springtime you might bring it with you to the beach or to the movies or to work in the summertime so stay on the phone lines because we are really really busy I knew we would be extra small through 3x

to get your denim jacket from Diane Gilman if you have an HSN card are you ready for this it's $5 to bring that jacket home HSN card holders get an extra flex payment makes it five dollars and 71 cents now if you don't have any