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I told her just a little sneak peak now we're officially launching happy midnight that's right from dg2 sold exclusively here in the u.


at HSN Diane Gilman is our designer she's been designing for us for almost two well over two decades here at HSN she started her career designing for rock stars back in the 70s like Janis Joplin well there's our rock stars oh yeah Machinima's Natalie and Miss Victoria well today she's bringing to us a whole new breed of denim it's called virtual stretch it's lightweight it's not scratch it feels like silk on the body there's more stretch of virtual stretch than any other demo Naumann you've experienced and now are you ready she's edit embroidery and luxe details to it she even made it a little bit longer we've got five color options we're gonna be talking about extra small through 3x and it's on four credit card payments or five when shopping with your HSN card like we were saying earlier don't forget if you want to open up that HSN card you take $10 off this price right now which would bring to 5990 and then better get that entitles you to additional flexpay so again open up that HSN card Siobhan who is the girlfriend of all girlfriends you watch her here at HSN she's a host filling in for Diane Gilman who right now unfortunate girl friend is dealing with a little health issue and you can find out more about that on Facebook she's been posting videos and she's she's just looking amazing her spirit is so strong and that kind of spirit is what has brought her through the ages leading the industry teaching a lot of men who are designers how to design for women simply by setting that example of like yes we need comfort yes we need stretch we need artistry and she does such a beautiful job with it and I love that the media is has acknowledged her in such a fabulous way this today's special she and I were talking about it earlier in the week and she was talking about ok Shabbat and tell everybody I've been working on it for a year Oh a lifetime right this is like an accumulation of her art and lifetime achievement and it's still going strong thank goodness she's still just beautifully designing but that is an example of the kind of artist Street would you expect to find that in a jacket at this kind of a by Amy know the different shades of like a variegated lavender and all of those leaves so carefully done now hold on it doesn't just stop there like that would be cool right whole vine style design and it's extremely flattering but also there's so much romance to this this is like a lingerie idea in a denim jacket right don't you love that idea and how feminine that is cost times around and that topic is also available so that's your great option and I love the shades of grey in that and then how many of us love the cherry blossoms right the next thing one that we're gonna be talking about this is our indigo so take a look at the Indigo here because I love the like there's not a swan a crane right right it's it's that that symbol of purity there's your crane in flight look at all the detail it almost looks like it's painted it does that's right this is a mention how it almost pops off the definitely looks like a feather right the wings but that is all that premium embroidery that Diana so famous for and then all of a ghin variegated kind of leaves and the cherry blossoms with the different shades it looks like a painting it really does and those would be like little brushstrokes it's true I mean and I don't want you to think this is some decal that's kind of liar now this is actual embroidery you know expensive that is that look I mean that's a knockout so those two right there that's your indigo shape or excuse me yeah your indigo shade over here is what I'm wearing and then this is what we're calling our chambray shade look at this that going down both arms and in the front isn't that beautiful oh I love this isn't any clever so you've got what Burgundy's sage greens hunter greens gold this one is outselling all the other shades three to one so I don't want you to lose your size tonight definitely go ahead and pick this shade up if you're interested that's what we are calling our indigo no chambray I'm sorry chambray this is your Ambra shade did you see the little butterfly over here isn't that cute little butterfly on your shoulder I'm sort of kissing your shoulder and again stretch to that have you ever seen something like that we're the embroidery is on the sleeves no bow sleeves not just like on one I just like it is like right here we're not talk about the varsity jackets ladies right all the way down and both again you can see right there up on the front look how darling that is on Regina she's wearing that in the black I want to show everybody the black I know we've mentioned it a little bit last hour really it's almost like I'm medallion of flowers in the back exactly isn't that stunning and you've got pink and you've got purple and you've got green you also have white so you can wear this back with white denim so there's a lot to talk about oh and then chiffon color right we have that in the ivory which the white which would be great with those leggings jeggings that you absolutely for they sold out but we do have some more white jeans coming up and there you can see that it's a really dynamic combination of the contrast of blue roses and that lush lush white it's not overly of a bright white there it is see that sturdy so I call that the California Dreaming one whose are so optimistic I love it and a lot of you are buying more than one or actually a lot of you are picking up the top underneath it that you're seeing our ladies wearing and there's two options there there's the ruffle top or you have the chiffon tank it's up to you there 2990 apiece and I think that brings you up to the $99 so you buy those two items you have free shipping and handling so think about that that's a good deal and a lot of you are ordering more than one of the denim jackets good for you because then you're automatically at free shipping and handling share with us what you love about Diane Gilman the number two tau is 186 6 376 8255 almost 3000 of these have been ordered three thousand so where should we start we want to start about the stretch the cut let's start with that black one that you have right there because I just saw it on Renee and I love the way she did that little twirl and in the front it's a lovely black denim jacket right I don't want to call it plain because it's dg2 so you know it's super special but then look at that that's not like you said an emblem plastered on to the jacket that is the special technology and artist of this glorious combination of florals and greenery and then so just a so smart such a smart looking jacket there is a little stitch that's in the pocket so when you get it at home and you're thinking wait a minute I can't put my hands in this pocket there's a little stitch on the inside like with a blazer right right a menswear blazer and so you can just break that in and you get your hand in there but again look at that I mean these are nice deep pockets that you want inside of here and then I love the way that she made this a little bit more feminine with those princess seams which is usually reserved for ball gowns she put them in a denim jacket that has that kind of stretch and I think a lot of us would probably if we found something like this in a boutique we were talking about that a little earlier tonight about how these one-of-a-kind boutiques exist and thank goodness they do because you know artists around the world get to display their their wares but here's something that is made to last you don't have to be precious with it I've already washed all of mine they came out beautifully so no dry-cleaning no dry-cleaning no issues its virtual stretch and then it has all of this workmanship on it so that black if you're a jewel tone girl if you just love florals you love that kind of extra special attention that you get when you wear something terrific oh yeah look at that do not wear that if you do not want to meet new people okay if you are not in the mood to chat and have people ask you where you got your jacket don't wear it because they are going to ask you where did you get that because it's so unusual and so special and it looks like you spent a fortune on it looks like you got it maybe in Vegas and one of those boutiques they absolutely I mean if they're counting on the lucky winners winners exactly or how many of you maybe you know you look at vogue W Magazine Style magazine and you see the big-time designers you know you look at the Dolce Gabbana's you look at the goo cheese you know you look at the Khloe's and they're embroidered details right how expensive you know just a simple shirt is with embroidery in it now you take virtual stretch which truly is a denim phenomenon and then you add all this embroidery to it and this is everything that you're seeing everywhere I mean there it is there's all that embroidery these jackets are thousands of dollars I mean that's that's what's amazing that we're able to go ahead and reinterpret a lot and Diane again giving us comfort built into all of this and then you're just choosing your color so I know we've spent a lot of time on the black this right here this is the chambray and we're gonna show you how to get the look that some of the girls are wearing especially let's go ahead and take a look at get the look on how you can get it to you with missing net and what she's wearing starting off with our virtual stretch today's special that's the chambray shade that is the most popular and your item numbers five eight nine nine six one the easy tank this is also wet Jevons wearing five hundred of you said yes to this extra small through 3x I notice you've got the chiffon layers in the front so again you get coverage without any bulk or any weight you've got the side slits there and the classic stretch boot-cut jeans zero 92054 we're we talking about that a little later on this hour so you can get the look right now all free shipping and handling why because when you go ahead and spend $99 or more you get free shipping gotta love that all right so it is part of our spring fashion edit series here at HSN if you don't have the card going to open one up because when you do that entitles you to an additional flex pay so it's a great way for you to go ahead and shop but now let's get up close and personal with chambray this is the shade that I'm wearing I want everybody to take a look at like you said the beautiful butterfly on this and again stretch I've never seen stretch done and with embroidery and it's not just down one sleeve which by the way look how I rolled that up just to show you you can't do that with other denim you can go ahead and totally roll all this up if you want to it's not getting bulky it's not getting heavy look at that right and it's comfy and it's confidence not binding in its not working against you big you can't do that with norm Brea no no no way No look at that stretch and you can see in the inseam I just wish everybody how these are all finished off you just don't find that you don't find that anywhere especially at this price point you can't tell the inside from the outside right that's amazing decision stitching look at that so this is outselling everything this is what we are calling our chambray that's our lightest shade denim notice how the washer art also done to this and there you can really see the princess seaming and even the banding that she did at the bottom to kind of frame out this denim jacket so that's your chambray and then I don't know I really love the upscale look to this one and that's our indigo that is the indigo which has as we were saying what looks like a painting or it looks like it should be framed right in your home that is all of the intense embroidery the white crane with those cherry blossoms I wanted to show you the bottom as well so it's not just like a little bit this goes all the way down the back of your jacket frame by those princess seams and I understand why so many people are picking up more than one yeah because these have such different personalities there's a mood for them right so sometimes I want to wear this one sometimes I want to feel a little bit more in that white denim jacket mood and what you're gonna find is that you're wearing the art you're wearing art it's true right answers are required thanks your honor the MVP right now of the season and there you can see look how great our girls look in these and again it's a little bit longer by customer request so we Diane did make it a little bit longer I'm really loving the Indigo to me with the cherry blossoms you know the designer that's known for all the cherry blossoms that are used in his work you've got that here gray is now also on fire we'll show you that gray if you love the subtle tones of gray and then again adding that little bit of purple if you're a purple girl moving into spring and summer what's the Pantone color the season ladies absolutely what you've got just the perfect amount of purple going in there and now we're gonna share with you so just yeah I haven't really been talking about this one but I have to say these roses okay in any color would be super spectacular I so loved that she did them in blue to go back with all of our blue jeans of course and wouldn't this be great with the kind of ivory that you have on but look at how all of these have highlights almost like a moonlit right and how it has the different shades almost like when you see the moon reflecting on water that's kind of what this reminds me of I like that with all of those different contrasts in the blue there's I said it before I still mean it there's so much romance to this there's so much like an English garden yes you know that I forget the name of the tea you know the cups yeah is it we're all talking who does the Wedgwood Wedgwood you know that kind of that blue and why exactly I mean it's just spectacular isn't it this oh she could have just ended here right but she brought it all the way down and back up so it's that same thing we saw earlier with the tassels it along gates the torso she has all of the specialty buttons of course the dg2 very subtle with the way the buttons are done specialty buttons like you know Diane never scrimps on anything it is always full tilt never dumbed down always extra.