DG2 by Diane Gilman Virtual Stretch Printed Denim Jacket

of dg2 this is the printed denim jacket it's only 66 dollars and 43 cents which is insane and honestly I saw you in the hole the other day wearing one of the jackets and I was like I just love that jacket I love that jacket and then the viewers will like seeing Victoria and the yellow one doing it I just love it let me do the colors right away so you guys can start ordering this is red floral white so there's the red floral right we also have it for you in the red right here which has coral to it as well as your blues and your greens and they all do have a smidge of black so you can't wear them with your black here's the one Victoria has been rocking with these gorgeous cranes on the very artful called yellow floral and pop that collar it's gonna stay up and then this is the one that I have on which is the chambray stripe with I'm just gonna flip it around so you can see the Cascade of the flowers in the back and the stripes vertical thank you very much Diane giving us that really great slenderized look and then Helen you have that Paisley on which is so very floral I think and what is this one called again that I was just holding chambray strike thank you oh my gosh I love this I love it and that's wearing it as well I mean I I do have a couple of jean jackets but I don't have anything like this I don't have anything with by the way I grabbed the one on the rack and it's a size small I usually wear a medium so I'm just shutting but still you know if you could just see the stretch you know I would probably go up a size as I was buying it for myself but you guys couldn't see and I undid the buttons and rolled it up a little bit I mean cute I love this because it's like a classic with a twist exactly yeah and you don't see anything like it and this is all exclusive and Catherine do we have we don't have as many as eases we would have jeans or something right oh okay yeah no we don't have a lot because I was gonna say this is limited do you think collar popped or not I like it both ways I like it both ways and you couldn't I mean you could wear this over like a shift dress yeah and like make it kinda and we're a little pair of sneakers with a maxi dress on dresses me but yeah you get the coverage yes well the cute just you know what a great topper like this they're very hard to find there's true personality here they're lovely and with all the other tops they probably already own as well as the ones from this season from dg2 there are a great new twin set really ultimately because you can just wear them indoors there that special it's not like it's an outerwear piece what's your favorite okay so Catherine our producer is yellow floral I think I like the white I'm digging the red yeah I know they all have like different personalities they really do and I think the one that I'm wearing is gonna be the most versatile I think you could wear it with every gene thing you have some white t-shirt white tank you know whatever and you're gonna look great all the blues yeah all the blues you know if you're trying to figure out how to wear yellow okay you need to wear it with the way we're showing to you in that video but also the way we're showing it with other yellow tops and the black and the white and then you two over there just look like you're ready for some sweet tea on the porch and right then be gonna go to sort of the local art festival and meet up with friends and do you love the stretch this is a virtual stretch jacket okay so last year in the springtime there was that embroidered virtual stretched jacket today's special and I'm mentioning that not to send you deep into regret if you missed it but if you were lucky enough to select it that same kind of stretch is memorable like all of my denim jackets I want to be just like that virtual stretch and this is that same fabric is this a real pocket or faux pocket on the side I'm so glad you asked that so here it is it's gonna be stitched into place just like in the back with those Blazers there were those crowds ah did you just put your hand in there and just we're a little little pair of scissors just be careful we're like a seam ripper seam ripper right okay cuz I've put my hand and I go okay this is sewn does that mean it's not a real pocket it is a real it's just it comes a little bit tacked closed and these are real I know these are like real pockets too but so cute so cute and stretchy and comfortable $16.

60 to get home and you know usually we never jean jackets ooh she's doing with her arms like that usually can't do that there's no stretch across the back and it just feels very kind of uncomfortable so what you do is either buy a really huge one or you buy a little one that is kind of uncomfortable the bolero that right right one that's like why did I bother why did I bother why did I bother but this is by the way on sale it was 73 it's now 66 43 for our show 4 flex pay $16.

65 ekend I just think that you know so many people are buying white jeans and then that would look so cute and the easy tank that she's wearing is available I would grab that easy tank and that whole outfit which is amazing it's so adorable and it's it's like oh that's a jean jacket but look at the florals in it so and it's it's not the florals on that one is not covered in florals they're placed yes so it's very easy to wear it's almost abstract and then you get close to when you realize oh it's floral you know you know what you have here is art once again these are very special very highly selected sought-after designs that are truly wearable and lots of tops that we have go right back to them and I'd love I'd love to show the easy tank that Regina is wearing so that launched here at HSN as.