DG2 DipDyed Jean Jacket with SnapOn Hood

when Diane Gilman says I love this jacket you're going to love this you know i'm not a big denim jacket girl because i always think manhattan is harsher more Sid ified but I'll tell you something the fit on this is fabulous I love turning up the sleeves and

seeing the contrast underneath that's fascinating to me as well but what I really love that is is you have got a French terry hoodie with yet more texture to it and if you are not in the mood to wear the hoodie this is what it is what this

is the magic who cares just take it out it simply snaps out so this is an indigo heather beautiful the French terry is so soft I happen to love it with the hoodie but on days when you don't want to wear that or you want to wear maybe

one of our cashmere turtleneck underneath it do that I've got side entry pockets I take a size 4 gene but I carry all my weight here please don't do a close-up on that so I like to take this in a medium and I'll tell you something it really

is a cut above when it and no pun intended but a cut above you know there are so many days also when I don't want to carry an umbrella and it's snowing or it spitting rain or ice and you just put that little hoodie just put it on

over your hair save your do and have a great day and if you are someone and I see now so many women who love jean jackets wear them in the summertime with a sundress wear them with the matching jeans this does for the ladies that love matching give

you that opportunity for head-to-toe effect but yeah you can take your hoodie down now thank you and then if you could just turn around will show the hoodie in the back okay gorgeous is that yeah change it oh look completely Lee and I love the fact that because

we used an indigo dye on the hoodie as well you get that effect going but this is so easy to take care of so beautifully accomplished and here you have it in the chambray that's what I have on mm-hmm here it is in the white I gotta have

it I like because actually I'm shy in person I like to wear clothes that or a talking point so people come up to me I can't go up to people I'm too scared there's a weird isn't it I know I'm perfectly comfortable talking to a camera lens on

TV and all of you out there but if I meet my friends in a bar or restaurant I can't be the first one I cannot be standing there by myself it weird but so I like to wear talking points and this jean jacket gives you a talking point

because of the finish that beautiful dip dye because of the hoodie because of all the indigo that's captured in the seeming area and the buttonholes that's brand you know something the fit on this I think is actually better than our classic jean jacket we made it a little

more generous we made it a little bit longer I feel really comfortable in it and I feel very secure in it because it covers that our girls are tall but I'm five six and a half five seven and it covers my whole tummy area covers a little bit

of my derriere so you see my one we're closed I've really that whole danger zone is really taken care of and then again each and every one of them individual and you could even be wearing this jacket and be wearing it with a pair of our solid indigo

jeans skinny or bootcut and you would have a fabulous look so no you can wear texture on the top and solid indigo on the bottom as well and by the way extremely limited half of our quantity is gone actually this is the first airing and so I do

you are in last night we sold 650 of them really ordered it that we have very few left so Express ordering if you can and you still have a shot at it but we will start losing colors very versed and we ain't no I love showing it on

the models because I love you to see the