DG2 Grommet and Stud Denim Moto Jacket

41 check it's off the land I can do with a car my couch that's right hello and we're talking about something that is wrinkle resistant it's cool to touch I love slinky stick around we'll have a presentation but we had to show you that because that has been

crazy second that you really do luck I do to your favorites in the show yeah it is i was this was something i was going to put on as well i absolutely live has the off-center zipper it's a stretch material i love the antique studs here and it

also again the princess cut i think it's so smart to have that princess cut because it brings in you know the shape of your body it is so nice and is very cool up here it has that moto feel you know like you're on the back of the

bike collar yeah I do too a collar oh my gosh i'm sure not both like the pop our collars I just think it's it just adds a little something did I say Quan right this is cool so you've got all these embellishments but there is nothing loud or

ostentatious or too much this isn't necessarily a special event jacket but you can make it special of course because everything is kind of monotone on this one you've got your antiques grommets you've got your circles you've got your plane kind of studs if you will so you've kind

of got both mixed up together you know your your dark brown zipper and here's great I pockets I can do pockets and everything I own I love on the puzzle sides and then the stretch look at this it just could be worn with hello yeah I'd like the

tank top you have or you know what do they look really cool the white blouse coming out of it too I just like you yeah I'm Himalayan gems like necklace you're wearing that old liquidity okay so there's one that's the brown and then check out the block totally

different front zipper all your embellishments in a really cool pattern right here in the front no pockets on this one which is neat by the way you've got your full kind of denim style so you have a hero you can see that so it just buttons unbuttoned so

this is what i'd like to do too i just want to say this you want to roll it up kind of have that kind of cuff look you can do that and just let it let it hang or push kind of your up as we say just kind

of you know do one of these numbers why not but then check the patterns totally totally different you know you've got your kind of metal you've got your kind of gun metal and hematite colors so again it all is kind of tonal so it's not wow look at

me here I come in the room and the price to get a jacket like this for less than thirty dollars to add to any of your wardrobe is just it's just a great price in two flex at 1498 that's true and look how great it looks so you

can wear it with with you know just having the show the neckline or you can wear it with a blouse or we see like the tank top underneath there's no kinetic they're so cute in that durable you know something about a dg2 denim jacket that we women we

go crazy over you first of all yes at 6000 k 2 flex love it but when you're getting that stretch blend you've got cotton you've got the rainbow polyester and you've got everything you love by the way I'm going to start give you some details on the brown

at first because this one is about 26 inches in the length just you know and as Karen mentioned it does have an asymmetrical zip on the front the antique gold tone and the grommets you've got the studs you've got your guts not just collar if you will you

know so it yeah exactly see how you've got that notch collar right in there so it'll stand up if you want to lay it down it does that just as beautifully you've got your pockets here in the front you can roll it up if you want to do

that this one you're going to roll up this is a nice zipper on that it's very cool it has a little bit of a kind of almost bell sleeve I love that because this look really great was in my jeans but so want this Jack shopping only you

are working right now it's my phone I need to know by my phone or any shot of expression system every want your coffee black or hear the message like Jackie Thank dollars remember that yeah this reminds you thinkin oh you did a throwback it's not even Thursday Wednesday