DIY Detachable Sleeve Button Down Denim Jacket Upcycle!

Hi everyone.

I'm Angelina and this isBlueprintDIY when we remake our clothes to be just as unique is us.

I am superexcited for today's video because this is the first video in round 2 of theupcycle games.

And it's basically where I just put out a list of different things you guys have sent me as well as some things that I you know think thatyou guys would want to see.

And I let you guys vote on what you want to see me do.

So for each set I always give my members first pick and the members picked numberone.

I am super excited to do this because if you guys remember when I didmy runway inspiration videos everybody wanted to see me do this sweater withthe buttons that come off the shoulder.

So if you were interested in that thenthis is the same technique to do that.

So I'm super excited that you guys pickedthis one.

So let's get into it.

I have this denim jacket.

I went thrifting forthe first time after everything that's going on in the world and it was alittle odd but I was able to find this one.

Optimally what you want is a men'sdenim jacket that is bigger than you because then those shoulders will bewider than you need.

And you'll have enough fabric to do everything you need.

So I would say like at least two sizes bigger than you would be optimal.

For meall I found was this and so I'm gonna work with it.

I actually it was actuallya little bit bigger than I needed it to be but then I washed it.

So that lets youknow that this quality of jacket is not a good quality denim jacket.

But I'mgonna work with it.

And I think that I can make it look really nice and you know a lot like our inspiration picked by the end.

So I have an extra piece ofdenim here from something that I cut off.

You can see it's the leg of a pair ofjeans and it's the closest match that I have to this.

I don't have a whole lot ofdark denim but we're gonna work with it.

And you will also notice that I took offthe buttons of my cuffs.

I wanted to make sure before I goton camera that I was able to do that and able to teach you guys how to do it in afairly simple way.

If you've ever tried to take off a denim button you know thatthat is a very tough nut to crack.

But I'm gonna show you a simple hackrelatively simple hack to get them off.

Alright the first thing we're going todo is I'm gonna show you how to remove denim button.

I can't actually lose anymore buttons because I only ordered 20.

So I would actually recommend orderingat least 30 buttons for this if you're going to replace your buttons.

but I havethis that I'm just going to it's all cut up denim those overalls that I made thisout of.

And actually this.

And I just have a little bit left over.

I'm justgonna take this button off of here.

Here are some of the tools that I'musing I have a pair of needle nose pliers.

It doesn't matter what kind ofpliers.

Actually this is a wire cutter.

Ten snips And you're also need ahairdryer.

these buttons have a cover.

This cover if you turn it over you can see there's a little edge where the cover you know is on there.

So you wantto take that little edge part and do your best to lift it up to see if youget oh that was pretty easy to see if you can pop it off .

Alright so thenpopped off actually fairly easy.

Now there's this plastic part this plasticpart is what is holding the metal piece the rivet in there and then they holdvery well but it's plastic so that means that heat can soften this plastic andallow it to be removed.

Okay I just wanted to let you guys know that Iwasn't able to remove these buttons because this plastic seems like it'sjust really brittle.

It could be because these jeans are vintage but I just really want to show you guys how I remove the two sleeve buttons on my jacket.

I use the tin snips to cut away the excess metal so that I can get tothe plastic piece.

I use the pliers to lift up the plastic and then heat it the plastic with a blow-dryer.

After a few minutes I use the pliers to pull the plastic loose from the metal piece but be careful after using the blow-dryer because the the metal will be hot just like the plastic will be.

So like I said for this actual button the plastic kept breaking off butif you have any other ideas for getting the plastic off put it in the comments to help everyone else out if their button is stubborn like this one.

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Alright let's get back to the video.

Alright so here is myjacket I have laid it flat buttoned it all the way up to make sure that I can get you know like everything is lined up because we're getting ready to cut now.

Like I said if your jacket is bigger than you and you were able to find a men's one.

Then when you cut you're just gonna cut and fold under and add yourbuttonholes, your denim buttons, and your pretty much done.

This is a little bit different of a process which I'm kind of grateful for because you knowdoing the easiest way wouldn't help those of you who couldn't find the men'sjacket.

So what I'm going to use as a guide.

I'm actually going to make sure that I don't cut these weird.

So my goal is to cut just a couple not inches just a little ways away from these lines here.

So I'm a little bit nervous aboutcutting but we're gonna do it anyway right.

That's our motto.

I'm gonna use my sliver of soap today because I'm working with something dark.

So now actually at the shoulder you may want to when you get up to the shoulderangle it a little bit so that because actually this is the back part of the jacket.

So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna angle that.

Alright so now we can beginto cut.

Alright so now what we're gonna do is flip flop turn it inside out andswitch sides.

Alright so we have our extra piece of denim and what we basically want to do is make sure we cut it with the grain for the very first cut.

Then because I just have so little of this.

I'm just going to divide it into two to make sure that in the end I have four equal strips.

This is what I end up with.

Since this is pretty much all I have from thedenim that closely matches my jacket.

I'm actually going to use some other denimthat's going to turn under you're.

You're not really going to see it.

It's gonna be turned under with the other side of the button.

So I'm gonna take all my pieces lay them good side the good side and sew them across at the top then we can start pinning them to the jacket so that we can getthem sewn to the jacket.

Alright so when I get to the end what I'm gonna do is just fold it in so that the edge of this fold matches the end.

Alright so we havethis piece ready and we can go ahead and sew it down along the edge.

Alright somebody asked me when would you ever need to go through ten layers of denimand I want to show you that this is where.

This is where the pocket was sothat's like one two three four.

Oh this flat felled seam is at least four that's eight nine ten eleven layers.

So we're gonna see if it goes through.

I don't know if it will because it's so concentrated and then a lot of stitchesin there but we're gonna see.

Boom baby! So once we get that side pin wecan go ahead and sew that as well.

Alright so let's talk about this for amoment.

So far I've been doing everything with my brother strong and tough.

If you don't have an industrial sewing machine and you are working with a jacket thatis your size or maybe a little bit tad bit too small.

What we did on this side Iwill actually do it on this side and I would fold just this on top of this andyou won't have to do what I am about to do.

So basically what I need to do nextis I need to fold everything this part over because what mine is gonna do ismine is gonna button on top of the actual jacket.

The reason I say that isif you only have a domestic machine like a Brother Strong & Tough or Singer heavy-duty this next part like this seam needs to be foldedover and sewn and there is no way I mean I can't even barely sew it fold it overand there's no way that a domestic sewing machine is gonna go through that.

So yeah that's just a quick tip for those of you who are working with adomestic sewing machine and you don't have an industrial one.

And I'm also going todo a top stitch for this as well.

I'm gonna fold this seam back.

And then I'm actually gonna do two fake ones just to make this look like I wanted to look.

I'm gonna do one on the edge.

One closer to the this inside seam righthere that it's really good.

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Alright so we are back we've done with all that top stitching as best we can.

So this side is going to have buttonholes and this side is gonna have the actualbuttons so I need to mark off.

I only have 10 buttons for each side so I needto mark off so that you know there's enough buttons like I said you guysorder about 26 buttons or buy about twenty six buttons so make sureyou have enough.

Alright so I have the denim button in the back of the button halland I'm going to do it on a test piece first.

I always like to test mybuttonholes because I don't trust them.

that's just me.


Alright so only 20 more to go.

Alright so we have that set we want to put the button thing down again push it back to reset it and let's see if this works.

Alright look who's getting good at buttonholes this girl.

Like I said in the last video we're gonna do this little trick we're gonna add a pin at the top of the buttonhole and then when you seam rip itopen you won't go past.

Now that buttonhole is open 19 more to go.

Alright so we have all of our buttonholes in place and I have my bag of denim buttons and they have one side that is a rivet.

One side that accepts the rivet sobasically I just want to line everything up.

You are going to need a mallet forthis and because this is through so many layers of them I'm actually gonna haveto cut a hole this is an awl awl.

Alright so we have our rivet in the denim and wejust take this place it on top.

Oh you don't want to press our hand down into that rivet that is for sure.

There we go.

I also need to do the sleeves.

I'm actually just gonna switch it eventhough you know you can tell that it's supposed to be this way.

It's a little bit weird but I am still gonna switch the button to this side youdon't have to do that but you can if you like.

Alright so now I can button mysleeves so the button goes to the outside.

Alright so let's see how it turned out.

I absolutely love this and my thing isis like for something like this.

I wouldn't put the buttons on it and thenalways have it button that makes no sense.


I could have just left it as aregular jacket or turn it inside out and just sewn it to get that 2-tone lookwhich you can absolutely do.

I absolutely love the idea of this I lovehow it looks I love how its styled.

I'm just crazy about stuff like this youguys know that I'm crazy about stuff like this which is why I put it on the runway inspiration video in the first place.

So let me know in the comments If you guys are digging this if you like the way Istyled it and how you would do yours.

I can think of so manyvariations you instead of doing buttons up the front and back you can lace highit um you could add you can add buttons like regular buttons you can add snapsyou can like I said you could use the same technique and do it on a sweater ora t-shirt or whatever you want to do.

Oh yeah so many ideas are just flooding soI can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

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I'll see you in the next one bye.