G by Giuliana Denim Jacket

exactly so we started the hour with Giuliana wearing one of the brand new denim jackets from the collection and they're here at a featured price so almost $10 off today versus later and we have this for you in you order this by the print so there's palm there's flower or their star I'm going to put that right there so it's bright it's about what's on the sleeve so this is the star and a darker indigo we've got the flower which is done in like a mid wash as is the palm palm is the most popular this is what Giuliana just slipped into and we do have matching jeans coming up in a second check this out we're seeing so much head-to-toe now it was a time when people were like little nervous about wearing head-to-toe this is so cool we're so cool head-to-toe everywhere so I just I love love love this top love this top you know what's really cool about it too is so if you have a denim jacket at home this is not your typical denim jacket it almost feels like the silhouettes almost more of like a shirt do you know what I mean it's got like kind of that more like shirt cut you're right it's definitely more of a jackets but that's what's cool about it is like if you have a denim jacket at home this is quite different than your typical denim jacket not just the print but also the cut of it as well you are so right I didn't even notice it until I saw it on your behind it doesn't have it's not quite as tight-fitting in the mid section yeah isn't it so it snaps it snaps yep and it's really really cute and so it's really up to you which which one to get because they're all really cool whether it's the Stars or the palm or the floral and as you can see with everything we've been showing tonight whether it's the maxi dress which we all love with or it's the jogger which you're seeing here in the petite it really just is that great layering piece and once again just always trying to take things up a notch and bring out new design so it's not just always like every collection here's your denim jacket here's our denim jacket with a different print this is actually a very different silhouette for me and really in the world of denim jackets it's very different it's so true I mean a genom is pretty much always the same with maybe just a little different embellishment here or there but it's the whole fit of this the length is 22 it's a 98 cotton 2% span machine wash tumble dry and this is a numeric order so zero through 16 and then 16 women's through 24 women's it's just a matter of if you want the dark wash you'd want to go with the star if you like the medium wash is there's two choices one is flower and one is palm and what Giuliana is wearing right now is the palm so it's just fun and it's a print that just it's like a cool print it's almost like it's been dyed out of the the indigo it almost seems like that right it's really really cool and I love to you know sometimes denim jackets and denim tops can be kind of stiff you know and uncomfortable but this is actually nice and soft it's got really nice stretch to it as well which I love and you don't always see in denim any chances look I got to be going yes exactly exactly it's got stretch it's nice it's very very comfortable it just fits like I don't know like you don't even know it's funny it doesn't fit like any other denim jacket that I think I've ever worn because it's just so incredibly comfortable the back is cool too you've got kind of a yoke design on the back maybe there you go thanks so much Tabitha for showing it's a really cute little detail so it's very classic on one level but it's so much more modern on another because it's done first of all with snaps double snaps on both on the wrists the fun print on the elbows I love this I just think that is so rock and roll yeah and then it's got functioning pockets on the front as well so enjoy yours on a flex its $23.

32 add another if you have an HSN card it's a little more than $17 to get yours delivered and at that point you have the whole 30 days try it on wash it if you'd like make sure you're thrilled with it before you decide to keep it which of course I know you will because Giuliana's line is just one of our very most popular successful fashion lines that we offer in fact I think it's Teresa on facebook saying I love you Giuliana I always know I will spend lots of money when you're there but it's all worth it what in general was touching on this before who called in and I've talked about this too with just what I wear it's a I still wear those great jackets from years ago beginning and I'm still designing similar.