G by Giuliana Ultra Luxe Jean Jacket

perfectly it really is you know and just seeing her stand on the set everything created and inspired by the incredible alice through the looking glass which will be in theaters tomorrow everything that we are sharing with you is created and inspired by the movie i want to talk about the jacket that i am wearing now because we love Giuliana for a lot but we love her especially for your jackets they are amazing incredibly they have this incredible tailored feel and a great transitional piece to add to your wardrobe oh my goodness by the way I'm just I was the words 89 90 we are about to come out of my mouth this was just an additional ten dollar so it's 7990 it is brand-new it is the first time that you are seeing this ultra luxe amazing jacket three colors for you to choose from I'm wearing it in the bright white how perfect is this I have a feeling that is going to be the most popular right now I'm looking at it on you and I'm like I need to be wearing that one I just got it the other day for the first time but how awesome is this jacket I love it and then we have the coral which is called your Tuscan coral this is such a big color it continues to be a big color and then how about the sexy black 23 inches in the length order this extra extra small through 3x but brand-new brand-new this is the first time we are showing it and we don't have a lot of them but yes we have this great event price at 7990 what a great alternative to a denim jacket I would say it looks like a denim jacket but it has this incredible feel too that's right and a lot of people have been picking up I just debuted actually earlier of my denim jacket the first time I've never done a denim jacket but I love this because some women you know yes they love denim jackets and you know they'll save them for something a little more casual but this is really nice because you can really dress this up you know it's something she's such a great piece it's a sort of piece that you probably don't have in your closet right now and that is when we are always trying to do here bring you unique pieces I don't want you to be watching right now going we'll have something exactly like that yeah right yes so what I love is this is very unique it is this faux leather it is beautiful it's really you know this ultra luxe it's got a little bit of stretch in it love love love this jacket yeah it really is this perfect faux leather that is got this gorgeous Sheen to it it really elevates your style I'm loving again the white and this for me is perfect because I'm the person that pops a denim jacket on top of everything year-round I came in today wearing a denim jacket on top of my maxi dress this is a perfect alternative because it is not bulky it is beautifully tailored you can judge the sleeves a little bit as you can see britt has done you can pop the collar a little sass going on right there I love the white look with a pair of sunglasses a little white top yes I mean come on that is so perfect for spring summer at once again for traveling for running around during the day you know for going out at night that white is so fresh you know so fresh and ladies you love your moto jackets but they don't feel appropriate right now in the warm weather is a great lightweight alternative moto jacket so it does everything checks every box and that your moto jacket checks except it is lightweight and it just feels really fresh for spring and summer these are the pieces that are never hanging up in your closet there are always with you you're always wanting that let that little something to cover your arms when you're going into a restaurant when you're going to see the movie in the theater tomorrow it's always cold in the theater is true that perfect accessory that like a cardigan this is how you'll wear that wearing this back on top of your maxi dress wearing this on top of all of your sleeveless things I love to if you're going for more of a business look you're wearing the today's special slack you've got them you've got a meeting and you want an alternative to a blazer something a little bit more funky a little fresher this is perfect for that as well yeah it is i mean there's really so much this jacket can do and that's a really really you know that's always a goal of mine when I'm designing closed because I know that women you know we have so many things going on we don't just do one thing okay do a lot and then things come up during the day and you need to be able to adapt quickly and be agile so what I love is having clothes that are agile with you that are flexible with you and so pieces like this are so cool you know you can wear this with you know the most casual of outfits but then really dress it up put on a great pair of you know black jeans at night you know one of the fun pants that we showed you the TS and you pop the collar roll the sleeves up and get ready to go and what is great about this is it gives you such a flattering silhouette it is not boxy it is not square it's got princess seaming that really do create the illusion of just that feminine silhouette that we all that we all want it's lightweight again so this is a we're now look and I want to talk about the price again because this will be after our big event today this will go up twenty dollars to 99 dot 90 it is 7990 for you today it is twenty dollars on your charge card for you to get it home and try it for yourself how good this looks gorgeous I just so loving this I think can you see what I'm talking about with those great princess Cummings in the back isn't he is it easy to tell on the breakaway no you can see it on the bright white yeah absolutely and look it just gives you the most beautiful shape you know I love it it's a little shorter in the back it comes a little more of the front you know it just gives you such a great shape and that's the other thing too is it does that you know you can have a great fabrication you can have you know a great design but you really want to give women you really want to work with women's bodies and listen to women and see what do they want more of what do they want less of an I think what's great about this jacket is it's super cool it's very unique I know fun but it gives you just when you put it on your going to go wow oh I just love the way my body looks amazing that is and it's so difficult to find things especially jackets where you say that because again you put on a lot of jackets and it's boxy you don't feel like a room it is very flattering at all well I think that you're going to get so much versatility out of the white so a lot of us are loving that order extra extra small through 3x we do as of right now have all of the sizes available for you you can order it in the black which I mean just fabulous timeless with an incredible modern feel and then of course the bright white is what i am wearing it is 23 inches in the length it's got four percent spandex in it which allows you to bend your elbows which allows you to be able to pick up the kids of the grandkids or drive the car because you don't feel like you're you know stick which there is nothing worse than that so absolutely what's nice is there is that little bit of stretch in it but you would never tell when someone is wearing it you've ever done when someone's wearing it it looks like very fitted very sophisticated but it does have a little bit of stretch just because I know like me you're busy you're picking up a four-year-old may be right still wants to be picked up all the time like Duke you know can you can walk you picked up but it's amazing and you got to do that because he will get to an age where he does not want mommy picking you up or holding his hands right so I definitely take advantage of all that right now but anyway but I'm busy you know I'm in my car a lot i'm driving so i need to be comfortable i'm picking up my son getting groceries we are doing so much during the day now and we just need clothes that work with us and move with us and our agile like we are now we're constantly doing different things and things are popping up during the day oh wait okay oh gosh I forgot we had dinner plans tonight you just want easy pieces that you can throw a ha yes and that you're you know good to go you don't have to give it any thought I honestly I'm not kidding since I started designing this collection a few years ago I am not kidding you and I love fashion and I love clothes right but it has gotten so much easier for me just waking up in the morning getting dressed it's just easier because I have pieces like this that just has live in the front of my closet and every day is ok I'll do I'll do this pant you know this TS pant which is so simple I've been wearing my tias pants every day and then I'm going to throw the cute little jacket over it you know it's just so easy exactly and that is what when you can have so much versatility these are the key pieces that allow you to take those maxi dresses into the cooler nights or inside anything that you know sleeveless and when it is unique I love that this is not a jacket that maybe every girl walking down the street is going to have that's right i get the law comment on it is so cute like i'm looking at it on you obsessed with it on you look so pretty on our models but i love this white on you carry thank you do the same thing extra extra small through 3x is how you're going to order this use hsn.

com if you would like to just you know click on the color that you want click on the size and check out that is the easiest way for you to shop it is on flexible payments for you today so it's only 19 dot 98 cents and of course you've got a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee when you're shopping with us so that means you get to get it home and try it on in your house it with the other things in your closet that you love how you're going to wear this and you love it or you send it back for a refund worry free so you're ordering the bright white if you love this crisp great summertime it's the perfect summertime lightweight jacket oh it really is whether you're getting the bright white whether you're doing the coral or if you're doing the black and don't forget you know yes it's summer which means warm weather outside but you know when it's summer everyone blares the AC inside so whether you're going to a restaurant you know whether you're going somewhere indoors on movie theaters you were mentioning to go see alice through the looking glass you know you definitely at least i do i like to travel with something that is easy to travel with that doesn't wrinkle that i can keep in my car throw my bag you know my tote I could just fold this and put in my tote doesn't wrinkle and then put it on when you are in one of those situations where it's a little chillier and you go into a restaurant or a movie theater or just any really anywhere indoors especially here in Florida yeah exactly please everywhere in our Center is freezing it's to offset the outside there we go but you know doesn't help I'm getting dressed in the morning because now I gotta dress / you know the freezing cold but no but is why it is just so simple to have you know where your great summer outfit but always have something that you can throw it on top just in case exactly that is lightweight you can wear year-round you were talking about moto jackets can be too heavy too warm not something that's year-round you've already packed those away for the warmer months this is not that we want you to think of this as a jean jacket like it you know my jean jacket is 360 days for me I'm always more excuse me every day of the year I'm wearing nothing in 360 degrees every day thank you I cut myself no that's what counts is my job myself this is every day of the year for me as far as a jean jacket and these are this is the same feel this is that topper that I don't walk out the front door as I have it with me and what science is the way you're wearing one of these you're wearing this small and where the smile yeah so I think these are definitely true to size or just really depending on how you want to wear this if you're planning on never buttoning it up which a lot of women don't button up these this type of jacket then you can do true to size or even a size smaller if you want just something a little fitted don't worry if the sleeves come up a little bit you can roll them up but that is also like a cool look I know it is cool like that little more fitted almost like shrunken look and super cute especially in a denim jacket or ultra luxe luxe jean jacket so that's cool too the one thing I would say is just don't go up in size you know what I mean because I think that suddenly it starts to become a little bag this really is meant to feel a little to look a little more fitted I don't want to say feel because there is stretch and it doesn't feel fitted but you know it is really that cool look so you pop the collar and you got this great look and women of all ages can enjoy this look especially a woman who says you know what I think I'm too old to wear a denim faded denim jacket you know and with distress you can feel that quality or features in it and that's why this is beautiful because you're still getting that feel of a denim jacket right but any age can wear this obviously we're loving this there's 1500 left wow that's it stay where you are extra extra small through 3x there's your coral there's your bright white and there is the black they fit true to size it's nineteen dollars and 98 cents on your charge card it's an additional flexible payment if you use your HSN card by the way oh and by the way we are doing by more and free during our big event so please know you're only going to pay your full price shipping and handling one time as you're shopping with us and once you do that everything else is going to be free on your shipping and handling so if you've already picked up the today's special you're getting that Jack free shipping and handling now we are very excited to have original costumes from disney's alice through the looking glass here on our set this is one of the actual Alice costumes worn by Alice in the movie it's a gorgeous lavender organza oriental top that Alice brought back from her travels based on a period for China and like all the costumes in the movie it's from Academy award-winning designer Colleen Atwood she was actually here last night to debut her jewelry collection check it out on hsn.

com very limited quantities but it was fabulous we.