How to buy winter jacket? + What to PACK for winter !! BUY SMART + BEST JACKET for SNOW !!!

what's up guys isn't it getting cold yesit is I am traveller and today in this video I will tell you what kind of ajackets that you can bring which won't be weighing down your luggage while youare traveling to Europe for study as expat or purpose of just travel

in order not to make this video reallylong so I will be making three videos for the jacket and in this video I willbe showing only the casual jackets all-purpose jackets or the daily wearjackets that you can bring with you while you are coming to Europe or anyother Western

countries where it will be probably very very coldthe jackets that will be shown in this video will help you to survive in allsort of winter temperatures and will also help you not to carry extraaccessories gloves anything and it will be completely self sufficient on its own Iwill be

taking you through the jackets that I will already have it and I willbe telling you that what kind of jackets you probably need while you'rein Europe and at what temperature and for what purpose the jacket that I willbe showing here actually works really well for me as a

international personliving in Europe as a traveler hopefully it will work for you guys as well if incase you have any type of suggestions or comments please – comment down below andthis latest favorite jacket you might bethinking that it's so very bulky yes you are right this type of

jacket actuallyworks really good while it's a snowing outside or it's raining or the weatheris very windy so I'm talking about the weather that you can experience whileyou are in Germany especially or in some cooler part and and also it was inLondon though it's very casual and I have

a heard and seen people overthere very very classy and sophisticated style but at the same time I think this jacket apart from being very sporty and casual it actually works for all sortof occasions it's a puffed jacket which has a bomber type of sleeves as you cansee

here in the sleeve it has a nice knitted closure so that the wind is notentering from there now to talk about the jacket features Iwill divide it into the functionality and the face or aesthetic values notonly about the functionality of this jacketthis fleece has a really nice closure

to stop the rain from entering inside ithas the nice proper filling which actually gives you warm and stops eventhe waterproof material outside helps you to remain dry and if you have thisjacket you really don't need a hat you can actually cover it nicely with thehood so the best

part of this jacket what what I think that the jockey shouldhave which makes it really best is that after you wear a jacket you should notneed any gloves or hat besides this accessories should become secondary options ratherthan being primary to stop you from getting cold so yeah here

you can seethat I can easily put the hood here and it has a nice drawstring over herethrough which you can actually adjust it properly around your face so that it'snot getting cold and as you can see only my lips and nose is visible rest of thepart of my

whole face is covered inside it and the not so far around its edgenot only gives it a face value but moving on to the next features that ithas nice side pockets little zip if in case you're not using you can zip it upotherwise you can always keep your

hands inside to keep it more multi-function asafety feature I like this jacket once you have zipped it upit gives you an illusion as if you are wearing a layer if you are seeing a brooch just forget about it because this is what I have made it and I

always doit with all the type of jacket that I have so just ignore that thing apartfrom then I think the far the five detailing which actually gives theillusion of color because once you lose it from this side if it has a black it'sactually giving you are – shape

so if it not only cinching your waist but alsogiving that illusion of being slim because white actually makes you lookbroader but this small details on the side really helps you a lot to look in shapeeven if while you are wearing this puffed jacket which has made me look

waymore fat at a time functional details that it has a secret zip here so you cankeep your food your money over here this is how you can protect them from wind, rain or robbery this was my first jacket and now moving on to another -to wrap up i

think this is quite good if you're wearing it belowzero degree Celsius especially while you are going for sports obviouslythere is always a chance of it getting dirty but you can fix it by using acolor correct or bleach and it just goes away now moving on to my secondthis

is not that favorite to me because it's something very basic and I thinkeveryone should have it in their wardrobe the main purpose of having thistype of jacket is that you can wear it at all timesthis jacket is from Puma which actually has the heat intact technology I don'tknow

for functional feature what I really like about this jacket is thatit's really thin it has a adjuster here so that itcan make your waist cinch and not giving you a straight flat look the the other featureis that it has loops at the front closure and the zip both

there are timesthat in winters you are quite confused whether you need to zip it up or youjust have to leave it open maybe sometimes you even want in caseit's windy you want to close it as well so for that purpose having a loopsreally work well and this is

what I like about this jacket now after closing thatbutton you can see that how well it's giving me an hourglass shape and thesleeves it does not have same the narrow feature like my first jackethad but it's quite compact and fitted and again it has this side pocket to

keepyour palms the best feature I liked about is thatbecause of its heat intact technology it keep your body five degreewarmer than the usual jacket which means that you don't really have to investinto the puffed fuller jackets I think that for the travelers packing this typeof jacket inside their

luggage won't be weight it a lot because trust me it'sreally lightweight about the hood though it's not that fitted enough but but after zipping it up nicely you cansee that your face is now pretty tucked inside this jacket sometimesalso need a hat but definitely you don't need any

mufflerso it's solving both the purpose you don't really need any gloves because ithas a side pocket and for the Hat it actually covers it perfectly but youmight need to cover your ears because it's slightly open from here otherwiseyou don't need any muffler so yes I give it a

4 star the first jacket gets the 5star and this is getting only 4 stars but I think it really works wellbut I think that it's all the time favorite because it's in black you canwear it with any attire and you can wear it in any occasion it has

awaterproofing material which you probably need in Europe because it'sraining most of the time and it's windy it even has a secret pocket inside likethat jacket but it does not have a zip in that jacket it had zip to wrap upabout these casual jackets that you can take while

you are traveling to Europeor some of the tips that I would like to give you it is that first of all itshould cover your face properly it should not need any extra mufflers orany gloves the side pockets should solve purpose of it and it should have ahigher zip

and other is hidden pocket inside and if you are a girl you shouldhave like a more clinched weight so that you are also looking quite snazzy allthe time apart from that the most important feature is It should bewater and wind proof how it could be water proof is

through the material that ithas it tends to touch very synthetic from the outside and to be wind proof it needs to have some filling orwe should have some technology like this which actually claims to keep you fivedegree warmer than the usual jackets I think these are the top

features that youneed and yeah but more important feature is that the length I'm not asking you tobuy something that is floor length but yes I would definitely ask you to buy a jacketthat's a mid thigh because in Europe there is no place for short jacket that ends till

the waist