IMAN Global Chic Stretch Denim Signature Jacket

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fight of the day our today's special is amazing to match back to it now 27 almost 28, 000 ordered Chiefs it will sell out early have already lost two colors let's talk about the slip into slim now for our top half already 1600 have been ordered we have talked about it you ordered our today's special remember you pay the highest and shipping and handling every fashion item after that is free and two credit card payments we took ten dollars off same beautiful color choices same engineering so you're slimming in to this beautiful stretch denim so there is your indigo just going to show you the Indigo in the chambray just want to show you the two is that cute love that chambray ooh and then right behind that we have got it for you in your rich black here it is in your classic camel oh look how crisp and clean that is there is your beautiful white lipstick red then right behind that that is that power purple we did sell out in that gorgeous warm yellow and our today's special we still have it in the jacket and we still have it in the mint green so mint green I'm wearing the tangerine I'm wearing that is the most limited the tangerine there are 70 left in the tangerine Wow Iman let's talk about how you designed the specific one what I love jay jean jacket i can I throw a jean jacket over everything and anything I'm in the winter I will even put my jean jacket and put a fur vest on top of it so I you know so so I wanted to create here exactly again it's all about the stretch you know it starts with that stretch yeah you know as I said like the paint it has three times the stretch I wanted also most of jeans jackets also they are more square so I wanted to feminize it a bit so hence it goes in and then it goes out for you I wanted the logo to be at the bottom so it is a locust right there as you can see it and the gold hardware it is just beautiful again what I don't get mostly in my jeans is also that shape so we gave it a bit of a shape without making it really structured you're right yeah I want you to be able like you can add it where this light as if it was a shirt I wanted that to be there yes so there's a few usually the jean jackets are kind of stiff there yeah so that's what I wanted to take the stiffness out of it and it is almost I love the way that it is almost like a suit wear this is a suit you can do monochromatic look at Chelsea but exactly i sit up to exactly but the other thing that is key item that is in fashion what is going on is the monochromatic right yet the matching of the pants again matchy match is back so magical and finally it's you you're finally inspire joy Mangano if you're watching you know how you and I like to matching that you and we talked about it all season we won it is our season finally Iman gives in we can match now yes oh yes oh that monochromatic look is really going on it is a wide is like a white pant but it's just all so it makes women easy and also there is something like sudhi yes yes and I love the way that you dress this up with all the yellow gold heart exactly look at Natalie coming through on that is coming now that is coming through that is I mean you just see power in that jacket see but black on black how it looks and I kind of like it is a suit kind of thing we only have a couple thousand for the entire day this is the first presentation extra small through 3x I love the way that Chelsea is wearing this I would totally wear it the way Chelsea she's got the chambray on but then she's got the classic camel on you got that cotton spandex blend to this it is never ever out of style this is the Americana class forever this jacket will be in style but Amon has feminized it she is putting these amazing seems the stretch will knock your socks off on this I'll just show you look look at the stretch you know how denim jeans are heavy they don't have no such Denon jacket you to have no stretch and then look at the hardware and then the plaque right here the seeming I mean the way you are slipping into slim with the pant you are slipping into slim with this denim jacket it is broadening your shoulders it is giving you a nice beautiful silhouette right through your bust line here and then slightly flaring out most denim jackets if not all of them they are three long they hit you in an awkward area yes no no Iman designed this for us remember if you ordered our today's special or any fashion item you pay the highest standard shipping and handling this is all free free shipping and handling we are going to say hello to Yolanda is calling us from Tennessee Yolanda welcome to our fashion at finale you're live on the air it's a me me Tom on hey Yolanda hi I am so glad to be on here oh we're glad to chat with you tonight are you enjoying Iman's brand-new the ultimate slip into slim collection yes and thank you for having it now so I don't have to fight them all in the summer yeah Jamie exactly is it true I heard you ordered seven today's specials if you say in it too well yes i did i did i love you to do love I got your um I got your luggage second though in the fall yes and I got it right in time for my Christmas cruise yes you should have seen the people looking oh sure I'm sure they thought she spent a fortune on that luggage yes and I can't wait to a hat I got it in red so I can't wait to wear my my rig I'm slipping the slim pants and put my little luggage along right alongside oh oh I love it oh that so is that she it is very very very see I can't wait I don't I'm so happy right now oh I'm so enjoy it enjoy Adele onda I will I will and thanks again I can't look I can't wait for this fall to ok darling enjoy your collections wear them in good health Yolanda thank you good night guys good night bye bye you wanna crack snap i ordered the ordered seven shake it to love it maybe the husband started quietly every lady is looking at we've all been there oh yes yes and then when the eight boxes come you're like that is not mine the house next to me that is not much you know when it deals this good let's face it when I deal is this good like our today's special where you get the free shipping and handling after your first one additional five dollars off you want to guess she bought seven but she saved seventy dollars over that so imagine if you bottle with that remember free shipping on our today's or on our jacket if you ordered our today's special grab your HSN card that entitles you to an additional flex pay you are smart smart shoppers by ordering and shopping that way because you know you love Iman's collections here which are exclusive to us oh and rook like okay so tangerine I am wearing sold out okay mint green and yellow the tangerine i'm wearing gone i will change that in a minute mint in or excuse me in the mint green and then that beautiful warm yellow hundred for the entire day between all sizes extra small-3x and please order true to size with iman you always order true to size you never have to worry about going up or going down you know I usually for said size four I can go extra small or small in the pants I can go extra small or small and actually this is small jacket so I've got plenty of room if I want to go smaller so it is nice is you don't have to go up or down.