Kate & Mallory® Stretch Denim Pointed Collar 2-Pocket Ruffled Hem Jacket | Kate & Mallory Fashio…

and we have some beautiful save you that you could add on we add on some matching jeans – but periwinkle seafoam and the white are the choices so we always love doing this especially this time of year we're not quite ready to go sleeveless layer yet right right

not quite ready to just not have some kind of coverage we have a really beautiful denim style jacket but this one was cut and made for the girls it is not boxy it is not clunky it has a beautiful shape cut so beautifully and a soft little peplum

kind of a design notch I don't was a to roughly cut it we have big busy ruffles but we're calling it a ruffle tamp it's more like a peplum in how this flares out it's at $39 and 40 cents I love that price we have it in two

different colors it's on a valley paved just 657 to get it home if you want to get one of each because you will live in this and grab it time and time again we will give you we just shipping howling and multiples so here's that beautiful white and

then we have that medium wash denim so the medium wash is kind of feels a little vintagey i love the color of that I like the contrast stitching on that one as well you can really appreciate that and then the white I always love when we do tonal

stitching and a white right there did you see that really really fun but we just gave you all the great makings of a denim jacket so that great notched collar beautiful stitching actually see me in the back shows now let's get back coming in again at that angle

carves out the waist works itself into that sweet little peplum so I'm a person who I love peplum I never met a peplum I didn't like I think it's better than I think it's really really ultra flattering but at to Linds point this isn't an overdone or an

oversized peplum so you can really appreciate it right here on Evan where it hits its gonna hit kind of at that upper hip so that just cinches in the waist and how that peplum comes right out of that teeny tiny little part of your ribcage very perfect just

yeah yeah such a beautiful proportion for you so you're gonna wear it right now for most of us where we live right now in the white we have only 91 left and let's talk about shopping right now you know what we're not doing it we can't do it

right now right but um where you live you might still want to be able to go out in a nice walk to the dogs up for a walk you and your hobby your sweetheart maybe going for a walk we still want to get outside right and be breathe

in some fresh air and be outside a little bit so what would this do to just lift your water right now to be that piece you can have on that hanger in your mudroom that hook in your mudroom that hook by that door that gets you to the

outside that's just right there you never take it off of that and someone that you grab time and time again angry where's your go to well and I think even if you work in a professional setting you know there are a lot of industries that are still working

my sister's a real estate agent so she's you know able to very carefully very judiciously you know show people things and and do some of those so this exactly and here we are so this would be something that I think she could pop on she would still look

very refined very put together again it kind of has that boss lady like silhouette to it but it's also a nice lighter weight in this denim you're right I think jacket okay so question for you because it's a jacket shed or true to make it Mallory size or

should I go larger I'm going to say it depends on how you want to wear it okay you think you're gonna wear this with big bulky sweaters as a true outer jacket maybe you size up if this is gonna go over more tanks and tees as a summer

you know when the sun goes down cut a jacket order true to size and I think it depends cheap you're gonna back it up yep and in this jacket okay that's stretched really nicely for you because I think I would pretty much wear it open she's kind of

relaxed how I would wear it yeah but so then that makes a difference too on what size you would get but I'm gonna say go to true to size for the most of us especially for how lightweight this is right here's that beautiful white and look at some

of the most iconic denim jacket element I now write the pocket yet the really cool hardware a button detail yeah especially on this one and the in the denim right here this word seems more Americana Levi's blue jean kind of look oh boy I do think it has

kind of a vintage feel especially with that contrast stitching and because it's a lighter weight you can roll up those sleeves too al would you say honey oh it's seven for one and died to 82 at $39 and 40 says 657