LaBellum by Hillary Scott Denim Jacket

other Facebook live oh my gosh it's the coolest thing in the way that y'all just engage with us when we're here and it's just it's my favorite part it's the connection and seeing these clothes get home to you and and hearing that you love them just means the world so thank you thank you think we're happy to have you I've got to say she's the sweetest thing and we we do have a caller Esther's hanging on the line so I'm gonna give you a quick look at what we have next here and this is the most tasteful beautiful embroidery oh my gosh it's so sophisticated on a tried-and-true go-to favorite a denim jacket so if you wear your jean jacket all the time and you need something with a little more umph you're going to want to try this out so it comes in two colors that's the white I love the embroidery it just is so rippling this white is so crisp and the embroider the colors it's all those same tones that have been in almost everything else you've seen today and look at the back by the way you got a look as good leaving as you did and look there's little teeny bits of crystal embellishment and this is a genuine embroidery so you can see underneath how pretty that so that's the white and then the dark wash this is that perfect in-between right it's not so dark that it feels too fancy and it's not chambre that can be very casual yeah and it has this very like distressed kind of worn it's almost like if you are really really crafty you could find your best oldest most comfortable denim jacket and just go to town on it with it's perfect you know and that end with the the stones that pick up the light it's just it is so comfortable and when I tell you that this jacket has so much stretch yeah it it really gives so much but it doesn't lose its shape it's just your favorite denim jacket taken up a notch and so I think if you're kind of wanting to try a little bit of embroidery a little bit of you know embellishment this is a really great first opportunity for you to that's that might feel a little safer to you you know you know and the stretch is a perfect amount it's 2% spandex so you're right you can hug people you can try if you can pick up your babies you can live your life and it's not that stiff feeling denim you know sometimes you can get a jacket like that and it feels just too almost too dressy so this is the perfect in-between now normally this is 119 we have got it marked down to $99.

90 for you today and if you use flex payment $24.

98 you can choose extra small through 3x it's 21 and a half inches in the length how do you recommend Hillary ordering with this like do we want it more fitted do we say true to size I mean it's truly up to your preference I mean I wear a medium and it fits you know snug because I like to get it a little bit more of a crop because I'm I'm tall and 5:9 but if I wanted it to fit a little more loose if I wanted to wear it you know in colder months and have long sleeves or a sweater under it I would probably go up a size but I think if you're wearing it like over a dress over a tank that you would want to do like your very true size and it will it will give I mean that's the other thing too it'll stretch and remove with you and look so you can see all that jewelry on the inside so you choose at which one you would love I want to get to Esther she's calling from Wyoming here you're already a fan but you've just discovered that you can get this at HSN is that true I am welcome your live right now with Hillary hi hi Hillary hey I saw you at Cheyenne Frontier Days well I'm gonna be back in about a month Oh coming back I think it's on the is that the 20th or well don't quote me that's like that yeah we'll be back Esther how do you like the line if somebody's watching and they've never tried these clothes before what would you say well this is the first time I've tried them and I bought the topper that you're wearing okay so nice you're gone she looks so cute in that she reminds me of Barbara Bertinelli [Music] did you to this and to pick the topper up to I just like how versatile it probably is because I can wear it with a dress he'll wear it with blue jeans or wear it with you know I can even wear that was shorts I would look cute oh absolutely yeah yeah that that honestly is my favorite part about this piece is the versatility and I can't wait for you to get it home and and see how it fits into your life and come see us at the show probably be wearing that do you or do you have a favorite Lady Antebellum song talk to you and I really hope that you love this topper and let me know if you do let me know if you don't because I love okay can tweak to make sure yes sir thank you for calling we're so happy I'm in this chair it is truly magical can I tell you one more quick story so I found a hat in one of the pop-up shops that they have there they have so many and I found a hat there that had this amazing it was vintage tape around it like almost like a like honestly a lot like this on this top that we're about to show you here in a minute but it inspired so many things like the back of the hero jacket like that is a different color different tonal palette but it all kind of stemmed from the inspiration of of that hat that I got at Frontier Days so it's a really special place in my heart for that reason and it was my little girls first Pony grad I know super-sweet July 19th by the way I'm a comedy yeah yeah awesome all right Cheyenne well thank you so much uh sir that'll be the Cheyenne Frontier date July 19 for everybody who's curious but yeah always look online and it don't forget about Vegas yeah it'd be a perfect reason to go and spend some days out there only great there's the info oh we just had the info to on the hero John here's all the tour dates – so Esther you're amazing I think you're gonna love this stopper and make sure you come back and write us a review when you get home – hi well I like that jacket – that's very pretty tonight I'm with anything with bling so I'm a kind of girl that is awesome yeah you too have a great day and God bless Thank You Musti – yes sir bye-bye okay so as we wrap this up again two choices on the great denim jacket that's the white and we have the dark wash – she was sis I know I could have talked to her all day I mean hey you can call us when else you're gonna have a chance to talk to Hillary Scott I mean handbook for the most part this is it this quit so give us a call all right okay so this great top that you were talking about yes so soft I was noting the colors oh I just I love the colors and it is it's almost it gives you kind of a gauzy.