LaBellum by Hillary Scott Denim Jacket

Emily and part of your lives as well would love it if you would call in and that was one of the things that we talked about you we were like people need to call in please call in I love I love meeting you I love getting to hear

what you think about the new collection how much you love what you purchased previously I am trying to design clothes that not only work for my life but also for yours and that you feel great in so the feedback is welcomed and any questions you have about anything

else we like to get the personal of course right right from Hillary we're also gonna be live on Facebook so I'll have an iPad and we'll give you a couple shout outs but you can always ask any questions or make any comments now one of the things that

people love about your line besides the fact it's exclusive here at HSN the only place that you can get Hillary Scott's designs how intricate the designs are how fresh and unique there is nothing like any time I wear one of your designs people go that's Hillary Scott right

yeah I hope so that is the designer details all you know paying attention I am very particular about how things you know are designed and in the work and how the attention to detail it's really important to me the way something feels when you wear it in your

hands on the rack but then also when you wear it is extremely important and and the thing that I love about this diddums acket like we've done denim you know a couple times over the last two years but this is the first time we've ever done white denim

so we're bringing that in and we have this beautiful embroidery and it's not you know it's different on each side which I love I love having the variety I love that you're getting all the different beautiful spring colors I'm very very excited about it and then you did

it on the back and you can you can't just you know make an entrance and then whenever you leave you have to also make a statement and I feel like you can't leave the back bare no way it's like you got to look at the back of your

hair yeah okay size wise on these you get to choose the white brand-new or the dark wash it is extra small through 3x you've got some stretch in here and you can hand wash and dry flat we all need a good denim jacket but this one is your

personality piece it and perfect for the spring it's it's a very very stretchy weight to it that's one thing I mean I said this to you in the back before we got out here but I have to do a couple different tests whenever I'm you know trying on

these clothes and making sure that everything is – – my hope and desire and being able to pick up groceries a grocery bag off the floor pick up one of my little babies I mean that this stretch and this is really amazing because it just lays on your

body it has this little bit of crop it kind of hits at a great place on the waist I I really think that this jacket it's it really is practical for your life but it makes such an amazing statement I love it over the jogger like you see

on this beautiful model I honestly love this jacket over the dress that you're wearing Shannon I think it's beautiful to just mix a little bit of like it kind of brings it down a notch without bringing it down a notch it takes it to kind of the denim

a little more casual and the white I think honestly dresses it up a touch but which color should I put on I would throw on the Denari yes heeda and or she are also wearing it with you can see where she's got it on with the jogger pant

which is super cute on top we've got coming up in just a little bit actually they're both wearing the same top in different colors and then he too has it on with a little jean jacket a little jean skirt as well dressed up dress down yeah get my

hair to see my other favorite thing to do it which you can see on me and yeah is just to kind of cache it up a little bit I like to say so there's really it really awesome it's got some like enough structure to it but still a

lot of great stretch it comes nice and cropped this is actually not exactly my side though you probably wear a size down on this but look it's so perfect it's still great extra small through 3x and you can hand wash gorgeous embroidery and I want you to see

true embroidery all the way through I'm wearing this in the dark wash if you like the look of a denim jacket cuz denim jackets are like a you know classic staple really but for me this is always my issue with denim jackets they're a little – Mike did

I wear that in the 80s like is that my same jacket this is a beautiful fresh day you also made it really feminine I that's one of the things we love about your style is you kind of contrast like a little bit country a little bit rock and

roll a little bit feminine a little bit that's you just kind of send me up actually I feel like I'm a little bit of all those things and so that's that thank you that's a huge compliment and I love the classic shape and of the denim jacket you

get a little bit more of a crop which I love I think it's flattering on on every body type truthfully and and with the denim the darker wash you're getting those kind of distressed details on the pockets the the little bit of kind of difference in tones of

your it looks like you've had it it looks like it's something that you could have been loving on for years in your closet which i think is really amazing but then you have this beautiful embroidery all these gorgeous colors some of my favorite colors in the world my

daughter's always like mommy what's your favorite color and I'm like every single color in this chicken but it's it's really kind of a not your normal denim jacket with great movement and and really flattering well each one of your pieces kind of becomes a signature piece and especially

with a piece like this it's such a statement nobody else will have it it's exclusive here to HSN if you were to find it someplace else we're talking more like one hundred and fifty dollars today we've taken $20 off and you can get it home on five flexible

payments for under $20 which means if you're shopping with us just break everything up get the whole outfit and it's gonna cost you less than if you walked into a store solutely and got I mean an outfit like this absolutely and get it except for here so we

are live on Facebook I just want to say a little shout out to nel vez and Nicola and Deanne Slattery good morning love labellum says Deana might tidy Anne would love to know what your favorite pieces are let us know and of course you can always call in

as well you can chat with us on Facebook you can also call in and let us know what you're shopping for but sometimes with jackets that especially with embroidery you maybe might think that you have to baby it or something you could you baby your babies I baby

my babies I can't baby my clothes I mean truthfully it's one of that's another one of those things that I it has to be packable it has to be practical for my life and from the stage to the tour bus to my kitchen running errands taking my little

girl who's almost six dropping her off at school picking her up I mean it's just got to work for my life and I want it to work for yours and so I think a lot about that putting the collection together it's beautiful when you talked about the colors

yes there were even little little sort of glitter sturdy gems as well I mean the thing is is I am on stage a lot and on red carpets and that glitz and that you know the glitter is super important to me as well on a denim jacket I

mean again like you said this is exactly me in a jacket because I love all of the beautiful colors but I also love that little bit of glitz it is just it's perfect and this is not a piece that you have to put away after spring of course

we're ready for spring but this is I feel like if you're traveling this is that go to jacket that no matter what you can always throw it on throw it on and go to dinner you throw it on over a dress you throw it on with jeans yeah

it's just really beautiful and no stretch in it I want to make sure everybody really realizes like I know it's like you can wear it at a wedding know our DJ made over do the chicken dance and I was like that's the one thing on my list that

I did not do but yeah you could you could you can totally do the chicken dance or the electric slide whatever is played at the wedding perfect but you really could I love that you know wedding and and it's just enough it's just enough of those heats feels

sealed stones it's not glittery it's not no too much it just kind of lightens it up and bring draws your eye into that gorgeous Imbrium if you find yourself a little bit weary of of something that catches light you know sequins aren't your thing this is a great

a great kind of experiment like test yourself see if you feel comfortable in this jacket because it really does it has just just the right amount of light reflection coming out of it and that's actually a really good point you you can test anything out maybe you haven't

purchased anything from labellum and this collection you get to try it out you've got 30 days money-back guarantee if you don't love it just send it on back and you don't even have to put the whole $99 on any credit card it's 1998 but I like to sort

of amortize things and be like per where