LaBellum by Hillary Scott Embellished Denim Jacket

jacket yeah okay I'm obsessed with this jacket this jacket is just wow wow wow oh boy so ladies it's it's every girl for herself here it's only ninety nine ninety this looks like something you found in an amazing little boutique somewhere and you just need you know lost your mind and spent many hundreds of dollars look at look at look at ninety nine ninety it's in two colors we have it in the denim we have it in black the beadwork the embellishing L the details I love the frayed edges on this it has stretch it is just the cutest top it's five five one six four five it's free shipping it's $25 on flex pay we have a couple hundred in each choice look it with a plaid shirt with the little velvet top under it exactly what I was about to say is just you can see the versatility with the girls here you've got a really great you know flannel just button up more of a casual look and then you've got this crushed-velvet t-shirt with the embellishment around the collar which you'll see in its full glory a little bit later but layering you know and it isn't too much that's the thing you've got this awesome embellishment and done that catches the light in such a beautiful way and then you've got this amazing velvet it's just it's such to me this is one of I think one of the most beautiful pieces I agree I want you guys to see this up close to because it's when you see the workmanship and this beadwork now this is the black and you'll notice how it has all of this interesting kind of that hand sanding to give it just a slight variation in color there's the frayed edge the even around the cuff as well as at the bottom of the jacket look at all this beautiful this is all done by hand this is like jewelry it's like little brooches have been sewn onto your jacket little itty-bitty baby those are little baby crystals that are all heat sealed onto your jacket so this although it looks very delicate this is really very very wearable and then I want to show you the blue that I'm wearing look at the colors here in this beading I mean it is just unbelievable like little hints of it I want to say pinks and lilacs look at the gorgeous colors I'm wearing the medium it's generous I would say that this is definitely true to size it's not undersized I like the length but it's easy if I want to button it I mean it's plenty roomy it's nice and stretchy and it just it feels fantastic isn't it cute one thing I don't know about y'all but I have you know looked and searched for a denim jacket and a lot of times this shape is always part it's hard to find one that's got enough stretch in it that hugs your curves the way you want to be hugged and it not be too boxy and make you feel shapeless and I think that's one of the things about this jacket that makes it extra special on top of the embellishments on it comes a little longer in the front then it does slightly longer in the front so it really is a very very flattering line on the body ladies if you'd like it it's up for grabs we are very busy please use Express ordering we have everybody taking calls on this if you want the oh and by the way your top is almost sold out final call completely on your top especially the black is almost completely sold out this beauty you can hand wash it by the way hang it or lay it flat to dry it's an 80 cotton it's a cotton blend with a little bit of spandex to give you lots of wonderful stretch if you're thinking about this one you can't buy this anywhere else and this is one that is a head turner and if you are a gene or a lot of us love our denim yes and it's it's fun these days it kind of when you wear this mix up your denim you can see the blue with a darker indigo look at smashing yeah black same thing so play with this and then again you can wear the other things wear with a velvet we're over a dress I think dress coming up yeah how cute so cute and I just I mean every I think every woman loves denim and diamonds and you're getting a little bit about right denim and diamonds there you have it we're off to the phones because we have Vanessa in California who's shopping with us tonight hi Vanessa it's Colleen you're live with Hilary Scott hi well girls and I'm right with you a gentleman Dynamis right up my alley I'll tell ya I bought one of your gorgeous embellished tops I all turned in to the show and it was just so eye-catching I couldn't believe what I was seeing at this beautiful oh my gosh I'm so glad I'm so glad that you're enjoying it oh it's beautiful I don't know whether to give it to my daughter say this for myself oh you know what as pretty as it is on TV Vanessa it's honestly even more gorgeous in person it's breathtaking in person I think you're going to be so pleased because when the cameraman went in you can see exactly no I know you're going to be really tickled with that I hope you end up keeping it Vanessa because it's one that is definitely a showstopper thank you all right these are going very quickly I'm gonna find out what's left in each one it's a gorgeous jacket it's comfortable it fits great don't go up or down on this one it really fits nicely I have a full bell sleeve underneath this so I'm just saying because of the stretch it's not it's just really nicely cut so I just want to show you means sometimes my pet peeve is when a jacket you can't close it even if you never wear it buttoned just the idea that you couldn't button your jacket is something that kind of isn't fun so this one you can absolutely without a problem it's plenty stretchy it just fits great and again I like all the stretch in the sleeve okay if you they're selling neck and neck here if you need a size medium we have a few more than 100 only we do have all the sizes though extra small all the way to 3x and then we have the two choices the black or the one the denim color is when we're calling the medium wash yikes only a few more than 100 left total now in the medium wash choice so whichever one you're thinking about you know this is this is timeless you'll have this forever absolutely and I think you can the thing that I love about it as well is it can be something that you wear with a knit so casual and this just kind of becomes your jewelry or you can wear it over a really fancy do exactly you can it's one of those pieces that can really fit anywhere in your wardrobe I want to show it over like for example we have this coming up and I almost wore this I couldn't we all we all wanted to wear the whole show frankly but I just want to show you something like the velvet top that's coming up I mean can you imagine oh the colors gorgeous just be something that Cabernet color is that color for fall going into holiday is just it's truly one of my favorite colors velvet and one of my favorite colors see if you get a cup and get this jacket and this is something again you could really dress this up if you want to or you wear on your most casual day just over anything and you know just when you're really casual just a little flat something and a little legging and a long cute t-shirt and you throw the jacket on it looks so special but then if you want to dress it up it looks adorable over a dress a dress a maxi dress any little dress she is Hilary has the most fabulous velvet dress coming up next hour this jacket over that velvet dress would be wow so anyway if you're ordering this the majority these are gone we're gonna lose the blue here shortly we call that the medium wash otherwise we do have the black and I do I think they both are absolutely fantastic really a fun unique piece and I think that's what you're looking for for us absolutely that and honestly putting this collection together using my creative brain in a different way you know I wanted to to design pieces that are special that are different that you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else and I feel like this this jackets a great representation bed it is okay I'll let you know when that one sells out thank you very much last call just went out on the blue so if you want the blue which we're calling the medium wash that one is almost completely sold out we have a couple hundred left in the black but we are very busy with more people trying to order it than jackets remaining so hold on if you're on the phone or an hsn.

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