LaBellum by Hillary Scott Embellished Denim Jacket

just such a sucker for a denim jacket but you make them so fabulous I feel like this is you know boutiques in Nashville that you go into and you find these great kind of edgy rock-and-roll denim jackets you don't find them for under $100 and I million years

so and you don't want to take the time to go get a bedazzler yourself and do it because it's just not gonna be the same yeah I mean we really worked so hard on this jacket on the embroidery the heat press stones it's just it catches light really

beautifully I always like to say to if like if you're just right on the edge of wanting to take a leap in your style and wanting to try something maybe a little out of your comfort zone mm-hmm do something like this take a staple comfortable denim jacket but

get an embellished one because it's so much fun and you're wearing your jewelry and you know on your body already and and I just love I love the distressed parts of this jacket it looks like you've literally pulled it out of your closet you've had it for 15

or 20 years and then just went crazy on it with stones if you're B – yeah I love you said me dabbler yes that one I still have one I bought one and I promise you I never use it oh I thought I would you know what I

think I tried one time and I had to push too hard it hurt my hand it is I mean it's a workout which is why this is what you need ya know it already done for you right that's the medium wash that Ellery has order extra small through

three eggs this is gonna be your dark wash but please notice just all of the great tones that you're gonna see all of the embellished finishes carried around to the back of the jacket as well and then we do have the black for you as well I like

the contrast stitching on the black that you did yes thank you it just it goes it's just a different style a different look to me it reads a little bit dressier and sometimes you want to have that that dressier jacket and my mom grew up in Texas and

her sister and brother and all of our family on my mom's side still lived there and and this is so inspired by just growing up going to Texas going to you know the Cal sale with my uncle go into a rodeo like because I grew up and would

spend weeks summer there and and this to me this is this makes me feel like I'm close to my family went up even when I'm not because this jacket is so in there in the wheelhouse of just what I remember them wearing while I you know growing up

I loved and still to this day but especially like its nostalgic for me for sure and you're talking about a denim jacket is you have the great thing about it is that you know it's timeless yeah you know you're gonna have this in your wardrobe just season after

season but you're gonna have fun with this one because it's not the the run-of-the-mill denim jacket that you might already have or that you see everybody wearing this one so much more fabulous oh it's and I love that you know your jeans are a lighter wash and the

jackets a darker wash I feel like don't be afraid to experiment with that you can really do no wrong in my opinion with different washes and and mixing them kind of like black and navy or black and brown I'm not afraid to to really try all of them

together because it just it adds contrast and depth to me in a cool way so I love this jacket I feel like if you're looking for a piece to be just one that you'll go back to again and again over a t-shirt or over a dress this is

a really great one indeed we love this I remember the last time that you had this fabulous jacket it sold out of my size and I was unable to get it so I hope that doesn't happen for you it's $20 off roughly $20 off this afternoon and only

$20 on any charge card that you're shopping with can I show you what one of the best parts about this jacket is I've been like on a red carpet like sucked into a dress that just wasn't comfortable and I see a friend and I want it like you

just you want to be able to love on your people yes absolutely you know with with a denim jacket being one of those things that we just wear when we're on the go my gosh you have three children yes she's got twins bless her 19 month old yeah

and you have to be able I mean you have them probably both at the same time it's it's a struggle to pick them both up at once these days but but we still manage I know the bigger they get you're like I'm still thinking oh I can't have

them to pick them up yeah and you got to have clothes that allow you to do that so this jacket definitely does that I'm wearing again the dark wash this is gonna be your black and that of course is the light wash I hope you can see all

of the attention to detail so whether you are just adding this to your wardrobe is a part of your fun everyday look or you've got the concerts that you're gonna be going to this fall or again go into the pumpkin patches and you want to do the Photoshop

opportunity or the photo shoots and then photo [Laughter]