Lemon Way Wonder Stretch Knit Denim Peplum Jacket

love this look I always have I just think they're there they just give you that beautiful kind of tapered in silhouette gives you just that coverage that so many of us love I'm wearing it in the dark wash a lot of you have already been pre-ordering this fabulous color great also have it in black we have it in white and then we also have a light wash as well hard and decision on this one 25 inches in the length extra small through 3x machine wash tumble dry finally back on this customer pick this is that transition jacket that you want going into fall so don't sleep on this one because it is finally back yeah that's right when we first had this it's sold out so this actually is a reorder it's the same style if you saw this before thumbing way you know I think some of the things that made it sell out was not just the amazing cute double-breasted button look which is rare to find on a denim but you're getting that wonder stretch again so you're getting something that really really stretches with you you know you could almost do kind of a suited look if you got the darker wash maybe and the jegging we just saw in the jacket be really really cute but we're giving you that double breasted look here all in the Wonder stretch you're getting a jacket that really does move with you and you may hear people being like oh yeah this denim jacket moves but girls I'm telling you this denim jacket really stretches because we just showed you all that incredible stretch in the jegging earlier and this is designed to match back perfectly with that plus the little bootcut that I have coming up in the pants so look at the double breasted thing there too like you don't really see that cute little military kind of inspiration in a denim and that peplum that little ruffle there it's a dust ruffle so it's just enough it's just a little bit you know it's not like going to stick out like crazy everywhere but it just just adds a little bit of a feminine look to it yeah it just elevates the style because sometimes with a denim jacket they can be a little bit masculine they can be a little bit not dressy you can kind of dress this one up a little bit easier I think peplum style is just flirty it's fun I love the button detail on this it's a great transitional jacket too you know how you want that jacket that's not too heavy that helps transition into the colder weather yet don't have to take it off when you get to where you're going it's part of your look you're gonna live in this rightness stretch I mean I don't feel like I'm wearing a denim jacket yeah sometimes you wear a denim jacket and you can't like grip the steering wheel because you can't bend your arms I mean this is just an incredibly stretchy and comfortable yeah it's awesome and you know when this sold out before we brought you back the same colors but we also are bringing you the black this time so this one is brand brand-new so even if you got one of the denims earlier you can still get the black because it's the it's our new color for this style totally all the stretch and I like what you said about about how you can actually reach in it you know this is something that you could really wear as your little third piece topper and then still as it even gets gets even colder put another jacket on over top because it really just has wonderful wonderful comfort and flexibility to it tons and tons of stretch you're seeing right here these cute princess seams as well down the back that's going to helping ya draw the eyes inward give you a little bit of a tiny waist there and then again with this double-breasted it's so so cute I'm trying to undo this to throw it on over my outfit here but I'm sorry to interrupt you the double-breasted gives it a vintage feel doesn't it yeah it does you know and that's a trend we're seeing right now – is this like vintage revival thing yeah so we're seeing a lot of that you know kind of stuff but it really does I think the light wash – especially as I blow it on taxis oh yeah over my taxis let me show you some style yeah it is you did it totally changed the look I love how the denim matches back to whatever color you want to put it with those mores so here you see Nikita she has this effortless chic feel the street vibe she's wearing it of course in the black with a great flowy pant and t-shirt super duper cute and easy lightweight super great topper right yes it is and you can wear it as a topper I mean it's definitely going to give you a little bit of warmth but then like I said as you get to even colder and colder months this becomes part of your outfit because you really can be in this all day long it feels amazing that wonder stretching it down in one of our core fabrics that we're bringing you not in the jeans but in the jean jacket yeah it's really really comfortable super soft incredibly stretchy you do have the pockets notice it's beautifully tapered so for those of you that stay away from denim jackets because they're very very boxy or they can be right this is beautifully tapered you have that great color if you want to wear it open or you can actually button it down epilim design with the princess seaming is just gonna mean that it's gonna be nice and slimming and very feminine so the colors once again I'm wearing the dark wash you're wearing the light wash we have it in the white and then you said first time for the first time for the black yep that's already very popular I'm not surprised you guys they're grabbing that with you sold out the first time we had it went on to become a customer pick this is the first time that it's been back and we brought it down from $54 only $16 and 20 cents on any major Charge Card definitely one that all of us are picking up right now because throw it on I mean your wardrobe into fall and so I mean the comfort of this is bar none amazing you know I love that we're seeing the black here the one that our our little standout color that we brought for you today everything on nadia here is so comfortable she's in head-to-toe wonder stretch knit denim so not only the cute little black jacket here but down to her jegging that we just showed you in that olive I love the way the olive pairs back with the black but I also love the little tortoiseshell buttons and its tortoiseshell buttons on every one of these colors of little denim peplum jackets but I love how they just kind of pop you know it gives it a classic sort of a feel we at lemonway we try to bring you those classic pieces that never go out of style but we always want to add our little own lemon twist to them so we're also we're always going to try to find ways to make them a little different and this jacket with the little dust ruffle at the bottom the princess seams in the back the big difference about this is that double-breasted peacoat military kind of inspired look that's the biggest selling point about this that really lets it stand out amongst other denim jackets you say we've been twist the are on the yes lemon twist that's right that's where we get it lemon wage is all about being fun conversational pieces you know gal who loves classic dressing as I do but sometimes you're a little bored and you're getting stuck in a rut if you look at lemonway we have the cutest tees we have the cutest colors the coolest silhouettes and we always try to think of a fun way a different fun and different way to introduce little elements into your fashion wardrobe yeah but everything has this great timeless feel to it I know you're bringing these pieces into your wardrobe that you're going to have for season after season and absolutely love wearing me Simona on Facebook is asking if we offer tall in a certain pan which pan are you talking about if you want to reply back we'll make sure we get an answer to that question so when you're shopping with us today you can get the perfect fit if you want the jacket stay on the line it's finally back and it will sell out again incredibly popular at a perfect piece to transition your wardrobe into small order extra small through 3x only $16 and change on your charge card white or a new black but notice the black it's not like a jet black it's like a heathered really great – a dark wash or light wash both available for you thank you I love good girl you did good again $16 and change on any major charge card shop with us on hsn.

com if you can that is going to be your best bet you can shop the entire limit away collection there as well and we've got more from lemonway coming up for you next.