I said to myself I'm going to the storeand I'm gonna buy an $1,000 jacket because apparently these are the onlyjackets that keep you warm but that is not exactly what I discovered some of you may recall from my Instagramthat I went jacket hunting I went to about five

different companies andlooked at their winter jackets now I did this because I have struggled with beingcold in winter like my whole life and it didn't seem to matter what kind ofjacket I got it was never warm enough I was trying to look for a mid-lengthI wanted something that

went to about my knees I wanted a drawstring on theinside so that it would tighten around my waist all of these jackets were ratedfrom minus 30 they're all waterproof also had a two-way zipper so when you'regetting in and out of the car or on and off the bus

or training or whateveryou're doing you can easily zip up the bottom so it doesn't rip or tear thejacket when you go to sit down or it doesn't ride up cuffed sleeves they justhad minor little things that were different about each one of them myfirst stop was actually at

TNT in Yorkville I was looking for a mooseknuckle jacket in TNT and trying out and moose knuckle jacket I actually reallylike the fit and it's super sturdy it's a really thick material and it's niceand puffy I must say of all of the jackets moose knuckle has the best

stylein my opinion I loved the way that they looked the materials that they used theyused a metal zipper they used really Hardy outer material the fur was just anice lush fur it was so nice and if I was to buy a jacket just because I hadthe money to

spend I would definitely buy a moose knuckle but what I didn'tlike about the moose knuckle jackets is there was no kind of closure on thepockets they were all open and as I spend a lot of time outside doingphotography doing sports hiking skiing whatever I didn't want to have

the riskof putting something in my pocket and having it fall outif I'm going for practicality I would say the moose knuckle is out butstyle-wise moose knuckle 100% the second jacket that I tried onwas actually sewing cow jacket it was silver it was super puffy so this onewas recommended

to me it's by soy in kayo and it's got that inside zipperpocket I like at the outside our zipper as well it says it's super warmit's got cuffs to waterproof had really good pockets I just didn't love thestyle of it personally for me but it's definitely an option

as they seem to bepretty warm and they just had that nice poofy down feathers in themthe third jacket I tried on was a novus jacket I basically tried on every singlejacket in that store and I basically only found one in that store that Iliked I was just in

the mood to keep looking aroundI wasn't set on that jacket the fourth jacket that I checked out was at HoltRenfrew this was a recommendation through Instagram when I was postingabout it they recommended macaws jacket another one that was recommended to mewas macaws I liked but it has a

zipper pocket it's kind of a fake flat but Ilike that it's fleece lined as well and this hood is insane so basically thewhole reason I didn't end up buying a macaws jacket is because I went to HoltRenfrew and the service was just so bad that I was like

not gonna waste my timewell they helped every other customer except me so that's pretty much why Ididn't buy a macaws jacket nothing to say that they aren't warm or anythingthey look like they had really nice styles and theyreally nice insides I believe they some of them had fur

on the inside as well sothey had a lot of options but that's basically why I didn't end up getting inmy college v jacket that I went to check out was a Canada Goose jacket I am hereat honey because they carry Canada goose so I'm just trying these on

they'resnaps it has a cinched waist so I like that and the fur also comes off the hoodpart of the reason I didn't buy a Canada goose is because I heard that that theirTreatment of Animals is not very good that may be true of all of the jacketbrands but

I heard it specifically about Canada goose I just didn't love thisstyle of them so my last stop was actually to Arista which I was supersurprised and impressed with their quality and what they offered in theirjacket I'm at Arista trying on jackets I love this burgundy cuffed sleeves thehood

the fur comes off as well it's a bit small this is extra small so I'mgonna try on a small so I'm checking out this stylethe hood isn't so nice I like that it's zipper pockets with a little snack but Ido like the other one because it has the

carrying straps this is the bencroftjacket that I got from ERISA I got it in the size medium because I usually wearsweater or something underneath but I would normally be as small these arelittle magnetic flaps so they just kind of stick and clap back down so that's areally nice

and then they are fleece lined as well as see if I can they havesome nice soft inside there they do have an upper pocket here as well which againhas a metal clasp and they also have an interior pocket here big fur is a fakefur whereas all the other

jackets that I was looking at they were real fur I likethis because the fur can be zipped off all the way around the hood and theother reason that I really like this coat is the zipper comes all the way upI basically look like an Eskimo if I wanted

it would be about this big of anopening basically goes all the way up like like like this so that would beyour face in there and the zipper has this kind of protection because this isbasically gonna be on your face if you zip it all the way up it's

gonna bebasically like this so it's really nice that they have that little added detaila little bit of softness to your face the other really cool thing that I likeabout this jacket that Canada Goose does also have is it's got carrying strapsand it's like a little backpack I kind

of thought I wouldn't really use it butI have used it a couple of times a great thing about this jacket is you canactually wash it I have not washed it yet but some of theother jackets you had to dry clean them another thing that I would like to

pointout is I only tried to look at Canaan brands I wanted to support Canada I amCanadian Kelsie but I just figured you know if this is the Canadian cold then Ishould be buying a Canadian product because Canadians are the ones who aregonna know what is best for my

jacket I found this jacket to be more than warmand I was looking for a drawstring this one does have a little bit of elasticstrap in there though the reason that I wanted to get this and the cuff sleeveswas basically for the wind that's gonna be your best friend

because the windisn't gonna blow up under your clothes or up your sleeves I think that's all ofthe features that I was looking for in my jacket if there's anything that youwere specifically looking for in your jacket let me know in the comments belowhit that thumbs up button and

that subscribe button if you haven't alreadyI look forward to spending this winter with you until next time bye for now