Minnesota Gophers vs Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 2nd Half

Coffee and number 15 Colonel Lewis now number 55 Bob Martin seven-foot sophomore will also enter the game Martin had a big game chicken Jansky started off well but Martin had a big game against the other night but what I what I see that that plan was going to

do because he's going to run all these people into the game because he sees it's gonna be an up and down contest and I'd say it favors him in the fact that he's got a deeper ballclub witness the fact that both Scott and Anderson plays all 45 minutes

Friday night [Applause] [Applause] Kenny Anderson on the drive he's fouled by McNeal [Applause] right now Nevada Las Vegas and loyola marymount would be hard-pressed to mention I was good and say that this is as good an athlete as Clem Haskins has on his team and Kevin Lynch you

know when you talk to the coaching staff they said that Kevin Lynch has got a play big for him he's got a score who saw him shoot the three corner he can take it to the basket and he had a big half on Friday night he needs to

continue that it was the second half to a two-point first half and came out blazing at 16 in the second half to help beat Syracuse there's the 4-year coach [Music] [Applause] since the Bothan Melvin Newberg checked back into the lineup for Minnesota well I was gonna say Melvin

Newburgh tell this man to come out they took Kevin Lynch out of the game new burgers in it we're gonna try a little full court man-to-man pressure that's what I would do I try to make Kenny Anderson triple bar as much as I can as Louis is on

Anderson now New Bern a change of direction [Applause] the Newburgh people he can do those kinds of things especially in the fast break little Minnesota this biggest lead now 22:15 12:15 to play first half [Music] [Applause] was at the basket and nobody Jordan Ted stop the ball you

must stop the ball in the fast-break situation and Louis all over Kenny Anderson the backcourt is charged with the foul there's a timeout on the court with the 1152 to play in the first half Minnesota leads at 20 to 15 [Music] come back to New Orleans everyone when

you got a team that wants the fast break what you see here is that Minnesota plans are running here but this is the only player with his head back Georgia Tech is just pushing the ball down the sideline right now and Minnesota has got to find out whether

people are but right here you just look right off in Kenny and she just rolled the ball back because he knows on the sideline there's not a Minnesota player there he's being finished off by Brian Oliver you've got to keep your head on the swivel when you're going

back on the defensive end Georgia Tech inbounding the ball come on wolf big pressure underneath the last three and a half minutes kind of Lewis now being worn Clem Hoskins says of Lois opposing guards don't faze our guards after they practiced against Donnell that some players you want

on a team because they can give you something in a game canal can do that but what he really does is harass both police and new work all day in Clinton so they they're used to pressure because canal Lewis is a viable player on the team Kenny Anderson

is getting his first rest of the day Mackey with the rebound and [Music] [Applause] seven for Dennis Scott we set an ACC record for three-pointers in a season this year 121 of them who burned in the way shoulders Baker had the shot [Applause] for the basketball I imagine

you'll see Kenny Anderson get back in the game to go he is the one player that gets Dennis not shocked in the for the offense because Dennis second shot was just something he grew up there that's why I missed the whole thing Anderson back in the replace Carl

brown [Music] eleven minutes to play in the first half Greg Gumbel Quinn Buckner in the Louisiana Superdome 24 18 Minnesota on top basketball Georgia Tech back in man the man [Music] [Applause] good look inside for Macky but he's tied up just about ten and a half to play

you're just joining us welcome to the Superdome in New Orleans but winner here between Minnesota and georgia tech's moves on to denver join in the final four right now Minnesota leads it Minnesota that has been taking advance of rebound baskets and putback Richard coffee with the foul that's

his first and back into the game is Willie Burton from Minnesota he'll replace Walker on had a great a cc tournament finished as the MVP with 70 points 15 all of his kids that originally Brian lived in Chicago and he moved out of Chicago to go to Georgia

and he probably ended up somewhere in the Midwest but I'm sure Bobby tremens is just typical a heavy hit charlatan [Applause] Burton only a 12-point performance against Syracuse here Friday night and I've got to wonder because as I was watching pinky that movie is he trying a little

bit too hard he's had some shots inside that did Spock getting the ball in as well an early key that's the first Minnesota turnover Scott and the rebound off key number 15 Darrell Bock – he's in the game turnover from Georgia Tech who doesn't that's why bully Burton

gets the ball in the paint Michigan's a they've got to start getting up [Applause] Minnesota by five Burton has eight tennis Scot ball gets away the Gophers have it and lost it Scott his father he went Scot and strip the ball well Dennis this guy's very quick hands

and I thought wooly birds got a little bit of impatient here you see you start with the ball right here and it goes between two defenders and then Kevin Lynch reaches in there the Fisher called he got some hand made the call [Applause] Scott shoots at a 9%

from boy [Applause] substitution into the game for Georgia Tech Johnny McNeal in a lot of bodies and you're going up and down the court especially for people like Mackey and Macmillan that where's the big man out [Applause] hit'em bokya has 9 points and it's 28:23 Minnesota as we

approach the nine-minute mark [Applause] top of the key chicken gesture making the most of their shots yeah you're right that was just good patient they've they've gone to play twice – Willie Burton side and ran off the backside to come back to shaking Jan stupid open jump shot

chicken kenski averages nine he already has 11 want to remind you that following our action here in New Orleans will take you out to Oakland Musburger Billy Packer standing by to bring you the West Regional final between the Lions of Loyola Marymount Lions 2 running in that game

Jerry Tarkanian said his club will run if you wanted with Loyola Marymount the lawyer is making those shots complained and Billy have done some training for this one [Music] [Applause] the front [Applause] ten points for Scott six point Gophers lead over the rim and the foul is called

New Bern is deceptively quick Melvin New Bern is a nice plan by that I mean he consumed he'll surprise people and I channeled the minds no way William Hill law you to sleep go left go right get the ball up behind his head at that time the defense

just fell asleep on him and he took it to the base line strong got the foul and a strong 20-point game in the victory over Syracuse – Johnny McNeil with the second person to become something significant here if he gets the third one obviously because they don't go

detect that have as many big bodies that they can keep going 12:05 genomic they've got to be concerned about the inside players getting the copper [Applause] [Music] [Applause] now Paul Broun will look for Anderson again at the charge there's a bonafide of EE and Dennis Scott Purdy and

because Richard coffee Hollis now mouth and in his anxiousness Vince got lost his balance and ran into Richard call Mary turnover for Georgia Tech [Applause] right now you'd have to say things are going the way of the Gophers they've had the temple they like way they they won

smartly if you will they'll run only when they have it man and they won't try to forced up with Georgia Tech wall that time to try to force the action up Burton for free hasn't here come the jackets Anderson [Applause] and Georgia Tech we in for we see

very active Bobby kremens on the sidelines is he that reactor to get it down low tapped away we got that activity over to his plane that's what he was clearly Sam guys you need to get more activity in his own defense McNeal kicks it back outside Scott [Applause]

32:28 Minnesota's lead down to two and the Georgia Tech fans have come alive here in New Orleans move on to the baseline [Applause] Anderson back in a hurry and lost control and New Bern will push it back one on three and by Anderson six and a half minutes

to play breakneck pace we'll take a pause and come back to New Orleans in a moment CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA Championship reaches its grand finale in Denver begins at 5:00 Eastern Time with a final four preview followed at 5:30 by the national semis you know one

of the two matchups is Duke and Arkansas and the winner here means the winner of the game to follow we Nevada Las Vegas and Loyola Marymount that's coming up Saturday here on CBS six and a half to play first half Minnesota leading it by four humble along with

Quinn Buckner in perhaps a faster paced game than we expected Quinn well in the fact that these teams scored about 80 points a game I'm sure that it really is but what we we didn't anticipate as much as Minnesota is usually more good that they take advantage of

breaks but they don't push it and they have pushed it once or twice more often Honolulu is back in the game for Minnesota the plan this up to one to two is on the inside they can get it to shoot them jaskate Oh right now they got to

go pretty well inside chicken Jansky with 13 by 6 to play inside rebounded by coffee [Applause] Burton finds himself open he came back to the left and nobody from Georgia Tech never looked at Burton has 11 with back 3 it's 37 28 [Music] coming up on five minutes

to play first half [Music] [Applause] you'll see Minnesota be patient because they they pick it up they can get good shot they've gotten them inside as well as we saw Willie Burton just not going down down outside so they just need to be patient Burton good move to

the rolls around [Applause] richard coffees gives Minnesota the nine-point lead [Applause] look at Kenny Anderson we keep talking about how this young man is quit Quinn maybe don't realize it until you have to try and defend him well this is after behind the back pass and he gets

on the defense so quick she can jest he can't cut him off and he goes in the trees with the big people still able to get it down I mean he does he gets up so quickly but you don't have a chance to react it puts you on

your heels second time down court after that he's called for the five-second call and here's Minnesota that was two against five I mean Georgia Tech is just not blocking out [Applause] 14 for Burton 12-point lead for the Gophers [Music] Brown sneaking inside from the backside that time Minnesota

got a little bit of its own medicine they didn't block out I got the shot dead on the moon [Applause] sixteen points now and again back down [Applause] 3:27 to play first tab we'll take a break with the golden gophers looking golden [Applause] earn is the plan an

outstanding Tampa basketball but here he tries to get back and he goes up for the block and there's no question if you see what the ball gets to the backboard and NEP Penson and is coming down but there's definitely goaltending what's pretty evident is that the Golden Gophers

have been very aggressive at this end of the court well on the offensive end of the court great what they've done wooly burden as well as though Richard coffee they've gotten some putback they got 31 points from the frontcourt context Kellerman got 14 all of his boss Scott's

uh Georgia Tech needs to get some more help particularly from Brian Oliver ten offensive rebounds for the Gophers and that's a charging Paul Broun working hard on defense to the sidelines limping yeah but I guarantee you he'll be back in the game we watched him on Friday night

go down three times I mean hard and get right back up and played so I guarantee you stay in the game that's all possible well he's never leaving temple in Minnesota lead change the defense here you go one two two