Serena Williams Look of Denim Peplum Moto Jacket

Oh jacket I mean fashion comes fashion goes but the moto jacket will always be it is around here stay Bobby it's one of those staple pieces and you see that women love love love the moto jacket because of its versatility but it has that chic cool it has

a chic cool that we just love in a jacket and first of all at 7990 when you get this home or even when you're looking at the close up shot look at the way this is made moto style shoulder epaulettes to this one princess seam long sleeve a

full zip front even with a security snap the peplum that gives everybody a fabulous hourglass figure today 7990 three flex four on the HSN card this is the light blue here we have it available for you in the dark blue which is obviously your indigo and then we

have it in this so populous because the light plum that Serena war has been incredibly popular today and then I woke up in a black I have to have it in the black so all of the colors it runs about 23 and a half inches in a medium

about twenty six and a half inches in the 3x so we have it available in all right now we have it in all the colors and sizes and I love this jacket here's the thing Bobby when you're talking about a moto jacket sometimes we see these jackets and

they're so stuffy and they're so constricted and you can't move in them the thing about this moto jacket is that it's soft you can roll up the sleeves it is versatile so you can unzip it and have a completely different look and it has a peplum bottom so

when you think of moto you do think a little boxy because it's motorcycle it gives you I'm you know I'm writing on a bike and this is a grungy look but this is a very feminine silhouette because of the peplum it's going to be flattering on all shapes

and sizes and it is going to be a perfect statement piece again you can throw this over your shoulders or you could wear it as a complete look and zip it up so it's you can have a polished look or you can have more of a chic look

where you're just throwing it over your shoulders which I love and again ageless I mean that's the cool thing about the moto I mean I have at home I'll wear it my daughter will wear it my mom would wear it and at this point you're looking at the

very first airing of it great value 79 dot ninety cents and when you look at the girls I really want you to see it on the models because again you get an idea just a little bit of an idea of so many different ways you can wear it

to me I love a moto I love it over a dress I love it over the jeans throw on the tank from the today's special or heat is showing it with the v-neck which is also available okay for any of the women who go wait a minute that

shirts a little longer than the jacket that's the way it should look and that's it and that's the perfect thing about layering when you layer the pieces should have a different context in contrast so with the moto jacket it's not shorter it's the tank is really long so

you can pull the tank up or you can pull it down the thing of that i love about heat is look is that it's an effortless look you have this on with a white tee you have this on with the leggings you put this on and it's a

perfectly polished look throw this on with booties Agrius on with sneakers and it makes your look just so defined absolutely and i also love you i'm going to grab it over here in the dark navy you know for someone i mean a lot of us live i live

in my jeans but i mean if you are a navy girl and you're like a dark denim ready to go girl I mean how stunning would this be but you know this is a jacket though that you're not just going to wear casually with jeans I mean this

isn't a great jacket to wear to the office and you could wear it to the office if stacey has it on with a black skirt and heels so if you wanted to wear this at night if you wanted to wear this to the office the perfect way to

wear this to the office is if you put this on with black slacks a pair of pumps and a white button up shirt you have a completely different look than you would with a blazer it gives you a little bit of flare you don't always have to wear

a blazer with everything this could substitute as your blazer put this on with your button ups and your slacks and your heels and again you have that polished professional look but you're having fun while doing it that's a great point because you know sometimes you know the most

of us don't wear you know those you know rigid Blazers that we wore for so many years so it is a brand-new great take on that and but it will work and if you look look at it on Emilee look at how fabulous it looks and immediately the

eyes drawn in it creates that the slim slim waist right you get that hourglass I mean that is what a peplum does and I love the length of the peplum because that is something that I find sometimes if they're just or sometimes they're too long and this is

the perfect perfect length for a peplum because sometimes when it's a little long it drapes and then it covers it covers the bum area and then it moves in ways you don't want it to be right and right it's too short it doesn't give you the effect that

you want but this is going to give you the perfect silhouette it's going to help to enhance that hourglass silhouette though we always love in a jacket or in a top but it gives you the perfect amount of comfort because it's stretchy it's not going to be constricting

so it's going to be comfort but perfect style I know it I love it and you can see that clearly by looking at it on all of the girls so it doesn't matter which one what color you go for totally brand-new so you're getting the first opportunity to

take advantage of it today and as we said all washable so here back to that the 5% spandex and the stretch that thirty-five percent rayon 60 polyester I love that Serena does this fabrication mix so many of the fashions because it just feels awesome on the body and

you know when you have a jacket that you don't have to hike to the dry cleaner you know I always think my gosh I pay for some of my garments so many times over and over again when you have to dry clean them you don't have to worry

about that with this one