Sheryl Crow Denim Jacket

tunity this morning to save ten dollars and get it home on three interest-free credit card payments now we want to get to the jacket that you are wearing because we have so many already calling in okay skiing about this a denim jacket is just a staple in our little girl but you have made such a fabulous fabulous with the patches and the detail we are loving this already you're going to order extra small through 3x it's under twenty dollars on your charge card I like the silhouette of this because it comes in it's a little bit of an hourglass you can see when the women turn around it's it's just really flattering and I also love this color denim I think it's awesome for spring and particularly for summer yeah cool nights throw this on throw it on with a pair of white jeans throw it on with cut-offs I I wear a little white miniskirt not too many but you know it looks really cute with that and i love the patches you know it just is a throwback to sort of the military look uh huh and it's got a really cute yo klein in the back so i just overall vintage feel yet the yoke line it really does love the patches and then on the bottom love couple little buckles if you want to make it tighter i like mine just hang over and hang open and then this says level save the day which is what you're hearing now and it's my favorite song on the record is it really it is it is like I rental many ways and yeah yeah and for your little boy coming yes I don't know him yet but I know he's gonna be a fabulous kid thank you tell you wrote this on for him well just for all of our kids love that's that's all that matters yeah I'm evident yeah well this is again you're taking something that is a staple in our wardrobe a great transitional piece as we go into the warmer months but making it so cool giving it that vintage rock and roll vibe having and we're celebrating Nashville of course here all month here on HSN your you live in Nashville I lived in nashville for more than 10 years this is this is that classic laid-back style that easy look that you see in Nashville and I actually think a little jean jacket like this is really cute over a little black dress pair of boots I mean you can really it's really versatile you can put it over anything and I have it over my little camo shirt but you know it looks great over just a black t-shirt even looks really cute over the baseball t it does and we haven't even looked at the fringe yet but the fringe coming out of the bottom of this with the red and the yellow it all kind of works together so that's that was sort of that the objective is that you could kind of mix and match all this stuff put it all together and it's a great by the way yeah come that cute it's just over that how is you got a little bit of French sticking out of the bottom of that yeah just a little bit of a rock and roll edge that lay back effortless kind of style that I just wanted because you mentioned it I wanted to show everybody is coming up for you in just a little bit now the denim jacket we've got a roughly 450 of them remaining you're going to order extra small through 3x even with the patch detail you don't have to baby it it's completely machine wash it and it washes up great and it's also it's a it's a really good durable fabric but it's really soft as far as dinner goes you know denim is more scratchy and this is really a nice soft and feels like you've been wearing it for ever and ever and you've got the princess seaming as well so a lot of times when you put on it especially a denim jacket it can be boxy yeah this is has a very tailored look to it very flattering I'm loving it I know I think I'm going to live in them it looks amazing yeah i'm going to wear it home today i love it so much personality with this with the patch detail it looks gorgeous over any of the tops that we've showed you before already or that are coming up in the show like you said throw it over a little sundress it's that perfect look for summer yeah with some fantastic boots which can you see my boots these are coming up can we get the graphics anyway here we go our roots are coming up in just a little bit these are so comfortable my gosh I could sleep in these they're so comfy that and you know how sleep in your boobs bad luck always bad luck isn't bad lots of sleeping I think so but I'm not sure right saying it is good you're not going to find out that's right we don't want to risk in your bag that can't be that well my producers given me an update we are incredibly busy of course we invite you to be a part of our show this morning our testimonial line is wide open it if you would like to say hello to Cheryl give us a call and definitely don't go anywhere because we have so many fantastic fashions that we want to share with you with everyone on the line we are becoming limited in the denim jacket brand-new exclusive to HSN just super cool and I lay down looking over my shoulder and seeing anger and I you know I'm even wearing this but I love the way she has yet her little sleeve poking out with this matching it just looks really cute i love it epic so too it's a camo with the patches yeah it's a cool look love that it's that jacket that you never put away in the closet yeah like it's hanging on the back of the chair because you're gonna pick it up and put it on with a t-shirt with a dress what you know your long maxi dresses when you want a little coverage on your arms but this is it you know so it's so much cooler than just a normal how cute was a long maxi dress you know he's so cute how do you adorable so this is available for you today on for interest-free credit card payments 19 dot 98 says on free shipping and handling as well as everything in our final show today with Sheryl Crow is available on free shipping and handling with a 30 day money-back guarantee you'll see I mean it's just you know how some denim jackets can be stiff and rough and uncomfortable this is just soft and I mean it gives in all the right places and yeah I do it's like I said I feel like all this stuff feels like you've washed it a thousand times yes it's already that soft all my favorite clothes are the ones I've washed a thousand times and they always have holes in them this is like really like 1000 times with no holes exactly it's still amazing like I've been broken in for you but it's still of course looks brand-new and again i love the yolk in the back i just think it adds such a cool vintage feel to it you have that beautiful saying on the belt on the bottom love will save the day I mean you don't need anything more than that that's all yeah yes as it all yeah and your favorite song on the album better yeah and you were just hearing it it really is it's it I'm helping it gives people a sense of hope and you know comfort yeah which so we need that three times every day exactly a perfect thing to hear her right now indeed he shall I go out to the phones let's do that we have elisa shopping with us hi lisa is lazy Missouri from the air Carol highway somewhere where are you from st.

Louis Missouri well shoot girl I taught school up there I taught elementary music in st.

Louis so that's my own ground and didn't you live in Georgetown apartment oh my gosh were you my neighbor I'm not too far from there I passed it all the time oh yes I did I left there I lived across the street from Whitey Herzog Oh much naughty her song he's a very famous baseball baseball coach yes i lived in georgetown apartment apparently the apartment complex is famous now is very very vanish now it's been that way way before I was there well first of all I just want to tell you it's great to speak with you i think i'm gonna be broke though I love your clothes I love rock and roll edge now you go to a lot of concerts myself and seeing here was big in the early 90s yes what to see a lot of bands down on the landing and I'm older now I think you and I are in the same age group it's possible that we love your clothes I say it doesn't matter how old you are you can still rock a cool pair of jeans and an awesome camo t-shirt so Lisa does Mississippi nights and lucious B versus yeah ring a bell with you I played all those places down there on the landing so oh yeah you go to Mississippi Knights used to go to Kennedy Oh Kennedy's of course he signed out of here yeah that I'm still in touch with on facebook oh that's great well I'm glad you picked up some items you need to get out and see more music Lisa so throw on your coal Sheryl Crow stuff and hopefully we'll see you this summer I love it Lisa thank you for being a part of our show such an absolute pleasure I loved I know that's so much fun that brings back a lot of memory does it really does yeah very cool well our testimonial line remains open if you would like to talk to talk to Cheryl please give us a call we'll keep you posted on the denim jacket for flexible payments and free shipping and.