Sheryl Crow Star Embroidered Denim Jacket

and believe it it's flown congratulation thank you and it's been fun we started out actually two years ago I was playing on the show put out a record and played and we're getting really do the same thing I think in September cuz you got a new album coming out coming out the very end of or maybe mid to end of August okay and I think we're gonna go play some of it for you guys so that would be I know we'd love to do that alright in the meantime this is the only a day of her visit for the entire summer so you might want to just jump right in and think about all your summer activities Memorial Day or the fourth of July you will be wearing the Stars and Stripes of Sheryl Crow because right you love this star print we just talked about the star genes but why not an embroidered denim jacket this is getting all five star reviews on our website at hsn.

com it is in two colors we have the light and we have the dark they're both denim one is a light chambray color which is so pretty and one is the dark sort of indigo deeper denim they both have the most adorable and they come up with all the details oh gosh you know I have a bunch of people that and one a particular woman named Hana who is just super creative we go into my closet and we kind of dig out stuff and do different takes on different things and these stars though I thought were so beautiful they're they're different there's there's one that's filled in that has an embroidered outline to it and then there's this one that is the outline of a star but it's filled in with sequins so they're they're both just beautiful really works of art just on their own and then they're on this this wonderful stretchy stretchy denim and it just feels great on it keeps its shape it's got a nice kind of rounded back so it's very flattering it's so fantastic by the way we do have a very special price we're saving it just for the show so you're the first ones to dive right in and take advantage of it extra small-3x are available for you so 21 and a half inch in the center back link which is pretty standard for a denim jacket yeah son it gives you that nice waist length it's really cotton rich 78% cotton 20% polyester and a spandex blend so you've got the wonderful stretch of the spandex and you've got that wonderful breathability of the cotton it does have the long sleeves with the buttons so you could almost roll it up right because it's it's a nice soft lightweight denim it's not stiff or crunchy right Kate's got it rolled up and I love the fact that it hits kind of right at the waist or right below the way so it's not big and baggy it's it's more of a it's it's just a really cute shape and I think flattering in the back with the fact that there's a little bit of a curve there mm-hmm you know what's cool is that the stars are sort of scattered it's not like predictable right and it gives you just a little touch of flash it's kind of glam it's kind of like a little bit grunge a little bit glam damn can't complain because it is fun to have something a little special something that makes you stand out from the crowd and when you think about it you're getting premium denim and you're getting these amazing embellishments I want to show these stars one more time up close because I'll tell you what it's really impressive sometimes you just see like a flat sequin or one tiny little bead coming close and I'll show you that she mentioned this but there's an outline of the white stones and then look at this it almost looks like black diamonds because those aren't sort of a flat sequined they're three-dimensional they're almost like little pyramid studs and they really fill up that beautiful star and you've got the negative space in the middle and then over here it's a different embroidery with the sort of icy white diamond like stones in the middle and the white and the black they're really sharply done I think that the craftsmanship is really impeccable and that's of course two stars on the front and then you get one two three four stars on the could you wear these would they really pick up the light yeah don't they yes they really shimmer which i think is really fun for nighttime and during the day it's cute and it's funky but at night I think it's kind of elegant kind of cool picks up the light and you know great for dinner in fact it's these jackets could be worn with a cute pencil skirt or over / cute sundress I mean you just can't go wrong with the jean jacket don't you think every woman needs at least one great jean jacket and your wardrobe it kind of is like my go-to like when I travel I bring one jean jacket one leather jacket and then you could wear this over a maxi dress you could solutely right you could wear it dosnt whatever you wear your jean jackets over except for I think this just brings it a little bit it brings it up a notch a little it does as a fun little kind of elegant edge all right you guys are so awesome on Facebook by the way let me collect all of your comments and give you guys a few shout outs Dolores is here Teresa's here Shannon is here Jeana says she wants to buy your boots Belinda says I've always been a boot lover but yours are unbelievable incredibly comfortable and great quality but Linda has seven pairs here but oh my goodness I love you they are comfy though they really are yeah Kim says she is the first edition of the short boot and she loves them so comfortable and cute Florian says hey Sarah and Sheryl together thanks Florian Teresa says she has three pairs of Cheryl's boots and they're all excellent quality Shannon says she loves our pants and Teresa says yeah love's the star gene so that's what we're wearing we're going to start jeans then you couldn't wear a star jacket we have stars coming up on some of your tees a lot of stars going on this year we do you have an American yes I do sure you know I'm just I don't care how negative it seems out there I'm still all about America I wake up in the morning and I'm grateful to have been born in this country the fact that we just we have so many freedoms here that we take for granted and so you know when I see something that has stars and stripes on it I gravitate to it I gravitate to it for that reason but also because it reminds me of like vintage kind of 70s when things were a little bit seemed like a little bit simpler so I gravitate to that and I love the model so you can see how cute it looks with all these great little denim jackets Jen show us show us the bags if you do want to sort of put that whole sort of kind of grungy Americana vintage look together we you could do it with the we have the Stars and Stripes and we've done some t-shirts so I think we only have a few of these bags left but I just want you to know they are available six zero five eight nine nine and that was so fantastic oh my gosh this is amazing denim and denim like in the old days you would never wear denim with denim and now it's so in and so trendy what happened to those rules somebody's gotten rid of them someone got rid of fashion rules that can we can mix our metals we can wear different colors of denim and really it's it's what what do you love you always feel best in something that you love that's right that's right it makes you feel like you that's right and maybe you want to feel like Sheryl Crow maybe Sheryl Crow makes you feel like you we're gonna also introduce you to one of our customers as part of a customer.