We Tried The World's Best Travel Jacket

Wow this is some heavy-duty yeah okay we're going to Missouri like these people need this heavy-duty jacket there was actually just a tornado warning thunderstorm which we narrowly avoided [Music] today we're gonna be reviewing the bow backs travel jacket they call it the world's best travel jacket but

first we're going to take a little sneak peek to see what kind of features it offers some features include a neck pillow I mask telescopic pen and even a travel blanket we're trying the bomber and a sweatshirt style and we're gonna be testing the jacket out while we're

out in the real world whoo unboxing time look at the fancy akka J okay so I got the sweatshirt filed in blue and they were boring and got the same one we're not boring we just have good taste we like to be matching yeah shall we okay yeah

we should Michelle I ordered a large and it already kind of looks small taking out these accessories on the side signature bow backs water bottle it's cool that it's flat so you can pack it really oh it's cool I think it's travel traveling good for when you get

cold on the plane you're kidding me it's very thin so I'm kind of curious whether it actually keep you warm but you know it's like that we have one more surprise pocket item for us no way how do I blow this up there's a mouth three two one

[Music] this is just gonna be less on the Flynn but in all seriousness I'm talking to pulled it out on a crowded plane with someone this close next to me [Music] put it on open jacket that looks natural on you you it yeah I guess maybe natural really

Hardy owned this all right now I do you 100% our deals I mean I'm not gonna lie it is warm but it's not as heavy honestly as I expected when I looked at it no now we have some props that we're going to use to test out some

of these pictures all right so we're gonna start out with the phone pocket Wow there's just so many fun there's like 8,000 pockets I think if I were to put my phone in a pocket it would be here the nice thing about it is that any pocket there's

full pocket it could be your phone pocket my phone didn't fit in this pocket I have an 8 plus but it fits in most of the other pocket tablet pocket okay so we only have one tablet however a book is kind of like tablet size if there is

a pocket on this jacket that fits this whole book I'm gonna be shocked but also ok it's a 2-man jacket that's very cool it's big enough to fit a book yeah okay so this koozie drink pocket right on your where else would you put it on where else

would you put a drink where got a lot of jokes under here you know what TSA would say ma'am is about FP they say you got a big jug the next thing we're gonna look at is the wired headphone holder they also have air pod straps Oh tada

usually like when I'm working out I just put it through my bra strap but this feels a little classier yeah that's cool I mean it's so if you want to go to click thing you don't want to listen to whatever you're listening to you can kind of just

drop it and it won't fall that's pretty convenient I'm not gonna lie touch me when you're running through the airport you know yeah I think I'm on and off pocket bottle opener and oh boy woah stop us one of the nice things about all the stuff is that

it's all detachable so there's anything that you don't want to use like to be honest I don't really usually need a bottle but I could just detach it I had so many things like leaving the house today where I'm like oh my keys they're falling but they didn't

love this oh this is definitely like something you put on and it says do not disturb me do I look like a vigilante silly handsome video I don't like that it covers my whole face because then I can't breathe [Music] built a neck pillow you said oh yeah

wasn't a touch that day are we gonna have a blow contest one two three yeah I mean also what I like to do sometimes is put the table down and then do that which this is nice for cuz it does the job without taking there's supposed to be

a one press deflation it's a system you just press that thing in oh yeah that's that's nice this is nicer than the foot rest the foot rest takes way too long to blow into this one was like so we just went to the car we need to fill

out a damage form and guess what I have okay we're back from our trip we wore these jackets for a week what did you guys think about it it was actually a lot more useful than I expected it to be it wasn't too hot but it still kept

you warm when it got cold it was waterproof which ended up being really useful and it looked cute I'm not gonna lie I will say that mine is not waterproof but it was warmer so I think it depends on where you go and where you use it this

is better for climates that are colder I do love pockets I love a lot of pockets and it had way more than I knew what to do with I didn't really find like the eye mask or the gloves or the foot rest particularly useful one of my cons

is that it's a little bit pricey and a lot of the gadgets that aren't attached to the jacket I've lost but if you're a frequent traveler would highly recommend this was a lifesaver not only on the plane but during my whole trip [Music]