Hey guys and welcome back to my channel So today I'm going to be talking to you the two winter jackets that I've been wearing non-stop Thank you guys so much for tuning in today for those of you that are new on here Welcome to my channel I make weekly videos based on my vegan lifestyle dairy and egg allergy Fashion beauty and so much more they come out every Sunday morning and Thursday evenings.

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So you guys can come and say hi so if you guys have been following me on Instagram and a lot of you know that I got and you winter jacket that's cruelty free and vegan from the company noise And what with something a little bit more different and what with something that's somewhat casual kind of looks like a hoodie But still has a full leather look to it on the sides.

So although it does look casual.

You could definitely dress it up So so far here in Toronto we have gotten down to about what minus 15 with the winds 10 minus 10 which to me feels like minus 40, but so far.

This jacket has been keeping me really warm I think anybody that's been making the transition to a vegan lifestyle has had that doubt of how warm they're gonna see in their winter jacket just because we've been so brainwashed and thinking that down is the only thing that's gonna Keep you warm So I was one of those people that was a little afraid of how this check it was gonna be working out for me I've spent a lot of hours outside in the cold.

I take the bus to and from work I did the anonymous for the voiceless March wearing this jacket, which was what three hours outside and the cold and the freezing cold I think that was like one of the first cold days so far this year and if it wasn't for that jacket I probably would have froze to death The only thing I was missing is gloves But just keeping my hands in my pocket the whole time kind of did it? I will say though that the other day I wore a t-shirt with it and I was standing outside for maybe like a good 45 minutes and I could definitely see how maybe under 40 I could feel a little bit of Cold seeping through the faux leather part of the jacket, but keep in mind I was also just wearing a t-shirt and I was out there for almost an hour I think that once it hits minus 40 and you're bundled up wearing scarves and sweaters.

You should be fine The only thing that kind of doesn't fit well on me is the chest part which is totally okay But I don't know if it's just because I lack there or if they didn't like that Purposely so you could bundle up a scarf in there because once I put a scarf under there it's perfect although the zipper does go all the way to the top kind of like a Turtleneck and there's no wind that seeps through I still like to wear my scarf underneath But yeah, I think the jacket gives you really good shape I really like it, and I'm definitely going to be looking into making another approaches.

Not just yet maybe next year I really like the black one what which has like the faux fur black fur all around it I just seen so many people Wearing it that kind of made me not want to get it and that's why I went with this different one But I swear the more I look at it the more I want it So maybe that will be a purchase next year They have a bunch of different styles, whether you're more of a casual girl girly girl or like that diva looking girl They have it all and I think that their price points are amazing I previously had a jacket for maritza which had doubt but it cost me I think it was like almost $600 I just couldn't be wearing that anymore.

So for this jacket that I purchased it was 275 I think which when you look at the price points, it's actually not that bad If you're buying a heavy-duty winter jacket, that's meant to be worn for like long hours outside It's gonna cost you some money and so far This one has done that for me, especially with that three hour March that I did outside in the freezing cold So I think at 275 to almost $600 and it still keeps you warm.

The prices are great I think that's pretty much as high as they go and I've seen one that's like $300 But they do have jackets that are at a lower price point I mean you can check out their website and see what works out for you So because I felt like I went with something that was a lot more of a casual jacket I do like to dress up I don't have a date night Jacket or something just to wear out to an event or just when I feel like dressing up a little bit more I feel like I just wanted to have a jacket for that type of stuff as well.

So I found this one from Zara It's all faux leather and it's faux fur inside.

It goes all the way in so it keeps you really really warm It's definitely more of a statement jacket.

Very trendy.

I love it I actually wanted this jacket last year and then I thought I was gonna see it everywhere So I kind of held back this year when I saw it out at Zara at a really good price point I just had to get it especially with like discounts that they have been having lately with Boxing Day And I'm sure they're gonna have even more for the Christmas holidays It's a perfect time to start transitioning your wardrobe to a cruelty free one.

So I was eyeing in and eyeing it forever I went into this store.

I checked it out in person.

I showed it to Gabriel and I bought it online I have been loving it.

It actually is really the fact that the fur inside goes all the way around my world was just a t-shirt underneath on Friday night to go to the Movies with my sister and it kept me so warm and in the movie theater I kind of used it like a blanket.

It's just so cozy.

It's such a beautiful jacket I think that's a jacket that I'm gonna hold on to for years.

It's just a good classic to have in your wardrobe So I went with a size medium.

I did kind of want it a little bit oversized I think if it's really really well you can wear it open That's how I've been wearing it lately or you can even close it up.

It still looks pretty cute like that I like that.

It has a little buckle at the bottom or you can do that up as well The sleeves have a little bit of a cuff with the first L around it I also like that you can really dress this up and make it look really luxurious and like a really nice expensive statement jacket But you could also wear it a little bit more casual if you're just going around running errands and you still want to keep warm When you're wearing your track pants and just a MIDI underneath I think this is a type of jacket that you could just throw on and it will make the look for anything So yeah those are the two new jackets that I have purchased and that I've really really been liking I really wanted to do this review because When I was looking at to transition and buying a cruelty-free jacket, I didn't really know which company to go with I almost did like a poll on social media and the amount of options that there are out there is Amazing and these are the two that I just so happen to go for if you have any more questions about how they might fit Let me know down below and I'll respond to every single one of your comments also Check out my Instagram because I will be posting a lot of different looks with these jackets on how I style them and yeah I think that's it for this video.

Thank you guys so much for watching And I'll see you at the next one.